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Saturday, February 17, 2001

Dream was very mixed up and a jumbled mess as I remember it, although I know when I was actually dreaming, it flowed more smoothly with more logical transitions. I just cannot remember it all now though. I remember seeing a lot of planes in the sky...big planes...stealth scary sci-fi shaped things. They were flying crookedly, like they were going to crash. I have lots of reoccurring dreams of planes falling out of the sky. I was somewhere, like at a university or someplace, and had to get home. Or maybe I was at home and had to get to a university. It was raining. I had to leave Hieronymus outside until Stan got back. I left him outside and gave him a hug. I was looking at restaurant menus with people I'd rather not see again from high school. That's all I remember.

Can someone please invent a machine that records your dreams for you?
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Friday, February 16, 2001

In one post I was talking about submitting pictures of you, your kids, your pets, for my mini-Annie Warhol gallery (see left sidebar). In a different post I was talking about how I detested kid's beauty pageants because they were like soft porn. In yet another post I was talking about how Jerry Seinfeld's TV character had a sort of gay quality (not that there's anything wrong with that). So what visitors do I get? People surfing for pictures of gay kids porn!

I hope you a**holes are bored out of your freakingly pathetic brains by this blog o' mine.

So I'm in a quandry. Part of me wants to disguise certain *trigger* words, like porn would be p*rn or something, so that Google's spider won't pick up on it.

Yet another part of me wants to start a crusade so that everyone with non-porn sites just fills their sites with trigger words so that the morons out there surfing for this crap will be bombarded and flooded with searches that take them nowhere...just to blogs and innocent homepages, diluting the search results, frustrating the surfer.

Personally, I find the search requests for Katherine Harris Nude VERY amusing. But Katherine Harris is a public figure (and quite a humorous one at that). She is also an adult. But the searches for "kids porn" really bother me.

I'm not anti-porn when it comes to people searching for adult porn. How people get their rocks off is none of my concern as long as it doesn't hurt a 3rd party directly or indirectly. But bring a child into the mix, and I'm furious.

Then again, another part of me says I should just ignore it all. Don't fight crusades, don't disguise words...just go about writing about what I write about and not worry. It's not my fault that people are idiots. It's not my fault search engines aren't human.
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Thursday, February 15, 2001

Note to self: If you see something you like...get it. Don't rely on a guy to remember to get it for you for some special occasion gift. And don't wait to see if he'll get it for you, because if he doesn't, it'll be too late.

I went to Target today and got a VDay closeout fucshia-colored plastic springy-antennaed lady bug with heart candies inside. It was silly...it reminded me of something I'd absolutely die to have when I was a kid (I loved bugs). I was just a wee bit disappointed that Stan, who usually indulges my wishes of missed childhood goodies, didn't give at least one to me for VDay. I mean, this was the guy who actually bought me one of those electric Hot Wheel race car track set ups for Xmas one year...even though I had only very casually commented that I wish I had that as a kid but was afraid to ask my parents for one because it was a "boy's toy." I made him return the Hot Wheels racetrack, I mean I wasn't SERIOUS about having one when I was 30! But the fuschia plastic ladybug with candies...nope...didn't get it.

Then I noticed that my bug is cracked...that's probably why it was on closeout special (and not to mention it's post-VDay).

Well, poo. Next time, I'm not waiting.
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I got rid of Blog Voices. Just a little tired of waiting forever for it to load.
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Dream: Stan and I bought a newer house. It had real wood panelling going up the wall partially in the bedroom. Lots of closets and places to hang clothes. That's all I remember.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2001

New amusing search requests:

maria vontrapp sound of music

child beauty pageants and picture

psychotic clip art

Lady Chablis nude

pictures of coccaine
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I was in an office building sort of like the place I used to work, and everything was divided into cubicles. I can't remember if I was working there, or starting to work there or what.

I was with a friend I knew in Colorado and we were going around in stores looking at things. She was with a man who didn't look like her husband, but I think it was. I was dreaming this while I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio's fund drive on the radio, so in the dream, she tells her husband to contribute a large sum of money to them. I then feel this large resentment because it was as if she did it to make me feel bad.

I was stung by some strange caterpillar with spikes. The spikes were in my skin in my leg. I could pull the skin apart, but couldn't remove the spikes myself. I think my mom was there and I told her to remove them for me, but she was scared she'd hurt me. I told her to just yank them out with a tweezers really quickly, but it took her sort of a long time to remove them, hurting me more than if it was just a quick pull.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Previous post made me remember...Case in point: Artmatic. There are two. One is one of my favorite Macintosh-only fractal-based abstract image creation program. The other makes inexpensive cosmetics. Both are using the name "Artmatic" yet they are entirely different products. Take that. Fortunately, I have not heard from the person who said I was infringing on her "Anniemation" trademark after my very polite, verbose letter. Crossing Fingers.
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Stan made me a delicious anniversary dinner of crab legs last night...not Snow Crab...King Crab. The big honkers. Yummmmmmm. So glad I felt well enough to eat. Because I spent the entire day just resting on the couch, rendering Artmatic images on my iBook and watching TV Land, and feeling generally woosey, sleepy, sneezy, slightly nauseous and generally wiped out, I couldn't watch TV Land anymore at night. They had gotten into the reruns, not that the entire concept of TV Land isn't "rewatchability"...but you know what I mean...the reruns of the reruns. So at 7 pm I decided to flip the channels. I had completely forgotten about what "can't be missed" annual event normally comes this time of year around our anniversary (and ironically, when I'm sick too!), but fate, or just my general psychic abilities, led me to the USA channel and the Westminster Dog Show. What Fate! How Cosmic! I make it a point to watch the dog show every year, and this year I had completely forgotten it. But something led me to it, after all, our first viewing of the Westminster Dog Show back in 1991 made me decide to get a pug. The first time I saw that show I yearned for a dog so badly. I was sick then too, and all I could tell Stan was "I wanna nog." (Sore throat prevented me from prouncing Ts and Ds distinctly).

We probably won't get to see the 2nd half of the show tonight since we'll be out ingesting mass quantities of raw fish, but fortunately all my favorite dog breeds were featured in the groups last night: Working (Boxer), Toy (Pug, Chinese Crested), Terrier (Bull Terriers) and Non-Working (Boston Terrier, Bulldog and French Bulldog). Of course there are other breeds I like too, but these are my faves. The Boxer they showed last night was sure a cutie. So human-looking. Here's how they placed:

Boxer: 2nd in Working group
Pug: 3rd in Toy group
Bulldog: 2nd in Non-working group....I think

French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Chinese Crested, Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier did not place.

Maybe eventually cable will be so specialized that I'll be able to see *just* those breeds of dogs as they compete for "Best of Breed." That way I wouldn't have to watch them compete for "Best of Group" eliminating the tiresome poodle factor. Sorry, I just don't like poodles, and I'm tired of always seeing them place if not win. I know there are lots of poodle lovers out there, and this is no disrespect for you, but poodles are just not for me.
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I got a couple slices of spam today with the subject "Contract Work" from "bordedworker.com" I guess I will never understand being a bored contract worker. There's always so much to do, even if I'm not working on freelance work. There's my own work...lots of it. I'm never ever bored. I can't relate to those who are.
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Obscure search result for an obscure composer....I'm #1 on Google/Yahoo for Ennio Morriconne.
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Add your blog to BlogFinder, a search engine for blogs only.
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In one part it was Halloween and I was dressing up as some Greek Muse or something, with flowing diaphonous gowns and veils. I had a bunch of old white clothes, slips, scarves, etc., that I was playing around with and trying to fashion a costume out of. I had figured out something that fell off one shoulder, but was trying to adjust it from exposing any breasts. Then I was someplace (with the costume) and some people from high school were there, one a friend I had in high school and her husband (who I've never met), and another who was definitely not a friend. They were helping the one woman's husband adjust his costume. I didn't want to look because they were playing around with his pants and I didn't want to risk seeing something I wasn't meant to see. Then the "nonfriend" started to sprinkle some herbs or spices on me. They didn't smell all that great...I had no idea why she did that.

The other dreams was just really short. I was not in it, but simply an observer. There was a bus that pulled up to a street corner and a man in a motorized wheelchair got off the bus. At the corner was a woman who was waiting for him. After he got out off the bus, he saw her, and then he got up from his wheelchair and starts locomoting toward her, but because he couldn't walk, he falls in a big puddle of water in the gutter. She helps him out of the water and sort of scolds him about trying to do such a stunt. He looked like that obnoxious Tom Green guy.

That was pretty nutty.

I'm feeling better today, so I guess we can go out to eat sushi tonight after all!

Need to make a phone call to my former employer who also formerly used me to do contract freelance work. They called me yesterday about doing some artwork (that's a loose definition...more like technical illustrations in black and white) for some project, but I was too dead to pick up the phone and respond to them because I knew I'd sound incoherent. Remember my dream the other night when I was contracted by them to construct a vase? I just can't stop being psychic, it's scaring me! Anyway, I need to do the "thanks but no thanks" thing. I just don't feel like working for $15 an hour right now doing freelance illustration, you know? Talk about devaluing the market...

Now if they contacted me back in October, I may have been interested (or desparate enough), but not right now. I have a couple other projects, and my own projects I have not even been able to get to.
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Monday, February 12, 2001

It's our 13th anniversary. I'm sick. I don't know what's wrong, but I think I'm going back to bed or just vedge in front of the TV (daytime teevee...oh ugh). We weren't planning on doing anything, fortunately...we were going to go out tomorrow instead, cut the difference between today and VDay...kill two birds with one stone.

Anniversaries are stupid. They don't mean anything. So you turn another calendar year. Big deal. What's more significant about today than yesterday or last month or five years ago?

We actually legally, officially, justice of the peace "got married" on Friday, February 12th, 1988. Took the day off of work. Drove down to the courthouse. Met our parents there. I think our "getting married" meant more to them than to us, as we weren't into the old school traditions, so that's why we invited them to witness our marriage. Went back to work the following Monday. No honeymoon, nothing. After all, honeymoons are for the man, no? I don't mean the man as in the husband, I mean The Man, the Travel and Entertainment Industry. That Man. I didn't marry him.

So we officially celebrate "today" like it means something. But our history goes waaaaay back. It goes back to 1983 when we moved in together. It goes back to 1982 when we started seriously going out. It goes back to 1981 when we started hanging out with friends. It goes back to 1980 when we met in our Freshman 3D Design Class and didn't really like eachother or eachother's art.

Now comes the bizarre part. I will change the names here for the sake of protecting those who do need their identities kept secret, but the ideas and situations are identical. Stan and I actually go back to 1967 when I lived in Southeastern Massachusetts and first started noticing the opposite sex and made up my own imaginary boyfriend, a premonitory psychic connection. I named him "Davey." Davey had blond hair. Davey was Jewish. I wasn't. I told my mom about Davey and described him to her. "I don't think Davey is Jewish if he has blond hair," my mom naively said. Davey also had a twin sister,"Lori." Flash ahead about 14 years. I'm sitting in painting class in my Junior year in college noticing Stan. He has blond hair, yet he has what a friend and I referred to as a "New York Jewish Italian" look, but I knew that Stan was not from New York, he was from the Eastern Plains of Colorado. I was attracted to that look at that time. I started noticing Stan in ways other than just an artist friend. In a few years when we are going out, we get on the subject of adoption. Stan finds his adoption records and sees that his mother is half Italian, and his father is Jewish. Flash ahead about another decade and a half. We make contact with Stan's biological mom. Despite the fact that Stan was born in Colorado, we find out she is living only about 50-60 miles from where I lived in Southeastern Massachusetts. She was raised in New England. Her grandparents lived in New York...Brooklyn, I think. Stan has three half siblings. His half-sister, although about seven years younger, has a birthday only one day after Stan's birthday. Twins, in a way. Her name is "Loni." It's only a letter's difference from "Lori," the imaginary sister of my imaginary boyfriend when I was six. And one of "Loni's" brothers, Stan's half-brother, was indeed named "Davey." How weird is that?

So I ask you, am I psychic or what?
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Disturbing Dream: I had somehow severed the thumb on my left hand and the doctors had to remove the pinky and make it the thumb. My hand looked more mangled after they did that than it did after I severed my thumb. I know I also had short little vignette dreams, but IRL I was sick last night and can't remember them...it was all a blur.
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Sunday, February 11, 2001

I got a stupid slice of spam in my email today with the subject line: "A fathers with for his family." Huh? I puzzled over it a bit and realized it could be one of a couple things:

1. The sender is a moron
2. My email server lisps

People can't be that stupid...I think my server lisps, right?
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Dream: I was still at my former job, but also working as a freelancer. My employer set some sort of rule (sounds like something they'd do) that I couldn't work there and still be a freelancer, or at least I couldn't take their clients away (like as if) and I'd have to charge them at "cost." Just what is "cost" when you're a freelancer? Well, there was some client there who wanted me to create a vase or vessel or something (desktop publishing at its strangest) and I told him that although I normally charge $60/hour, I'd only charge him $10/hour. (Oh jeeeezus). I knew I'd be cutting my throat because it looked like a tough project. He was holding a beautiful vase, about 3 feet long, with turquoise and maroon glazes. He wanted me to duplicate it. I asked him if it needed to be made out of clay or what. He said yes, and I told him that I'd have to charge him on top of my hourly charge the cost of renting a pottery studio....like they have those things? Like renting a hall at the Elks Club for a reception? He said it was thrown pottery. Then I realized I was getting myself in way over my head because I could never master thrown pottery, not like I had much of an opportunity to learn. I think I finally got out of that deal.
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