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Thank you to Imagekind for making me their featured artist today!

My Imagekind Gallery

I have decided to use my Gallery at Imagekind as the preferred gallery to feature my artwork that is available as posters and framed prints. The ease of set-up and the superior papers available are a couple of the reasons why I made this choice.

Now when you click the “Print Gallery” tab above, you will be taken right there. I will be working on creating a more integrated interface between this site and my Imagekind gallery soon.

View my art at Imagekind

Although I am selling the prints for sale here through Zazzle, I’m also setting up a shop at Imagekind. I’ve uploaded some of my recent digital works there. I’ll be adding more to my galleries here as well.

Rosegold River by Ann Stretton
Rosegold River by Ann Stretton

Recall Walker Bumper Stickers

Recall Wisconsin Governor-Elect Scott Walker before we lose more jobs.

I’ve been debating about doing it for a while now, and finally did it. I made the bumper sticker. $3.95 each…less if you buy in bulk.

Recall Walker bumpersticker
Recall Walker by Ann Stretton
Buy This Sticker!
This one I give credit to Stan for telling me to make the pitchforks blue.


I should’ve done this a long time ago! I am finally organizing a site of my digital art that can be purchased in a physical form, like posters, prints, cards, and more. Zazzle has a way of doing an automatic gallery, but I can’t seem to get it to work on my site. Just as well, it’s not that customizable for my tastes. So I have gone about it a different way, My Way, as a bunch of famous dead music guys said.

This will be a work in progress…lots of items to add!

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