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Saturday, November 18, 2000

This is a neat guide to blog authors' Personality Types: PTypes Weblog. It's based on the Myers-Briggs classifications. I took the test online last year and scored an ISFP, which equates to "The Artist" category on this site. I see fellow Digital Diva Marlee is also an Artist. If Stan were to be listed, he would be "The Scientist" (INTJ). That's sooo Stan! Wow, the characteristics they list are right on.
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No dreams last night. Bummer.

Random emotions spinning through my head, mostly beef:

  • Netscape pisses me off
  • I love my tangerine iBook and sometimes think of giving it a hug
  • As of late, I take solace in the songs "Positively Fourth Street" (Bob Dylan) and "Sad Song" (Lou Reed)
  • Bats are every bit as cute as bears and infinitely more beneficial to humans and infinitely less dangerous when confronted in the wild, yet why do we have Teddybears and not Teddybats?
  • Sometimes I wish our society was agrarian in the way it was a century ago when ancestors lived to be in their 90s and farm animals lived happily until slaughtered
  • Stan's coworkers who don't understand why he took a sick day when our dog fell down the stairs and we had to do emergency vet things piss me off much more than Netscape ever will. I especially despise those who *do* have pets and still retain that attitude...I pity their children if something happens to Fluffy and Dad doesn't give a rat's ass.
  • Ralph Nader has traditional values. Corporate politicos do not. Democrats who are so down on Nader piss me off more than Republicans.
  • People who make sex their #1 priority in middle age lose the creativity they once pursued. It's sad and scary to see it happen to a friend.
  • Now that hopefully in the new year I will be normally sighted, I need to paint again.
  • I hate the 125x125 ad that has been appearing lately at my sitemeter statistics with the woman jumping up and down with the Dell laptop. It's truly disturbing.
  • How odd that Stan will have Thanksgiving *and* Christmas Eve off this year. I'm sure people will ask him to work for them. After all, they're privileged because *they* have family and we don't, they're Christians and we're not, therefore they should have holiday priority. BITE ME. All the times Stan wants to get some time off here and there in the summer and is unable to because of the SAME PEOPLE.
  • The year 2000 sucked big time.
  • Note to self: Remember to watch "The Awful Truth" again next Friday.
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    Friday, November 17, 2000

    The absurd-o-meter is going off the charts. As of tonight from my referrers, search string +election +pregnant +chads at Yahoo/Google brings up 2 (count them, two) sites, one of which is this one.
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    I am so sick of politics. And I'm not talking about the presidential stalemate either.
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    Bear in mind, I never watch the Rosie O'Donnell show. Except for her stand on gun control, I really can't stand her (I really wish the gun control people would change their spokesperson). But I turned on the TV this evening and her show was on the channel that we left on from the day before. I couldn't stop watching it because it was featuring the strangest little creature, Mr. Winkle. See to me, it's just a strange little dog with a tongue too large for its mouth, but they gave a website, so I checked it out. I guess I'm not one for strange little cutesy poo dogs. I much prefer short hair punkie dogs like Pugs and Bostons and Bulldogs and Boxers and Bull Terriers. But what's amazing to me is that people don't even think Mr. Winkle is a dog. Duh...what else would he be? Is this just a sales gimmick? Or do people really think he's a cat in a dogsuit? People really need more exposure to animals. It's a sad world when people think Mr. Winkle is a cat in a dog suit and they scream when they ask you what's in the aquarium and you answer "Newts."
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    This guy has a great sense of humour! I just love the whole mock-retro look...but be sure to take a look at "Company Info." It killed me!
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    I can wear contacts again! Yea! I have some condition (Salzmann's?) that may or not be necessarily related to contact wearing. It was diagnosed about 100 years ago before contacts, and the doctor said he's seen it on people who've never worn contacts. So the prognosis is that although it may make wearing contacts more uncomfortable, it shouldn't effect it, although I will need yearly check-ups. (Makes it difficult when you go in and out of the health care system as I've been all my adult life...hopefully Stan's union job will be secure so I can continue to receive health care.)

    You don't know how sick I am of my glasses. I don't hate them, they're not ugly, but they're putting a big hole on the side of my nose from the pressure from wearing them 16 hours a day. (I have heavy lenses) I was so fearful that the diagnosis would be that I'd have to wear glasses for the rest of my life without contacts...I don't know what I would've done. The vAnnity in me would want some big freakin' funky Sly Stone or Elton John type 70s things because that would be so Un-Now (Now being the little black horn-rims that makes everyone look like their 4th grade yearbook picture that are so trendy in geek circles). But of course big freakin' funky Sly Stone Elton John 70s things would probably be even more uncomfortable than what I presently have, weight-wise.
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    Dream: I was somewhere looking at a large plant like a rosebush or flowering shrub (SHRUB!) and saw a small chameleon on it, plus a bunch of caterpillars that were starting to pupate. The caterpillars were white and furry, so because of the fur they were probably moth larva, but they were halfway pupating inside of dry leaves in a coccoon and halfway turning into chrysalises (butterflies) by hanging upside down from the leaves. Very weird. I was trying to capture the chameleon and some not-yet-pupated caterpillars and put them in a jar (yes, the same jar...how stupid) and the caterpillars were morphing into weird pupas that looked like tiny armadillos and then they'd morph into geckos. The geckos were hard to catch (as geckos are) and I was trying to keep them in the jar by covering the opening with my hands, (the jar didn't have a cover) but they'd keep trying to escape. I was afraid they'd break off their tails if I grabbed them too hard (from past real-life gecko experience).

    Whoah, I think that dream was symbollic for the election in some way. Take a look at it: Armadillos are found in Texas. There was a Shrub. Chameleons are found in Florida. I suspect Geckos are found both places. The morphing caterpillars could be seen as the candidates, but they didn't know whether they were morphing into moths or butterflies, i.e., we don't know what kind of lepidoptera we will have in the white house (and the caterpillars were white).
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    Thursday, November 16, 2000

    Now this is a strange synchronistic ghost in the machine experience. MSNBC is interviewing Paul Simon (Former Senator, not Songwriter) and I tell Stan, "I love the way Al Franken used to do him" remembering SNL's Al Franken's impersonations of Senator Simon. Al Franken also did fake news correspondences where the news team would put him in awful situations, like in the middle of the desert during the gulf war, and his satellite transmission would go bonkers. As we were chuckling a bit about our fond Al Franken/SNL memories, suddenly, the Senator's satellite transmission goes bonkers. It was so Al Franken. It was weird.
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    Just heard a good new chadword on CNN: "Chad Envy."
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    Cool. Artmatic has a new version coming out soon. They also linked my gallery on their front page!
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    ::snicker:: I think I'll sub dub this blog: "Eyeblog: Your Pregnant Chad Portal...NOT!" Yup, got another bite. Also got someone searching for "background on george bush." Well, I know I have mentioned Bush, I have a link to GWBushSucks.com and I know that I've mentioned George from Seinfeld, and I offer a free weekly background. What more could you want?

    Eyeblog: A Homepage for Unwed Chads
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    Oh, I'm so evil. Now that I know that there's a fast harvester spider with one of his many eyes on this blog, I just want to see if anyone in the world is searching for this:

    Naked Pictures of Janet Reno and Linda Tripp

    I promise...I will be good and stop now.
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    Geez. This page comes up 6th when searching for "hanging chads" at Google Yahoo. Just who are these people searching for hanging, pregnant, swinging, bi-sexual, monogamous, thwarted, depressed, neurotic, psychotic, psychokiller chads? I can only think of one thing: Comedians in desparate need of material. I say this because my referrer stats even brought up the keywords "hanging chad jokes." Hey, here's some keywords to mess with search engines and generate traffic. Now keep in mind, my metatags are all kosher and relevant to the topic of this blog. But as far as content, well, I can write just about anything, can't I? After all, it's a blog:

    Free Money Giveaway Contest Win Millionaire Hot Sex Babes Cute Teddybear Angel Pics Anne Geddes Microsoft

    Heh heh. Did I just increase traffic or curse myself with more spammage? I mean when I get visitors searching for something as strange and obscure as Human Toilet Death, I might as well at least try to generalize and increase my traffic by aiming toward a broader audience. Goodness knows I'm not getting any hits on the keywords:

    Happily Married and Monogomous Disenfranchised Alienated Artist Old Punk Ex-Goths Approaching 40

    But then again, that's the first time I put that exact verbage, per se, in any website.
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    Dream last night: I was my current age but I was with some people I think I knew in high school, but I wasn't sure if it was them or people I currently know. We decided out of the blue to go visit someone I knew in jr. high, not calling ahead of time, and just popping in on her (FYI, it was someone I referred to earlier in this blog, but not the one in the psycho killer alien sex fiend dream) at her parent's house. We had some groceries with us (I distinctly remember yellow hot peppers like the ones Stan picked that were growing over our fence) and we were preparing them on her kitchen table. Everything in their house was the color of mid 90s computer equipment...pale greyish beige. They had a flowchart-type-thing in their kitchen which was kind of like the big chalk-less white chalkboard they had at my former job to show workflow of projects. This was sort of a family tree, and named all of the people in her family. I noticed that she and her sisters were currently married and had kids, and I thought it strange that we were popping in on her at her parent's house, and even stranger that she still lived there. Her mom was there, as cold and austere as ever. Her mom's maiden name on the flowchart looked like it could have been Hungarian or Romanian. Normally I would've thought this cool--"Wow, she's Transylvanian"--instead, I thought it creepy, like she was the devil. My "friend" was glad to see me, but confused as to why I was there at the same time (so was I). I had to leave soon after she came home, and told her "We should get together some time...gimme a call," even though I know I didn't want to. I felt weird, acting so fake.
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    Wednesday, November 15, 2000

    How did they put tonight's South Park episode together so quickly? That Florida spoof subplot was a scream, but they must've busted their butts to get it out in such a timely manner.
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    I don't mean to beat up only on the enfranchised scholastic monastics like Mr. Desousa. Right now I'd like to share a sight of beef courtesy of my good friend Tim. Tim works at a 2nd hand store...sort of like a corporate 2nd hand store if there is such an animal. They get tax breaks for hiring people on the W2 program (W2 stands for "Wisconsin Works" implemented by King Governor Tommy Thompson). So they hire these people who are partially still receiving welfare, but they also get paid by their employer, who is then in turn given a tax break. All in all, they actually receive more than someone like Tim who is just part of the working poor, and not on welfare, because Tim still has to pay his mortgage and his health care and food...you know, the expenses that we all have if we are not independently wealthy or on welfare. The W2 people get some sort of stipend, free health care, and their living expenses are partially paid for. Despite the fact that Tim's eyes are worse than mine (our eye situations are completely different though), and probably could be classified as legally blind, he has never taken any sort of benefit whatsoever as he does not want to be marked for life. Evidentally there is a local custom that I was unaware of where some generous charitable people give "Christmas Gifts" to the W2 people, in other words, they slough off their used appliances or clothes (probably also getting a tax break....you know how $100 of charity equals $39 in the hands of someone in a high tax bracket but $100 of charity equals only $15 for someone in our tax bracket?). Tim overheard the following conversation of a W2 woman last holiday season regarding the anticipation of her receiving her 2nd-hand Xmas loot: "I hope I don't get another white microwave this year...they get dirty too easily."

    You know...I don't even have a microwave. But then again, Stan and I don't *need* a microwave. (I honestly don't see what is so great about them and re-nuked coffee tastes like poo.) Stan did inherit a 2nd hand used car, a 1985 AMC Eagle, when his dad died back in 1997. It was brown. We hate brown. But you know what? We were gracious and glad to receive it because we needed a dependable car that we can use! Who the hell cares what color it is if it works and we aren't in the position to be choosey with the color selection?

    White microwave my butt.
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    Who is this guy (Danesh Desousa? sp?) on the Kathleen Dunn (Wisconsin Public Radio) show extolling the virtues of our affluent economy? A caller called in to tell him that it *hasn't* affected the poor, but Danesh debates him by saying (this is my paraphrase, but the gist is the same and the examples used are his examples) "it has affected us all because technology has allowed us all to share in the wealth...we now have tvs in every room and not just one main tv for the house. Our cars don't break down as much as they used to. We now have cell phones that we use to communicate with our families."

    BITE ME! Get out of your scholastic monastic materialistic ivory tower and face reality, Danesh. Your simplistic object-centered viewpoint sickens me. If technology has improved the life of the poor (which I have doubts as to whether it has really) it is in terms of other things such as medical advancements, or improvements in the environment, agriculture (which in the case of a lot of hormonal and genetic engineering is not true advancement, but just an advancement in the quantity and not the quality), etc. Not in terms of TVs, Cars and Cellphones, which the poor don't even have. Geeez. If people with multiple tvs and cars that don't break down and cell phones are what Danesh, by definition, is calling the "poor" that have benefited from our nation's prosperity, then what the hell am I? Hopeless? Beyond the radar screen?

    People like him get my dander up.
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    Oh yeah, I remember more dream. I was checking my email and I start receiving a bunch of "lost" email that had somehow gotten lost in cyberspace in the past few months or more.
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    Several dreams...

    One was that I was with Stan and his half-sister in some house and we kept going in and out of a garage where the door was half closed so I had to crawl under the door to get through it. Then we ended up at a pet store and we were looking at aquatic life in aquariums. I remember seeing a sea-slug that had the color and texture of those pink Hostess snowball marshmallow puff things.

    The other dream I was teasing Hieronymus and hissing at him. Then he suddenly turned into another dog, not a pug, (strange...see my dream last night) with a long snount and in black and white, and he started looking at me suspiciously, like I was either to be feared or attacked. Then I reached my hand out to him, turning the palm downwards. He still kept staring at me in such a way that I felt fear all through my body and I was afraid he'd smell the fear.

    This is a really weird dream: I was with some people...I can't remember for sure if Bill or some other people from Biota were part of it or not, but we were "archiving" some old beatnik/hobo/famous beat poet/folk singer's old hangout, which was essentially a cardboard box, and looking through his possessions. The people I was with were claiming that he had in his possession before he died some vinyl record that was worth a lot. There were some records that I can't remember, but I do remember seeing Brian Eno's Before and After Science and remember thinking it odd that some old beat poet would have in his possession that album (but then again...who knows?). There were a lot of paperback books too....it was just a very strange dream.
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    Tuesday, November 14, 2000

    For some reason this blog is not listed under 11/4/00 in Blogger under "New Blogs". I feel like a non-person. I feel like...my vote hasn't been counted. I'm depressed.

    I'm using a lip balm today, brand "Un-Petroleum", citrus flavored sunscreen, slogan "un-chap your lips" and made by "Bristol Harp" in Bristol, Vermont. It tastes like a gin and tonic. No kidding. It's pretty darn good. I should buy a bunch of these and give them to Tim, being that gin and tonic was his favorite drink before he had to give up drinking due to sinus probs.

    I hate most of the ads shown on the 24-hour news channels (If I see that "Atlantis" ad anymore I will scream), but I love the FedEx Japanese Beef Jerky Filet Mignon commercial.

    Who broke Blogger?
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    OMG! Search engines are getting faster! Sunday night I blogged a quickie about "pregnant chads" and already I found in my referrer stats someone searching on Google for said phrase and it brought up this page! Hope they were looking for entertainment and not some serious topical discussion on pregnant chads. But after all, how serious can a pregnant chad discussion be?

    I think Blogger is broken.

    Thank you to all of you who are submitting pictures for the mini Annie Warhol Gallery! Keep them coming! And you don't necessarily have to submit yourself...pets and kids are more than welcome! (As long as they're your own)
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    I remember another part of my dream last night that I was looking at a Florida ballot in person and being confused by it because some of the horizonal lines looked like they pointed to punch holes.
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    Whoah! Penetrated chad. That's a new one. This is getting surreal. (If you're not from the US or watching the US news, please just ignore my chad posts)
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    Hey, "Cabaret" is on tonight on Bravo. One of my all-time faves and an artistic inspiration. Now that I blogged it, I hope I won't forget to watch it and end up watching MSNBCCNBCCNNFox-News instead like a dope.
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    A bunch of short little dreams last night but the only one I really remember was one where Plato was choking on some food, but he looked like a Black Lab, not a Boston. He went limp although he was still sitting upright. I was afraid he was dead.
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    Monday, November 13, 2000

    If anything good can come out of the Florida Fiasco situation it's that SNL skits will improve. This past Saturday they actually did a really cute opening skit where both Bush and Gore take office and it becomes an Odd Couple spoof. I pretty much stopped watching SNL around '97 or so. The writing got bad. Let's hope this political situation should inspire some better ideas and writing.
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    Two Dreams last night! The first dream was that we were either moving from or moving into a new house. All our items were packed up and I was waiting for movers to come. The new house had a staircase that was split, so that you go up half a set of stairs and there's a large landing and then you turn 180 degrees to go up the rest of the flight. It was really hot outside and there was a swimming pool nearby, so I went into the swimming pool, but it was still really hot, like I didn't feel the cool water at all. Then I got out of the swimming pool as there was a natural lake nearby. I sat down at the beach of the lake, but the water had disappeared. I tried burying my body into the sand like a crab in hopes of finding water beneath the surface. It was sort of a neat dream....lots of sunlight that didn't hurt my eyes.

    The next dream was scary and GROSS (WARNING: read this paragraph at your own risk! Don't say I'm not warning you!). I was living at my parent's house. I was talking to a friend of mine from Jr. High (not the same one mentioned earlier in this blog...that one was a priss...this one was a juvenile delinquent) on the telephone and she told me that she would be by to see me but that she was having a problem with her washing machine. She went into greater detail: she said that she had a (female) friend over that she had really rough sex with and that it got the sheets so dirty that it ruined the washing machine. She finally came over and I asked her how her washing maching was, and she said that it was ruined. Thinking it odd that dirty sheets could ruin a washing machine, I suddenly became very suspicious and somehow deduced that she had killed the woman (girl? who knows how old we really were in the dream), cut up her body and put it in the washing machine to get rid of her, and the bones are what ruined the washing machine. I confronted her. I said, "it wasn't the sheets that ruined your washing machine, and you know that." She was in denial. Then I confronted her with (what I believed was) the truth: "You killed her and the skull and bone fragments are what really ruined your machine." Then it started to get really X-Files. She started to deny it, but it was like she was short circuiting and her face became filled with text and blue hyperlinks. I could tell she was trying to cover up a murder. I told her I wanted her to leave, and showed her to the door. I then confessed to my parents that I believed she was a murderer, and asked them whether I should report her to the police. I feared that I would face retribution from her or her friends. My parents told me not to call the police, which I thought was rather unlike them.

    Oh wow, I just heard a theory on vegetarianism on the Jean Ferracca show. When you become vegetarian, your body tells you that all the animals on the planet are dead which is why you are only eating plants now, so you become very depressed because your body (as part of a cosmic whole) sees the earth dying. This may seem far fetched to some (as it did to Jean), but it sure explains why I felt really depressed when I attempted vegetarianism about 4 years ago. Jean is sometimes swayed over by the flakiest and most Disney Witched of guests and ideas...why does she find this theory so hard to accept? It actually makes sense to me. Humans are naturally omnivores, afterall.
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    Kandee (congratulations, BTW!) is wondering about the eyes on this blog. The ones on top on the logo I rendered in Bryce along with the tube (the tube took a long time to make). The ones along the side of the entries I created in Photoshop. No photography was used to create them. I am fascinated by eyes, yes, (actually, obsessed over my own which are in a state of limbo right now) but mostly fascinated by language and the hybridized words one can make with substituting the word "eye" for "I" or similar sounding syllables.
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    Stan and I searched for what seemed like centuries to find the slide of me with a bat. Finally we found it; it was the last place he looked (funny how that always happens). I don't know if I can submit to Am I GOTH or NOT because I'm smiling, and Hades forbid Goths SMILE! There is one where I'm puckering up at a Tiger Salamander....and there are some delightful pictures of me by a tombstone with the surname "LOVE" and a bunch of toads scattered across it. Goth or not? I'll try and scan them if I have time tomorrow and at least put them up here. Got all weepy eyed and sentimental looking at old slides of our old house on Grant Street in Fort Collins and our late kitty Vladimir when he was just a tiny kitten, and our lizards. One weird blurry picture where I actually look sort of like Stan or Brian Eno.
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    Sunday, November 12, 2000

    Regis Philbin scored a 5.3 on the gothometer? You must be joking. But then of course, Stan says Regis is the devil...so....hmmmmmm....Makes one pause to think.

    Can't believe my mom watches that show. Furthermore, I can't believe she thinks he's cute. But then again, she used to think Charleton Heston was cute. Bleeeeaaach. "My dead hands!!!!!"
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    Awwww....this little kitten on the goth page reminds me so much of my Natasha when she was young. Natasha is very Goth. We got her in 1985. I shall give this little kitty a 9 (I think I only reserve my 10s for hot sexy male goths like Count Chocula and Riff Raff).
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    Oh this is just hilarious! Am I GOTH or NOT? lets you choose from various pictures and rate the gothitude of the subjects. I only gave out 2 perfect 10s so far, one to Count Chocula and the other to Riff Raff (I love you Riff Raff! You are so damn hot!) I think I shall submit a picture of myself taken in 1983 with dark lipstick, black gloves and a live bat (the mammal, not the baseball equipment). Let me repeat that again. The picture was taken in 1983. Nineteen Eighty Three. I was 22. 1983. I think I'll put that on the picture, lest someone be confused that it was taken in the late 1990s. 1983. Link via Pearls.

    Am I a GOTH or NOT reminds me of "Quien es mas macho?" an old SNL skit.
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    Hey Chad, how's it hangin' dude? Gnarly, Man.

    The Hanging Chads. They WERE a band, weren't they? If not, they will be now. And what about the Pregnant Chads?

    While we're on this subject, about a week before the election Stan and I rented "Bob Roberts" (with Tim Robbins). We've seen it before, but I think this is my favorite political movie. Also "Walk the Dog" is really fun too. Both movies leave you with a VERY unsettling feeling. Another good and unsettling movie with Tim Robbins is "Arlington Road." Stan really loved that one. Ironic how Tim Robbins often likes to take on these very sinister right-wing characters. We need to rent movies soon...haven't done it for a couple of weeks and I'm going into withdrawals.
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    Sitemeter's on the blink again. Blaaah. I wonder how long it's caused my blog to be unreachable.

    The exhibit was sort of average. There were a few really interesting pieces, but most not. I think Stan and I were the only people working with computer created imagery. Funny, I entered a Siggraphics show back in 1986 and I thought it was new back then, not now.

    Afterward we ate at the European restaurant outside of Kenosha...delicious as usual...I ate too much.

    I actually like rainy days now because I can see and don't have to take off my vision glasses to put on sunglasses. I have my appointment this Friday, and I'm starting to get nervous that they'll say something is terribly wrong with my eyes.

    I don't like the new character on the X-Files.
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    It is cloudy enough today so that I can use my iBook in the car. IBooks don't work on bright sunny days at all. Tim was not able to make it to Kenosha with us due to very sore muscles. I guess people think that tall men are strong and expect a lot of physical work out of them, but Tim has arthritis, so is probably not as able to do as much as Stan, who is a foot shorter than he is, can. Being short, Stan and I have gotten our fill of short prejudice. Imagine being 9 or 10 and someone asking in all sincerity if you are starting kindergarten. This really happened to me. Teasing hurts less than the sincerity. I can't remember many short jokes, I know they happened, but I will always remember "sincere" people asking really ignorant questions. Like this "friend" I had in junior high who said to me that when she first saw me that she thought I had a body of an 8 year old and a face of a 24 year old (funny...isn't that what is trying to be achieved with the Jon Benet Ramsey pageant kiddie pseudo-porn stuff, not to mention heroin model chic?) Like she had room to talk...she looked like F. Murray Abraham as Salieri in "Amadeus." (Of course I didn't even see the film until a decade after I knew her). But as I was saying, I never realized that tall people get every bit as much stupid commentary from the tactless public as us short people. I swear, each time I'm with Tim going to some art function or something, people will say to him, "Gee, you're a tall one. Did/Do you play basketball?" Somehow they think this is OK. They would never say to a short person, "Gee, you're a short one, are you a jockey?" Instead, short has some connotation of "cute" so they'll say other things like "I can't believe a petite little girl like you does such big paintings." Barf me. That's not even that bad...I know there have been worse things people have said to me, as a short person, that they would not say the equivalent "tall" version of to a tall person. And so naturally more physical labour is expected of someone tall like Tim. Of course Tim is always wiling to help, too. You know, 5'2/5'3 (depending on how much sleep I got the night before) is not even THAT short and 6'6/6'7' (forgot Tim's exact height) is not even THAT tall. Geez...I guess all women have to be 5'6 and all men have to be 6'1. What's with that? It seems like my friends are extremes...either short or tall...not many in the average.

    Stan and Tim look like a Mutt and Jeff duo when they're together. And I feel sort of like Elaine with George and Kramer when I'm with them, although Stan is definitely NOT George in every sense of the word. We go through these things where we try and figure out who's who as far as the Seinfeld thing. Initially I thought I was Elaine because I was the chick who was always hanging out with men. But then I thought I was Jerry because I sort of had the standup commedienne kind of personality--Tim has more of the Oscar Wilde sort of humour quality--I think he was Oscar Wilde in his past life. And Stan wanted to be Elaine because he likes her mean personality that he thinks is sort of like his (whatever), and then we thought Matt would make a good Kramer because his hair is wilder (and he has more of it as far as follicles) and he's more absent minded and doesn't work that much, but then Tim would be Jerry because Jerry always had that sort of gay quality...and then I would be George because I was the only one of us who ever did a certain thing on my parent's couch...and George's parental situation was more like mine but then Stan's was more like Jerry's...oh it got sooooo confusing. God, I miss that show. It's the only prime time sitcom I ever watched since MASH! Thank heaven for syndication.
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    You know the media is affecting your brain when you grab your toothpaste and instead of seeing "Fluoride Toothpaste" you read "Florida Toothpaste."
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    No dream again last night. Aaaaagh! I hate it when I wake up at 7 on Stan's day off because I can't ever get back to sleep. Much easier to get back to sleep when he's gone. I don't feel rested. I'll probably fall asleep on our drive. Also, I had the radio on (actually, I can sleep better with it on) and the show "Sound Money" drives me nuts because it's depressing in its target audience, which isn't me. They should switch it with the computer show that's on before it, as I'm less likely to listen from 7-8 as I am from 8-9. The dogs wake up too darn early too, which also wakes me up. Probably the main reason why I got up so early. All Plato wants to do is snuggle with us. Spoiled rotten.
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    Both Stan and I are going to Kenosha in about 11 hours. We both got pieces in the show at Anderson Art Center. I hope our car makes it as both long distance cars have been having such problems lately. I hope the weather is decent. I also hope Tim is feeling well enough to make it after a long day of raking leaves at his friend Pam's house.

    Stan, Tim and I vowed that after we all die we'll meet at the Anderson house and haunt it. Being by a large body of water is the only way to live, or die...as the case may be. Although I don't live by water, the city is surrounded by lakes, and our house on the Isthmus is about 7 blocks from two lakes. It's hard for people to understand why I'd rather live here than in Colorado where I moved from, but to me mountains get old after a while (after 17 years, to be precise). I also prefer the political climate here to that in Colorado, (but King Tommy has to go) and I'd rather run into a Wisconsin redneck on the highway in the middle of the night than a Colorado redneck. Even the rednecks here are polite. As Tim says, they're too polite...they'll just ignore you, not kill you. Although I've only lived 12 of my 39 years in Wisconsin, I was actually born in Wisconsin, in fact, Tim and I were born at the same hospital (different years, of course). How strange, after being forced by my dad's changing job situations to live so many places as a kid that I come back here and am close friends with someone born in the same hospital. It's cosmic. Stan and I were both born the year of the Ox and Tim was born the year of the Snake, and those are supposed to be very compatible in Chinese Astrology. Stan is a triple Ox as he is also Sun and Moon sign Taurus in Western Astrology. A cursed sign of much work...little gain.
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