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Saturday, March 03, 2001

Weird, weird, Siamese Dreams. Was at some restaurant in a downtown area of a large city with some people that I didn't know, but I was eating with them anyway. I don't know who they were, but Courtney Love was there on the 2nd floor of the restaurant giving some theatrical performance (not figuratively, literally...like she was in a play). Then there was this blue-beaded necklace that was one of Courtney's props was draping down from the 2nd floor...hard to explain, but the 2nd floor could sort of be seen from the first floor, and the people I was with said that Courtney was upset about something. Then she came down and she was complaining about something or other, and I gave her the necklace, but it was broken. Then the people I was with walked out of the restaurant, leaving me to pay the bill. Then Stan and I were at a beach like the one we stopped at up on the northern shore of Lake Michigan. I was walking around there by myself, and I had gone rather far and was wondering if I could find my way back to the car. I headed back to get my digital camera, and then there were these firemen coming in from the lake. Again, it was hard to explain. I found my way back to Stan and his Colorado mother was there. It was more like we were living there or something. I got my digital camera and headed back to walk down the beach. I had a Smashing Pumpkins CD and it came packaged in a strange long package (not CD-shaped) and it also came with a free promotional little superball, about 1" round with see-through rubber, encased inside was a mini replica of Billy Corgan's head...except it didn't really look like Billy...it had a full head of red hair. I know...I can't stop laughing either. But what made it funnier was that it came with a bonus superball of Donald Duck's head. Yup....that dream was the weirdest...dream I've ever had.
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Friday, March 02, 2001

Remembered two more...Lady Diana (looked more like her 2 decades ago...we're almost birthday twins...she was born July 1 and I was born June 30, same year) and Sarah Ferguson (look more like her now).

Speaking of losing weight (cough), I recall more of my dream last night...I was looking at myself somehow, like I was another person, and noticed that my thighs aren't as fat as I thought they were. Must be nice. I did have a stupid haircut though...short blonde and curly. Ick.
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Why does TeeVeeland have to have the Gunsmoke Marathon on a weekend when I have to go out of town for a day? They should've had it last week when Stan and I were sick on our backs. Pooey. I guess I'll have to watch as much of it as I can on Sunday...I still need to recover. I went to the post office today and thought I was going to keel over from standing in line. This flu has made me really dizzy and spacey and sleepy and tired. I sure hope the people behind me didn't think I had a hangover, the way I was sitting on the floor and supporting myself against tables and swaying and holding my head in my hands. I hate it when people think you're on drugs when you're not. I'm not even on medication...unless you count Nuprin. Oddly enough...I've had no sore throat. Usually I have a bad one. I'm wondering if I've had so many sore throats in my day that I've finally lost all sensation in my tonsils. Stan had a bad sore throat with this flu and was sure I'd get it too. It's so odd that I didn't. I'm glad...I think on top of all the other symptoms a sore throat would've put me over the edge.

A weird thing at the post office...there's a guy who works there that's usually there when we go...I think he knows me as the person who sends CD packages to foreign countries...he's rather fun and entertaining and not at all Newman-like (if Newman is supposed to be a stereotype of a postal worker)...said he grew up on the same street we live on...right across the street catty-corner. How weird...I think I spoke to his mom once. He also said I look a LOT like his sister. I don't remember seeing anyone around my age visiting there who looked like me, but then again, I didn't really notice. That reminded me of the time Stan and I went to the psychic faire about 15 years ago (the time I got the bimbo who totally had me pegged as someone I wasn't...I think she was a psychic school drop out). Stan, however, got a good psychic who was much more accurate with his reading, although I've now forgotten what his reading was about. But she told Stan she was a little taken aback when we came in the door because I looked like her dead niece or daughter...forgot which. Weird. Considering that I have absolutely no relatives (both my parents were only children and so am I and the distant relatives are all in Europe or non-existent or really really really far removed), I sure end up looking like a lot of people to other people.

Heh...I decided to make up a list a while back of all the (famous) people I've been told I look like. Here goes:

Courtney Love
Diane Keaton
Both women from Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie)
Chrissie Hynde (A brunette??!? I don't think so, but people have said I do...go figure)
Kat Bjelland (Babes in Toyland)
Cousin It (The Addams Family)
Sheryl Lee (Twin Peaks)
Larraine Newman (original Saturday Night Live...before she got her nose job)
Natasha Richardson
Gillian Anderson (X-Files)
Gwynneth Paltrow (nice compliment, but again, I don't think so)
Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

OK, and just to be fair, here's Stan's list:

Brian Eno
Michail Barishynykov (sp?)
Uncle Fester (aw, we both look like characters in The Addams Family, ain't that sweet)
The blond "Man from Uncle" Guy (forgot his name...didn't watch the show)
Malcolm McDowell (as Alex from A Clockwork Orange)
Both Budgie and Steve Severin from Siouxsie and The Banshees
Captain Sensible (The Damned)
Ozzie Ozborn
Riff Raff (Rocky Horror)
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Bizarre buncha dreams: I had to take a take-home-test or something for a college class, but I didn't have the materials with me for some reason, so there were a bunch of people who were helping me out by transcribing the questions for me by hand. I was waiting for them to do it, and asked when it had to be turned in. They said "The first thing Monday Morning." I panicked because I didn't know how I'd get it done in time since Stan and I (in reality) had to go out of town on Saturday. I asked them if I could start working on the questions while they transcribe them. Naturally, I didn't know the subject matter either, and felt I'd have to BS my way through them. Stan and I were sitting on a park bench or something on campus and he was helping me, probably with those test questions, and a woman (dark hair, olive skin, wrinkled, maybe 50's-ish) came along who we both recognized. I thought I knew her from some art class in my past, but wasn't sure, but somehow she knew Stan. Then she started sweet-talking him and telling him she needed help with something and if he could help her. I could tell she was a Disney Witch and didn't want Stan to get involved in her dilemna. Stan said if he wasn't back by 10 til the hour, to come get him because he had to go to class. But we had a bunch of stuff layed out on the picnic table, and I didn't want to leave it there to go get him, and there was too much stuff to carry myself. So I literally yelled (and yelled out in my sleep too) "I can't carry all this stuff!" (I wonder if Stan remembers me doing this?). I also remember riding a bicycle on the snowy roads around Park and Johnson Street and slipping and nearly falling off the bike. Also remember my teeth looked different...lots of gaps between them....freaky.
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Thursday, March 01, 2001

I am a firm believer in history repeating itself in various permutations. I'm constantly looking for analogies and repeating motifs from the past that can explain or at least poetically mirror the present. Others and myself have referred to the WWW (World Wide Web) in terms of the Wild Wild West....snake oil salesmen...the goldrush...prospectors...pioneers...the new frontier. My original site on GeoShitties was entitled "Ann-S-Thesia's Aesthetic Pharmacy and Visual Art Emporium" done in Old West Fonts in a Victorian Style. And of course I've always identified with the Clint Eastwood characters of The Stranger. I've also looked back to the recent past, namely, rock and roll history, of explaining current trends of art, music, etc. It's hard sometimes to identify a precise point in history that symbolizes current trends, but at one point I thought that perhaps Windows 95 was Elvis and the iMac was The Beatles. Then suddenly it hit me, what with the dot com death knell and all...this is very much like the very late 50s, early 60s, when Elvis was drafted, The Day The Music Died (Buddy Holly et al were killed in the plane crash), and the Payola Scandal. Haven't even hit The British Invasion yet, metaphorically speaking. We're still in for a few years of suck. The year I was born was prolly the suckiest year in music. Glad I was too young to hear it.
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Whoah...weird dreams. I was somehow abducted by a yuppie family that lived up north. I don't know how they got ahold of me, and I wasn't really there against my will, but I didn't know how I got there or why, or where they found me. Evidentally it was someone who knew who I was from the internet and wanted to invite me for a weekend at their cottage. But this is what I remember: I'm all of a sudden at their house, looking at this woman who's maybe 5-10 years younger than me with her two daughters lounging on her bed. It's an older house, but for some reason it reminds me of my grandmother's bungalow in Racine (although it only reminded me of it in my dream...it really didn't look like it). She's telling me that she's glad I'm coming to have dinner with them. I'm wondering, "Did I accept a dinner invitation? I don't remember this. Who ARE these people?" I'm walking around her house telling her how much it looks like my grandmother's house. I also ask her where her other children are because I thought she had five. (?) She says the other kids are her husand's kids. (Again... ???) Some other people enter the house and they stare at me. I'm trying to ignore them, because I don't know who they are or what they want. She introduces us and I smile politely but reluctantly. Then her husband comes home and mentions something about going out on the lake after dinner. I then realize this will probably be a weekend affair, not just dinner. I'm also worried about going out on the lake on the boat, after all, I don't know these people, people with private boats are not in my social strata, and I'm just worried what they're up to and why they want me there. I notice that she has some wildlife in her house, mainly a wild mouse and a chipmunk. They seem friendly and I pet them. As we converse, I realize we have absolutely nothing in common. Not only that, I realized I'm there with nothing but the clothes on my back and nothing else. And I'm supposed to stay the night? I need my contact lens equipment...personal toiletries...I need a coat if we're going outside...I'm just getting over the flu! I tell them that I need to go into town to get something to put my contacts into at night. They say that's OK and they're willing to take me. The town looks like Fon du Lac downtown or something similar. Somehow Stan is there and it's like he rescues me from them, but I'm afraid of being rude by not letting them know that I won't be attending their dinner. I remember Stan and I are driving around in circles in downtown Fon du Lac (how bizarre), but it's a very surreal driving sensation...it's like he's going to crash, but he never does. Then the other part of the dream has me with a very large aquarium with a snake in the middle of the room. All of my other pets are there, but as soon as I tell them there's a snake in the aquarium, they get really interested in it and start swarming around it like they want to attack it. I then realized this is a problem. Somehow these other little animals escape from the cage, a little mouse and a little gecko/frog/lizard/salamander type thing. I'm trying to stop my pets from catching them, but I have to leave the room. When I come back, I see that either Persephone or Caligula is eating the mouse. I wonder if it was the same mouse from my other dream. I feel really bad. Then Plato got the gecko-type-thing in his mouth and I'm chasing him down so that he won't eat it.
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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

I've gotten in a bad habit during this extremely unusually cold winter of snuggling with Plato on the couch in front of the teevee at night with the iBook and covering myself with blankets because it's too darn cold. I vedge out and watch The Andy Griffith Show on TeeVeeland. That's disturbing enough in and of itself. But the other night Stan and I watched a biography on Mick Jagger on TLC. Mick is not one of my favorite rock stars, but I watched it just for old time's sake or nostalgia or whatever. I used to think he was really sexy when I was about 16. I remember checking out magazines from my high school's library of old rock and roll pictures from the early 70s...there was this one of Mick wearing some sort of...oh never mind I'm not going to describe it, it was just very stimulating to a 16-year-old girl. I even semi-dated a classmate because he totally looked like a young Mick Jagger. I mean TOTALLY. Not just resembled. LOOKED LIKE. (Although he himself was so very clueless about anything in popular culture). So anyway (I know, it's taking me a long time to get to my point...I'm still flu-bound and thought processes are a bit slow), there's was this movie Mick Jagger made a few years ago called "Bent" or something...I didn't see it, but a snippet of it was shown in this biography. Mick was playing the role of an aged drag queen, and damn, if he didn't look exactly like Barney Fife (Don Knotts). I mean, it was SCARY. It was very very disturbing. What adds another dimension of disturbiality (um, I think I just made up a word) to this whole thing is that Barney Fife has always reminded me of my dad. A less bald version of my dad. So, if my dad and Mick Jagger had a kid, would it look like Barney Fife? This is just waaaaay to disturbing to think about.

OK, just for the record, I really look nothing like my dad. (At times I thought I was adopted because of this). I'm shorter, blonder, have a helluva lot more hair, plumper, friendlier, bubblier--yet lower key at the same time, wear a lot more black and cuss a lot more (my Dad is like the only man on earth who doesn't cuss....it's weird). Actually we have nothing in common except that we both like to garden and like cactii and cats. That's about the only things we have in common. Yup. Not a thing like my dad. I look nothing like Mick Jagger or Don Knotts either, thank goodness. But you know...Plato sort of does...

Our new Governor, Scott McCallum (sp?) bears a likeness to Jeffrey Dahmer. Another disturbing look-alike thing.

I think people remind me of people too much.

Actually, sometimes it is a good thing. It has served as a good warning at times.
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I love BBEdit. I'm finding out so many cool things about it that I didn't think a text editor could do. I'm also drooling over the new flower power iMac. Of course I don't need an iMac...I need a little higher end than that/larger monitor for desktop work. But if they make their new G4s or a new Cube with that coloration...I'm getting it, regardless if I have a place to put it or not. Still gotta get the bedroom moved downstairs....furniture shuffling stuff before I can get a new system.
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Warning: Extreme Cuss Post:

Words cannot express my anger/disbelief/sorrow at the closing of Makambo. They said they are successful. I cannot understand this mentality to kill a successful business.

To quote: "Although the Makambo font marketplace has been a successful venture, it does not fit into our core business strategy and no longer justifies the resources we have devoted to it."

Core business strategy?

I guess that translates to: "We don't give a damn about fonts, we were only in it for the money, and because fonts don't sell as well as we projected they would, we're terminating our website, even though it could still be lucrative, but just not as lucrative as we projected it would be."

Damnit, I wish the whole overblown dot com investor capital crap would just anihilate itself so that it would leave those people who are truly committed to an idea and product, not because they think it'll provide stock growth for investors, but because they BELIEVE in it.

Private companies. Individuals. Entrepreneurs.

There are people who do what they do because they love it. I am one of them. I am not a public entity. I am totally private, and self-financed. No one gave me venture capital, let alone a LOAN to start my business. I charged it all on credit cards which I paid off two-three years later.

I will be here a long time after the dot coms are ash in the ground, despite the fact I will lose royalties due to Makambo's demise.

I am not beholden to anyone.

Going public is just a death knell. If you can't make it as a private business, then don't think so damn big. Think smaller and work it as a hobby instead. And if it's not worth the love of a hobby, then don' do it at all and do something else instead. Everyone wants a great big fat penis. Number One. Big penis, big balls, small brain, micro heart. Don't give a damn if the biz isn't around in two years, as long as you get the venture capital now to get your big gas-guzzling dickmobile and your penisphone.

I once worked for a dumbass company back in Colorado, typing labels to put on boxes of dumbjunk. Once they went public, we all knew it was the beginning of the end. It was pathetic. I was the first to get terminated...don't know exactly what that meant as they told me "You are not being fired. You are being terminated." I took it personally, but soon everyone got terminated. Some even got fired.

Sorry...I'm just so pissed right now, and I am so sick of business-culture and their attitude of squashing all the little people in their wake.

It could be worse...instead of losing the royalty checks I get from Makambo which is like the equivalent of a weekend moonlighting job, I could be layed of. I've heard from people who've had that happen...get a great job with in new-technology related field and then get layed off several months later. It makes me sick when I hear these stories. All because someone was overly greedy from the start, thought too big, couldn't please their investors.

I hope all these snake oil salesmen get the hell out of Dodge. Just go away now...go...bye bye now. We're sick of you.
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Can't remember my dream too much last night, but it had something to do with Iggy Pop. But can't remember what happened.

My Search Me!!! directory is growing by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon I'll have to make a page for each letter of the alphabet. Scary.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2001

I started my own ring for lack of anything else out there like it: Screen Dream. It's a ring for dreams, or, more accurately, the people who write them down. Night dreams. Nightmares. Bizarre dreams. Mundane dreams that occurr when you're asleep. Not for daydreams or fantasies...this is the real nocturnal Freudian/Jungian stuff, baby!
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Re: my previous post: I did like Victor Victoria, however, since it was about a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman because sometimes I think I am one.
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Stan and I were really sick on Saturday and didn't want to do anything except rest and recover from our flus. There wasn't much on teevee, and when you're not feeling well you don't want to watch movies you really like because you'll associate the sick feeling with them and vice-a-versa. Mary Poppins happened to be on the local Fox channel, so we watched it. How surreal. Neither of us had seen it since childhood and we forgot how bad the animation was in it. (And Dick Van Dyke's immitation Cockney accent) Despite the fact I don't like Disney, at least they usually have better quality animation than what was offered in MP. Also what was really odd is that I remember as a child watching the "Spoonful of Sugar" sequence and actually seeing the liquid medicine in the spoons change color...like green and red and orange...according to the taste of the conjured flavour. It didn't happen. It was all in my mind back then. How odd the power of suggestion is to a child (that could be an opening for a whole political topic of false memory syndrome, but it won't be.) Last night I was telling Stan that now I have that "Let's Go Fly a Kite" song stuck in my head. He told me "Feed the Birds" was stuck in his. How absolutely annoying. The same thing happened after we watched "The Sound of Music." Please deliver me from Julie Andrews musicals.
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Have a creative block coming up with a title or creative name? Try the Creative Name Generator.
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Dream: I was inbetween classes back at CSU. I was hanging out at the art building there around lunch time, going to and from various old painting studios that I had. One of the professors there was actually one of my professors from grad school at UW. I was sort of freaked out by this (being that he's sort of a nemesis), but I told one of the people there that I wanted to see him. He was supposedly teaching in the painting studio where Stan and I had Figure Painting back in 1982. I went in there and he was there with a demonic-looking mustache that was sort of curled at the edges, but not like Dali's....his was more turned downward. I was expecting him to look a lot older than he did, and was surprised that he didn't.
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