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Friday, December 29, 2000

Saw the weirdest thing at the deli/butcher today. Chicken Filet Mignon. Excuse me while I be ill. I swear, these people out here know nothing about meat. What do I have to do...move back to Colorado to get good meat? According to my mom, even the quality of meat is slipping there, too. Where is all the good meat going, Japan? I'm hypersensitive to bad meat (not bad as in rotting...that's obvious, but bad as in inferior-quality). You know, I don't even know how people can eat meat they buy at a grocery store. We have to eat deli-quality meats. So call me a snob. Like I care. Yet another site of beef.

It really sucks to be in the lower-economic rung of the ladder with high-class taste in food (and other things, of course). You know what drives me nuts is seeing over-fed people with decent middle-class jobs stuffing their faces with crap like Pizza Pockets and Microwave Burritos and Lunchables. It just makes you wonder. If I had *half* their income, my tongue would be in culinary paradise.
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Well poo...Polyacryl (sp?) from our local Menards home supply store (like a Home Depot, but local to Wisconsin...bad theme song gets stuck in your head...."save big money, save big moneeeeeey...when you shop Menards") is now up to $39/gallon. I can still get NovaColor Exterior Varnish for $16.50. I thought getting it as a "home supply" (it's what you use on hardwood floors) would be cheaper than buying it as an art supply. (Probably is...if you only buy Grumbacher or Liquitex or the snobley Winsor Newton) I feel like I've been cheated. I bought some anyway because I plan to do some heavy duty painting this week and if I order it through Nova Color it won't be here in time, plus I need a tax write-off.

Gotta love that Nova Color, though. They still have '80s prices.

When Stan and I were at Menards we were amazed at how they were trying to broaden their audience to the feminine of the species with this overstocked candle and potpourri section. It was rather nauseous if you ask me. Give me plumbing parts and couplings any day. But we found these neat bows (ribbons for presents...not for archery) that were made of this transparent nacreous iridescent cellophane...they were actually quite cool. We were handling them and oggling them, and going "wow, look at the dimensional color...these would be cool raver supplies...." I'm sure the people around us thought we were on drugs.

Don't you hate that? You're soberer than the ignorant yahoos who are scrutinizing you and they naturally assume you're on drugs because you marvel at minutae that the mundane masses miss in their oblivious existence.

Speaking of Sobriety....Drinking before you go out on the road to buy art supplies...DUMB. Drinking when you're home for the day to warm up and relax....YUM. Drink: Take some of that hard lemon stuff you see everywhere now. Add Midori so that it's lime popsicle colored. Yum. I wanna paint with this stuff.
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Stan had to go to work for half a hell-shift today (5:30-9:30 am) on his day off, but got to come home early so we could take Plato and Caligula to the vet for yearly shots. They're always a handful together. Came home to watch "Gunsmoke" while we dry off from the snow and drink some coffee before we head out on more errands. People are such asshole drivers in this weather. Car almost plowed into us. I flipped them off. Stan gets mad when I do that because he doesn't want them coming after us for my flippage...I can't help it...it's an automatic reflex...an itchy trigger finger. The Gunsmoke episode has some villainous character "Judge Proctor" that rode into town at night. Looks like a cross between (a "bastard child offspring hybrid" as I like to call them) a couple villainous art professors we had in grad school. He looks truly evil, as were they. Good casting.
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Thursday, December 28, 2000

Oh, I get it now. The "g.w. bush mini me" search request from Tuesday. I just saw a cartoon of Poppy Bush's head superimposed over that arch-villain from "Austin Powers" and Dubya's head superimposed over that dwarf guy sitting on his lap. (Can ya tell I haven't seen the silly movie?) The caption is a quote from that film that I think I've heard on teevee "I think I'll call him, "mini me." Lightbulb turns on over head. Well, so much for my pop cultural accuity. I didn't see the movie. Don't plan to. Very few ex-SNL star movies I've enjoyed. Rented the first "Austin Powers" a few years ago or so. I like Mike Meyers a lot (I absolutely adore his Dieter character) but I found the character of Austin Powers rather repulsive which I didn't find the characters that he created on SNL to be. I'm also very down on Hollywood productions (not all, but especially the lighthearted/comedic/romantic faire) as opposed to more independent films. So call me a snob. Like I care.
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More weird searches:

washing maching. Dang...I forgot to snag the search engine string that found my site through those words. Sorry. What's odd about this is that I typoed this on my site (should be "washing machine") and didn't discover it until it was many weeks later and didn't want to sludge through a bunch of posts to change it via Blogger. So I left it. And then someone else obviously typos this in the search engine, and ends up at my site. Weird.

hooster. What's a hooster? I dunno...just a dumb nickname for my tortie cat. Why would someone else search on it?

swimming pool babes changing room. When I told this one to Stan, he thought it was a place where women change their babies like in a swimming pool locker room area. I had a similar first impression, but that didn't make much sense. But then again, neither does this search request. Why not just search for naked women? Why so specific? Pervs are so picky.

free human toilet stories. Free. You wouldn't want to pay for these.

Katherine Harris Great Breasts. Sorry to disappoint you. Ann Stretton. Average Breasts.
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Some people's political beliefs defy description. I'm listening to the Tom Clark show right now and he's interviewing a George Getz (sp?) from the Libertarian party who's complaining about the "Holiday Grinch taxes," i.e., hotel tax, gasoline tax, airline tax, etc. So he's taking this Libertarian, anti-tax stance, yet he's sounding like a whiny Socialist. Why? I reiterate what he said (not an exact quote, but close enough): "Poor people who can't afford these taxes shouldn't be penalized by not being able to travel to see their relatives over the holidays." Sound like a familiar whine? How about "poor people should be able to have families even if they can't afford it therefore I should get welfare for having kids if I can't support them." Here's a hardcore Libertarian stance for you, George Putz (and I'm not a Libertarian): People who can't afford to travel to see their relatives shouldn't travel to see their relatives. And this comes from someone who can't afford to travel to see their relatives, so it isn't just talk, Georgie Boy. End of story.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Now this is weird. I was balancing my checking and savings account with the help of online banking, and noticed I'd screwed up and instead of subtracting a check for $57.xx from my debit column, I subtracted $51.xx (handwriting wasn't bad...eyesight was). Difference of $6.00. Then when I checked my savings account, I noticed I had exactly $6 extra dollars from interest earned that I hadn't recorded. Just one of those odd cosmic experiences.
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And of course the never ending odd search requests:

nuked gay kids gallery. My site's number one. Now that's just sick. Sick enough to submit to Disturbing Search Requests.

his painted fingernails. Kind of a cute request...it brought up Plato's homepage. While on the search engine site, I happened upon this on the same page as my/Plato's site: Remembering Kurt. Brought back a whole slew of sad emotions.
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Weird dream last night. I was with my best friend from high school and we were looking through some large book on rock and roll. Then a boyfriend I had toward the end of high school and early college (pre-Stan) came into the room and he started looking at the book with us. Then I came across a page that had a cruel cartoon I drew of my boyfriend. My girlfriend saw it, but not him. I looked at her and we both had a look of shock on our faces, like "what do we do now?" Then I start distracting him with conversation about other topics so that he wouldn't be interested in continuing to look at the book. Actually, now that I've described it, it's sort of a funny (ha ha) dream.
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Tuesday, December 26, 2000

This blog must be high on Google's list. Lots of more weird search requests. These first two I submitted to Disturbing Search Reqeusts:

siamese twin sex. Yuck!

human toilet gallery. A variation on my infamous search request: "human toilet death?"

This one is not so disturbing...it's just odd:

g.w. bush mini me. Huh?
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Bunch o' Dreams: The house we were living in was a combination between my dad's parent's house in Malden, MA, our own house, and the house that was converted to two flats that we rented when we moved to Madison (all very old houses, these). It was three stories instead of two, and painted really funkily (much more funkily than we painted our own house) with lots of different colors for the trim...I especially remember purple, yellow and white as main colors. Also, the house next door was painted funkily too. Supposedly this was not our doing, but our (at the time we lived in the flat) upstair's neighbor's little "let's beautify the neighborhood" project (remind me to tell you about THAT sometime). In the dream, I actually liked it, and was trying to capture it in my digital camera. But for some reason, it just didn't show up too well. I was standing in the driveway between the two houses and in my camera LCD it just looked so puny. Then I went around to the front of the house and tried to capture it in front, but there were newt aquariums in the way. I noticed that our newts had been split up between two aquariums, one large, one small, with no special regard for which breed of newt went in which aquarium. I asked Stan why this was so, and he didn't tell me in any words, but he made me look at the newts again, and I noticed that one of the Eastern newts had some egg sacks at the base of its tail (I never witnessed newt pregnancy or egg laying, but I do not think it looks like this). But that newt was still in the large aquarium with other newts, and I noticed that there wasn't enough water in it for it to lay eggs in. Then I was in this room in the house, and my parents were there. It was like my parents lived in that room. I noticed a magazine that caught my eye. It looked like it was from Britain. The cover was a pale blue, with a picture of the grinning Chesshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. There was also some ad for Scotch that had some sort of crown image on it that looked very British. I wanted to ask my dad if the magazine was from England, but he was talking to my mom and I couldn't get a word in edgewise. (This is where I think I'm starting to wake up IRL and the radio is on, and obviously, I can't get a word in edgewise with the radio) Finally I raised my hand like I was in school, letting them know I was in the que to talk next. Also, I noticed some other items by the magazine, like jewelry, rings, necklaces, they were like family heirlooms or something. Finally, he acknowledged me so I could ask my question, but then he leaves the room, like he thought I only wanted to talk to my mom and not him. I was so mad because I couldn't ask him the question. I also remember riding the bus in Fort Collins and having to get off at Prospect and Stover and walk to my parents house several blocks away...it was very cold and snowy outside, much as it is here and now. I passed the junior high I had attended...I think it was sort of in wreckage.
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Faith's new Flash design is awesome! For some reason I have still not gotten the hang of Flash...it eludes me. Don't ask me why, as an artist, I cannot grok Flash, but yet I'm moving ahead with something so tecchie (actually, it reminds me of my former job working with Quark XPress) CSS...and actually enjoying it! What the hell is WRONG with me?!?!? I suppose I could make a New Year's resolution to learn Flash, but I don't do the res thang. I guess the Buddhist in me (yes, I'm a Buddhist according to the Religion Selector...see prior posts) needs to be enlightened by something to motivate me to learn it as opposed to being motivated by the waving finger of duty and obligation to a resolution. That's so...Western Religion...ifyaknowwhatimean. I don't know. Stan says the Buddhist category fits me well. He says I'm philosophical and concerned with living in the moment and not preoccupied with the existence of a deity. Atheism and Agnosticism makes one actually take a stand on the existence of God, one way or another. Whereas, according to Stan, Buddhism is not concerned with the existence of a deity or deities. He also says creative people are more apt to take this philosophy. Stan has always been that way himself as long as I've known him. I guess this helps me understand him a bit more...like I've crossed a milestone in our relationship.
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I just finished adding CSS to The Dingbatcave the other night--still have a little touch-up to do. It was relatively painless, as that is my smallest (in kilobytes) site and simplest format. I'm going to wait to add CSS to Eyebalm because I'm not sure what Netscape will do with that bug where it won't show animated gif mouseovers. As far as Ann-S-Thesia, I think I am going to have to give it a new design YET AGAIN and start over from scratch with the CSS. Oh joy.

I can't recall my dream last night too clearly, but I do remember something about me being in a lecture hall, but the chairs were more like the kind you had in high school, individual chair/desk combos with the flip-desktop attached. I had a pencil to take notes with, but it broke, so I was searching through this very odd thing I had, trying to find another writing implement. It was shaped like a boot, but it was soft and made of bright green colors, like it was a kid's toy. I was making a lot of crinkling noises searching for a pen, and was afraid I was disturbing the people around me. I think my supervisor from my former job was there, looking at me scornfully. I finally found a pen, but it was encased in a Barbie-doll-like body. Then I remember I was on a bus and getting off of it.
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Sunday, December 24, 2000

Dammit! Ovens of Brittany is closing again! Lost their lease. They used to have several all over the city, and their final remaining one on University Ave. is closing. Damn damn damn. Weird things always happened at that restaurant: Stan always managed to snort his coffee and caugh and explode all over the table (I cannot bring him anywhere) at one of the Ovens, and then the last time we went they charged Stan's debit card twice. Despite this, I loved the Ovens, and they always had the best decor. The one that used to be the closest to our house had the loveliest new wood trim and wallpaper. It went out of business and the new business to locate in that spot took it all down. Soooooo wasteful. I'm hoping they can at least relocate somewhere else without an evil landlord. This is a sad day in Madison dining history.
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Ever see the movie "Happiness?" The Lara Flynn Boyle character is a somewhat successful writer who could be living anywhere, but chooses to live in a tacky mid-century apartment in New Jersey. One of my favorite lines from the movie (and I paraphrase it because I do not remember it precisely) is when she explains that she is living her whole life in irony. Her whole life is ironic. That is how I feel right now. Stan and I don't celebrate XMas (well, other than opening the few gifts our parents sent us), yet we are watching TVLand and Nick at Nite and they are doing these 50s-70s teevee sitcom XMas specials. We are ironically celebrating XMas vicariously by the most "Ironic" "In Quotes" way possible. It's like putting up pink flamingos in your front yard, not because you genuinely like pink flamingos, but because it is ironic.

Somehow, irony lends itself to appropriating the mid century. We live in an old house (92 years old to be precise) and one cannot be "ironic" with an old house. One must either pretend like the oldness does not exist, or one must embrace and restore the oldness. We are sort of doing both. But one cannot have neon and boomerang-shaped tables and chrome and vinyl chairs in a house of our vintage. If we had a house circa the mid 20th century, we would do all that and more. Sometimes I wish we had two houses, one old one, and one mid-century one.

Oh, I got a very disturbing search request: Siamese Twin Sex. Yes, those words do exist in my blog archives...one was when I mentioned my vision of the "siamese twin president" that we Americans woke up to on November 8. The other was talking about Stan's tendency to go as the opposite sex on Halloween. See, perfectly innocent. I hope my blog bores the hell out of these pervs.
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I just asked Stan the Answer Man re the religion, and he agreed with the test that my beliefs would be closest to Buddhism. Wow, is that enlightening. :::small snicker:::

FYI, the page is: SpeakOut.com Religion Selector
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I noticed that hardly anyone is blogging today, and that it will probably become even moreso tomorrow. I was considering doing nothing but blogging until Stan comes home from work tomorrow. I could say I'm just a lonely Atheist on Xmas, but I'm not really an Atheist (nor am I lonely...I love the solitude and would hate a bunch of relatives around!)...I took some religious test I found online and the belief systems that were on the top of my list (i.e., the ones that fit my own belief systems according to the way I answered the questions) were a bunch of Buddhist sects. Odd. I never studied Buddhism. Hmmm. The really funny thing is that on the bottom of my list was Roman Catholic. :::snicker::::. (my dad would be devastated...think I should tell him?) I forgot exactly where the test was...speakout.org or something? I'll have to try and re-take it to see if I did something wrong. I was sure I would rate higher with Agnostic/Atheist. Maybe I misinterpreted something.

Or maybe I should ask Stan about Buddhism....he'll know if the test missed the mark on me or not. He knows a lot about eastern religion.
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Dumb dream didn't make sense. I was with some women who received their MFAs at the time I did. They were living in an apartment complex with their husbands/families, and one was on the bottom floor of one building, which backed up to another building where the other one lived on the second story. They ran a piece of string with a bell on it to eachother's kitchen windows so that when they wanted the other to come down and talk to them, they would just tug on the string (I guess a phonecall would be too loud?). Weird.
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