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Thursday, February 22, 2001

We caught the squir-rel (pronounced the way George Costanza [Jason Alexander] pronounces it in the episode where he hits a squirrel with his automobile and it ends up having surgery and recovering in George's bed). Squir-rel! Not squirl.

Our house is hard to explain...it's old...93 years so, and has a history of remodels from previous owners which left strange passageways under floors and walls and stuff that cannot be accessed from other parts of the interior skin of the house. So this squirrel that gained access to the house through the eaves was unable to gain access to the attic where we placed the humane trap (graciously loaned to us by our neighbors). Go figure. We heard it gnawing on wood in the walls/upstairs floor, and Stan figured that in his sealing up of its entrance hole, he actually imprisonned the squirrel in this interior skin of the house (he was hoping the squirrel was out of the house when he sealed up the eaves). So what Stan did today (he's feeling better...I'm feeling worse) was place the trap outside on the roof that goes over part of the living room that can be accessed from my 2nd floor studio. That way, when Squirrel finally gnaws her way out of the house, she will see the trap waiting there with yummy treats inside. We are naturally assuming it's a female...and looking for a warm place to have her brood.

She was discovered in the trap early this evening. I poked my head out the window to look at her and laughed. Stan reprimanded me for laughing, and told me not to. He really fell for that squirrel. They are rather cute, like very furry rats. I used to have rats as pets...got really allergic to them. They were sweet, though. He and Tim (who was having his own crisis as his roommate broke the lock on his door and he couldn't enter his own condo) took her several miles out of town and released her. I didn't go with....I'm not well enough for that today. They told me when they came back to get tools and supplies to break into Tim's condo (Stan the Handy Man...he always lives up to that archetype) that she looked up at Stan with a worried look like, "Why are you doing this to me?" Poor squirrel. Stan told me she broke his heart.

I wonder if it was the same squirrel who built the nest in the chimney or the same one that came through the dryer vent on Labor Day 1999 causing a major crisis at home or the same one that was climbing on our bedroom window last summer going "chukchukchukchukchuk" and freaking out all the cats.

Bye Squir-rel. It's sad to uproot you from your home, but remember, as George said:

"We have NO deal!"
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I am so sick of life.

I just discovered a leak in the 13-year-old water bed, we have an obnoxious squirrel who's gotten into our roof/walls, but even though we set a trap for it in the attic with a yummy peanut butter treat, it's ignoring it and gnawing on the infrastructure of our house instead, we just spent $600 fixing the front end of our van (this is on top of the thousands we already spent on it this past year fixing this and that as it successively broke...too late to turn back and get rid of it because we've already invested so much...it's nearly a new car except for the body) and now there's still something causing it not work in the electric system, we're both sick with flu/cold and can't tend to fixing this stuff. What else is going to go wrong? I notice when friends are having problems, they always rub on us, like they want us to share in their misfortune. I'm going to stop feeling sorry for people. I'm like the guy in "Green Mile" who takes on other people's misery and pain. I'm sick of it...I can't take this anymore.
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Kind of in a quandry. Woke up this AM and nose is prety snuffly, runny, noisy, schnorky, but I don't feel as bad as I thought I would. Don't know whether if I should take a shower NOW... Don't want to aggravate it by getting chilled (also...how does one wash one's hair when one keeps having to blow one's nose?), but then if I start to get worse and worse, I won't want to shower at all later and then it'll be too late because then I'll be really stinky. Flu seems more like a cold, but Stan keeps telling me it'll get worse, but I don't know, wouldn't I have a sore throat already if that were the case?

See I was starting to come down with it the day before yesterday and I know I aggravated it by going out grocery shopping yesterday, but I couldn't send Stan out to do it because he was in worse shape than me (and had to go to the doctor to get an excuse to go back work...don't jobs have the most absurd rules?). I don't want it to progress anymore.

I just hate being sick. I hate being non-productive. I like having Stan around the house, but not when he's sick and stinky and noisy, and darn it, it's distracting and I can't get things done.
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When someone qualifies something of yours for being too much one way (let's say they think it's too "blue"), even though you thought you really played down the blue and made it really subtle or even non-existent, and there's no way to convince them it isn't "blue," and you even had it rejected from certain exclusive memberships because "blue" things weren't allowed, (even though other blue-ish colored things WERE in the membership rosters...go figure) the only option you have is to make it even bluer.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Ugh. I think I'm getting Stan's flu. No fun.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

And asparagus. Even if it does make your pee smell like rubber. Cream of asparagus soup doesn't though. Mmmmmm. Drooool. Been eating a lot of soup lately since Stan and I have been sick. Maybe I need to add a separate category for "favorite comfort food."
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How could I have forgotten Sonic Youth and "Killing Zoe?" D'oh!
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I *F*I*N*A*L*L*Y* added an "About Me" page (see right side bar). And I know I've forgotten something, but I can't remember what it is....
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Aaack, Bonni! You moved your original post on me! I linked to its former spot. Anyway...this is the post I referred to earlier that I can relate to so well.

Sometimes I've felt like splitting my blog up too...silly mundane stuff...dreams only...rants...lists of successfull voodoo curses I've inflicted on former professors...but then I think it's better I have it all in one spot. I can barely keep up with one blog (and a dawg blawg), let alone several.
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More new odd search requests:

cartoons human toilet

young gay gallery

"13 year old girl" sexy pics

picture of chesshire cat

nuked butts

odd search requests

"my fonts"

And on that last note (apologies to the Temptations):

I've got Dingbats
At The Dingbatcave.
And in my blog,
I use Trebuchet.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My fonts. (My fonts, my fonts)
Talkin' 'bout my fonts. (My fonts)
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My dreams lately have been really foggy and mixed up...I can't remember them too well after I've waken up. The dream I had earlier in the night: I was with Stan and I think maybe some other people. We were listening to a Patti Smith record, one of her first four albums, but I can't remember which one, but at the same time it seemed like we were listening to a Lou Reed record too...again, I can't remember which one. I was talking to Stan, asking him "which side" of the record he liked the best, (for those of you from the CD generation, vinyl records had two sides...you had to physically turn it over on the turntable to listen to the other side...it was part of the experience of listening and being physically involved with the act of listening to a record...ah, the good old days ["gee Ann, you must be ANCIENT!" Oh yeah, yeah, gimme my Geritol, dammit]) Anyway, back to the dream. Stan and I were discussing the record and music and trying to block out the other people we were with. I was purposely trying to alienate them because I knew they were not music lovers (or rock music lovers anyway) and didn't want to have to deal with the trifley conversation they would instill on us. I also remember someone was fixing hummus but they were putting sugar and pepperoni in it and I was really mad that they were ruining hummus that way. Now the dream I had later in the morning: I was with Stan and possibly Tim and we were trying to sneak into the old chemistry stockroom building on the CSU campus where my dad and I used to work. It was at night and the place was closed. We were able to sneak into some sort of sliding door while some other people were exiting...probably a professor, his wife and their 13-year old son. The boy looked at us and said "Yeccchhhh." Stan and I looked at eachother in bafflement, wondering what the heck his problem was. Then I shoved the boy up against a brick wall and told him, "Hey, mother****er, I'm old enough to be your mother, ****er." Wow, I can't believe I'd cuss like that in a dream. Kinda clever wording, as cussing goes, actually. I think I woke up after that.
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Wow, I relate so much to what Bonni is saying here.
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Sunday, February 18, 2001

Ha ha! Eyeblog search request: gunsmoke worst best kitty dillon
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I went back into Artmatic, got rid of the the other imagery in the boobie pic, and saved it out as an Artmatic 2.0 (Artmatic Pro) Preset. If you use Artmatic (and it is only made for Mac) and would like the preset, email me and I'll send it to you. Remember, this is a PRESET for Artmatic, a Mac-only program, not a graphic file, so it will not open up in Paint Shop Pro for Windows, OK?
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I just don't know why those New Hampshire teenagers killed those Dartmouth professors. I mean, they were just teens...not even in college. At least wait before you go to college and take courses with them....then maybe you'll have reason to want to commit heinous crimes against them. But at least wait and see. After all, there are a very few professors in this country who, unbelievably, are very nice people. And you wouldn't want to make a mistake by wiping them out of the professorial pool by accident. Heaven knows, the university system needs as many decent instructors as they can find.
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I was working in Artmatic today and happened to come up with this image by accident. As I've mentioned before, Artmatic generates random abstract images according to advanced mathematical and fractal formulae. Sometimes you can get a "giraffe in the clouds" type image that resembles something in reality, but it's fairly rare. You can manipulate the various controls to alter and change your image to accentuate certain effects, but it's not like you can just create a nude freehand (or freemouse) as you could in Photoshop. I manipulated nothing to get this. It just appeared as a random mutation. I was in a fairly sad mood due to some things I won't get into, but this really made me giggle. Now all you pervies who've searched for Katherine Harris's breasts and various and sundry nude whatevers, eat your heart out. Remember...no humans were defrocked to get this boobie.

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