Pet Names

Bootcake, Bootcake Fruitcake, Little Boots, Kitty Cootie, Itty Bee, Itty Bitty Bootcake, Bootie, Baby Boo


Late August/Early September? 1998

We don't know exactly when he was born, but by the vet's diagnosis, we estimated the approximate time of his birth. This makes him our 3rd Virgo pet in a row.

We got Caligula a few days after Vladimir died, in early December, 1998. He's our first internet kitty. I was searching for cats on the interent through our local newspaper's online ads. He was rescued by a family that does cat rescues, and came with an incredible amount of parasites that one would expect from a stray kitten...fleas, walking dandruff, tapeworms, eye infections, ew. But now he's healthy, healed, and the best adjusted animal I've ever psychosis with this kitty, except perhaps a little fear of the hair dryer.

Although sometimes the girl cats will hiss at him, he gets along with all the other animals in the family. Everyone loves Caligula, especially the dogs. He's one of the boys. He also loves his owners, although a little shy of guests.

He has a strange habit of giving kisses and licking, rather like a dog. He loves to play in the water, whether it's dishwater or pet bowls. He also likes the basement, which is where he spent his kittenhood after he was rescued by the people we adopted him from.

I just can't say enough about the sweetness of this cat.


Caligula, Spring, 2000

I know I can reach this doorknob!

Don't you just hate it when your ear goes askew?


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