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A little history...

In 1998 I picked up a copy of Bryce 2 dirt cheap through an online store. I had been making a lot of digital art, but primarily used Photoshop to achieve the ornamental and abstract effects I desired to create. Landscape art never much appealed to me, but thought I'd see what the fuss was with Bryce. I tried and tried, but couldn't figure out how to manipulate the program. In July of 1999 I bought Poser 4. For some odd reason, I got the knack of that as far as being able to manipulate the figures. Possibly this is what somehow made everything "click" in my head, as I seem to come from the school of sudden enlightenment. All of a sudden, a year after I bought Bryce, I'm now able to manipulate it. I am still learning it, as there is so much to it, so I see these images more as "exercises" for someone still in the beginning stages of the program.

I showed Stan the program immediately after I got the hang of it...and he took to it much more quickly than I did (but he did get the tutoring I never had). We're now both addicted to it... This gallery shows works from both of us.

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