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Saturday, November 04, 2000

I'm watching this show on TLC about child beauty pageants. It's just sad. 5-year old girls dressed up like 20-year olds so that their greedy mommies can win cash and cars (I mean after all, what would a 5-year old do with a car, put it in storage for a dozen years? Heaven forbid a pageant-type drive an "old" car.) One of the little contestant's surname is "Breedwell." Uh huh. Sure that's what they're grooming her for. Moms in the audience cheering as their daughters take off clothes. Ick. Deliver me from Jon Benet.
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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is always a good movie to find on TV when there's nothing else on. I just love the transvestite--as I love movies with a large collection of nutty characters, which this one definitely has. I like John Cusak too.

I need some sort of smart software that catches typos as I type them based on previous corrected mistakes and the length of my fingernails. I reeeeally should clip my nails down to nubs if I plan to do a lot of blog entries from my iBook. I'm hoping this is just a temporary condition, being too wiped out to sit upstairs at my G3. Afterall, I don't eat bad Porterhouse steaks every night. I'd be huge. I remember a looooong time ago (get used to it...I'm nearly 40...this blog will have a lot of "I remember a long time ago"s) like when I still ate at my parents' house (that was a long time ago, thank goodness) that one could buy a freaking Sirloin at a cheapo grocery store for crying out loud and it would be deeeeelicious! Now one can't even trust a Porterhouse from a deli!

Speaking of which...there's a sign in front of a Brennan's (local grocer/greenhouse strange hybrid store) that says "Filet Mignon: $5.99" Now that's scary. Too many old Bossies in this state...too hard to get decent beef.
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I'm watching The Rocky Horror Picture show on VH1 and am pretty stunned that they had to blur out the breasts and genitals on the Medusa'd statues. They blurred out breasts and genitals on fake stone sculptures. Gimme a break.

I've always sort of had a thing for Riff Raff. Back in the old days when Stan and I were going out, one time we went to see Rocky Horror and he dressed up as Rocky. He had the same hair, same muscular body. Now he's taking on more of the Riff Raff quality. Personally, I don't think Frank N. Furter is that good looking. Nose too small. No....that's not it. It's the nostril to nose surface ratio. Too much nostril, not enough nose surface. There are breast men and there are leg men...and then there are nose women.
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I've heard of a malicious email circulating around the internet. It says something to the effect: "Due to expected high voter turnout, voting is being split up between two days. Republicans are asked to come vote on Tuesday, November 7 and Democrats are asked to come vote on Wednesday, November 8. Now this is just wrong and untrue. Please do not believe this email. Everyone knows that Democrats are supposed to vote on Tuesday the 7th and Republicans are supposed to vote on the following Tuesday.
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Johnny Rotten (Rotten TV) on VH1 right now! Looks like he's campaigning. Cool.
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More tests at emode (see link below) reveals that I'm brown (yuck...my least fave colour), a Chihuahua (double yuck...they pee and bark all the time...why couldn't I be a pug? and I'm good, not evil. This is not impressing me.
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I'm usually *NEVER* this uproductive. But damn, if that steak didn't have a bad effect on my whole motivation. It's hard to work on Bryce work when one feels this way. Also, I'm trying to get this whole blog thing figure out, so what better way to spend my saturday than taking online tests and blogging about them? So I took this one, Emode.Com: Tests, Tests, Tests, called an "Ultimate Personality test." Let's take a look and see what it says about me, shall

Hey, Ann, you're a Poet!

You're complex, artistic, and misunderstood. You enjoy a rich inner life. You're often seen sitting alone in a café, scribbling thoughts in a journal. Or maybe leafing through the pages of some dusty, arcane novel from the 17th century. You're shy and quiet, and you enjoy peaceful, comfortable environments. When you get older, you're going to listen to Musak.

You work hard to do the right thing, and you sometimes beat yourself up for making mistakes. While you don't make friends all that easily, you relish the ones you have. Everyone else thinks you're a bit loony — but who cares, right? You enjoy intense one-on-ones or small, intimate dinner parties. You dig candles. And you're an interesting person to know, full of insights and inspiration, even though you're sometimes hesitant to express them.

You don't like to juggle too much at work, and you can get stressed out by major job upheavals. You prefer to sit alone in your cubicle, working diligently on your own projects while dreaming of becoming a shepherd. You enjoy harmonious working relationships and avoid coworkers who send porn over company email.

Yeah, mostly accurate...hate pornmail...just hate it. Actually, I have no coworkers, but I hate porn spam. The Muzak thang? Don't think so.
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Don't you hate it when you indulge one night in a mastigatory (sp?) pleasure, like, oh, I don't know, Porterhouse steak, and it makes you sick the following day? And it wasn't very good either. Tasted like an uncured dairy cow. Would've done better with a Le Bigue Macque.
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Oh, geez, I just couldn't do it at all. It wasn't from the man's point of view...it was from the woman's point of view about her lover, and natch, none of the categories fit Stan either. Poo on that.
I from now on hereby sub-christen this blog, "None of the above."
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OK, this is like the third effing time I've typed this because I cannot get the screen large enough on my iBook, and it effs up.

I will try taking the male equivalent, the Greek God test, as I'm mentally and emotionally more aligned with the sensitive artistic male with a sense of humour than I am most any woman. I'm not very traditionally masculine in the slightest...I'm petitely voluptuous and most unathletic. But then again, so are men like that too.

I keep typoing on my iBook because I refuse to cut my nails. Should I do it? That's just too female of me.
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I took the Which Goddess Are You? Quiz being that I like Greek Mythology and all, and one of my cats is named Persephone. But geez, was it hard to answer. I mean all the questions were so geared toward what I would guess someone who produces the Oxygen channel thinks to be good questions and answers for women. I had a hard time finding answers that fit myself...I just wanted to answer "none of the above." Not surprisingly, I scored all over the board:
25% for Athena
16% for Persephone, Aphrodite, Hera
8% for Demeter, Artemis, Hestia
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Before we were so rudely interrupted, I had quite a lot of posts. Then I entered some bad HTML and that, as they say, was that. I still have not got the hang of this thing, and I fear it does not like Macs. Or at least slow connections, both of which, I'm proud to say, I am blessed with.
Anyway, I shall repost any relevant topics that I had on my "old" blog, but first I've really got to dry my hair.
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Welcome to mEyeblog.
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