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Saturday, March 10, 2001

Last night Stan and I went to a new pet store in south Monona. There was a rabbit there that I petted. I've never petted a rabbit before, believe it or not. I've had this craving lately to touch and hold animals that I've never had the opportunity to before...must be a 2nd childhood thing. Before I die I'd like to hold a rabbit. There was a sweet little lovebird that had escaped from its cage and Stan caught it and put it back in. I've always wanted to hold a bird too, and wished I could have caught it instead of Stan. I've known people who've had birds, but their birds just didn't seem to like me...I don't know why....maybe it's because they know I'm a catperson. We bought the cutest little cat toy...a spheroid with clear flourescent colored plastic with a little bird hanging from the top, rattle balls that made noise, and a compartment in the base where you stash catnip ("you put your weed in there"). It was just so charming, and it wasn't cheap for a cat toy...about $5. Naturally, when we brought it home the cats could care less about it. I guess it's a people toy now.
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Can't remember too much of the dream, but I do recall that I was sitting in the back of the Monza (in the hatch-back area) with a bunch of pets and the hatch open--I specifically remember Plato. The car was moving, and I was afraid the pets would jump out of the back of the car.
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Friday, March 09, 2001

This is what happens when you go to bed early because you're tired and the local station is running some stupid regional girl's basketball game instead of the local news and the syndicated Seinfeld rerun afterwards, which you usually watch instead--you DREAM that you're IN a Seinfeld skit...warped and twisted, of course: I was sitting in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment, but it was a lot darker in color. There were a bunch of other people there, and Kramer had just gotten out of the shower and was talking to everyone in the room wearing nothing but a towel. He kept moving so the towel would gape open, and Jerry would say, "OK, Kramer, that's enough...go back to your shower." Then Kramer started joking around with me and his towel was opening up so only *I* would get a glimpse and I kept closing and shielding my eyes because that was part of the skit and I truly honestly didn't want to see Kramer in the all together. This was all happening while I was trying to come up with some sort of rock and roll album cover for some made up band and I was using such traditional methods like cut and paste. I was showing it to either a graphic design instructor or someone from my former job, and they were critiquing it and I was apologizing to them that I wasn't good at traditional lettering. Then I suddenly got the brainstorm...'hey, why don't I do this on the COMPUTER and then print that out at work (I still worked there?)? Then I was standing around some lockers that were on the Seinfeld set and Elaine was singing some stupid song...like "Seinfeld, The Musical" or something. Then, back at Jerry's apartment, I was joking with some guy and I can't remember whether it was George or Stan (yes, my Stan...will he ever forgive me if I can't remember if it was him or George Costanza in my dream?). I had a jar that had a drink in it that was a mix of water and herbs and spices. Some of the spices were about 1/8" round and dark colored and they sort of looked like caterpillar droppings, so I was joking with this George/Stan guy that "Look, I'm drinking caterpillar droppings!" I start shoving the jar in his face playfully, and we tumble to the floor on top of eachother.

Yikes. And I didn't even take painkillers last night. That about ties with the 'Billy Corgan's Head' dream for the top spot in the "Weird Dreams with Famous People" category.

Now how am I going to get Kramer's ding dong out of my head for the rest of the day? It's funny, but it's not.
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Thursday, March 08, 2001

Oh geez. Stuff for the Balm Museum at The Funky Playground. Kinda expensive though, and my preferred method of delivery is the hard tube (ala the original Chapstick). But those flavors sure look delicious...and unusual! I received notice of this through email...the only time I've received an advertisement through email that's actually been targeted correctly. How sick I am of receiving Viagra and Windows-based products ads. Can't someone get a clue? All the crap I fill out surely must tell marketers that I neither need viagra nor junk for my non-existent Windows-box.
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Yesterday as I was getting out of the car in a parking lot, I twisted my ankle. I was a good athlete and walked it off, but it hurt like hell last night and was rather swollen. It's not so bad today, but it's hard to descend stairs. I'm wondering how I am going to carry Hieronymus down the stairs tomorrow morning (we won't let him climb stairs since he fell down them in September). Maybe he'll have to sleep downstairs tonight, or maybe Stan will have to carry him down for me before he leaves for work.

It's just been one thing after another lately, and we're keeping the over-the-counter painkiller manufacturers from going broke. If I don't have the flu, I have cramps, and if I don't have cramps, I've tripped and screwed up my ankle or something. Popping Nuprin and Tylenol like candy. In the past 9 months I've killed myself walking three times. The first time was in early summer or late spring. Stan was leaving to go do an errand and I ran after him to tell him not to forget something, and as I was ascending the concrete slope in back, I stepped on a rock or something, and charlie horsed my right leg something awful. I was in intense, I mean intense, pain. I just stood there, mouth agape and motionless, staring at Stan in the car with utter shock on my face. He realized I did something stupid, and got out of the car and picked me up off my feet. For the rest of that day and part of the next, I literally couldn't put any weight on that leg at all, and had to go up and down our stairs on my butt. Then in the fall, I was walking along our garden path with flagstones, and stepped funny on a stone with my left foot (same foot that I bungered up yesterday), fell against the edge of a flagstone and somehow burst a blood vessel on the top of my foot. I was a bit freaked out as it started to get all swollen and blue. It didn't hurt as badly as it looked...it was more of a mental freak than anything. I called "Dean On-Call," our HMO's 24-hour hotline and explained to the on-duty nurse what my problem was and to see if I needed to get to an emergency room--I didn't know if I'd broken a footbone or not. She told me not to take aspirin or Nuprin for the pain, but to take Tylenol. I had no Tylenol...just baby asprin (which we'd been giving the Pug for his problem) and Nuprin, which I take every month for my obnoxious cramps. I couldn't go buy any and I forgot why...it could've been because we only had one working car and Stan was at work, or maybe because I was in too much pain. So I took Nuprin anyway, and hoped it wouldn't adversely affect me.

I don't know why I've been such a clutz lately. I've noticed that in the early spring I always have a series of events where I strain my ankle by stepping funny and twisting the side of my foot, but it doesn't last that long. Except what I did yesterday. This will take a while to heal. Sometimes I think that being flat-footed would be an advantage. Stan has flat feet. Never see him trip. I have really high arches, and I swear this is the reason why I step funny. I only have a small area of foot that touches the ground...my metatarsels (sp?), my heel, and the outer edge of the foot. If I had flatter feet, there'd be more of an area to land on and to balance myself on. Stan said it happened because I was wearing high heels instead of my Converse All Stars. I don't know...the heels weren't what one would call "high." They were just regular black faux-leather shoes...nothing fancy, with about a 1/2" platform and a 1-1/4" heel. That's not high. It's seems I'm more careful with "high" heels. But these were probably just high enough to screw up my ability to walk normally, but flat enough to make me think I wasn't wearing high heels....make sense? I'm thinking that if I ever want to do myself in, I'll wear really high heels, then when I step funny I won't just trip...I'll fall, breaking my neck or something. I think this has actually happened to people, especially back in the 70s with platform shoes and all. I guess that would be an appropriate way for me to die.
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Weird mixed up dream with me having to go to some school's administrative office to obtain records of my vaccinations, and it was all in code and I couldn't figure it out.

I also remembered last night when I saw Tim that in my dream yesterday I was smoking cigarettes. Weird.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Now that we're halfway through this semester's course, a refresher, of sorts, before the midterms:

Please remember to submit your pictures to the Annie Warhol Gallery. See the left sidebar for more details. You don't want to be the blogger who didn't participate, do you? What will your kids say in 20 years? "You mean you didn't submit your face to be AnnieWarholized? Why not?" Don't be the one left out of the school yearbook.

I have started a webring for dreamers. This is for extra credit.

There is an About Me page in case you're curious about your instructor.

"Search Me!!!" has been updated. This won't be a large portion of the exam, but it's fun reading nonetheless.

In case you are having problems coming up with a topic for your project that is due at the end of the semester, please feel free to utilize my "Creative Name Generator."

Something that we didn't have time to cover in Current Events class last semester was "Sponsorship of Presidential Elections." You can find out who sponsored Eyeblog during the 2000 election here.

Class Dismissed.
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I can't remember the dream too clearly, but I think I was hanging out with Tim and helping him with something...moving? laundry? I remember the setting was like that of our house on Grant Street in Fort Collins. Stan was still at work, and I asked Tim if he wanted to get together with us later that night when Stan got off of work. He said he was going to a party. Then he got a phone call and then asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him now. I told him that I still didn't feel too well after the flu, and didn't want to stay out too late. Then it was like I was home (still same setting though) and there was a huge pile of clothes in the middle of the living room. Stan came home from work and he tried calling Tim to see if we were getting together that night, but Tim said the plans fell through.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2001

For the last several days I've been working on an excruciatingly difficult task of spreadsheeting/databasing some of my selected dingbats so that I can be included on a font site. I just hate this kind of work...it is painful, not to mention the fact that I really don't know Applework's spreadsheet program as well as I do...oh, Photoshop or something. Not that it's hard...I mean it's not (shudder) Word or anything. It's just not much fun, and I keep having to look up how to do things. I got the bug suddenly out of the blue yesterday to redesign the navigational part of Ann-S-Thesia, so I did. Stopped everything else that was more important and worked on a design straight through for 24 hours except for sleeping and watching teevee at night. It's done, and I love it.

I'm really needing to listen to the first two solo Eno albums [yet again], but Stan has those in the car. I'm going nuts. Need Eno now. Notice I still call them "albums" instead of "CDs." So call me old, see if I care.

This spring seems weird. Usually I start to get my annual spring depression around now (most people get depressed in the fall...I get depressed in the spring), but I don't feel a thing. Yes, I'm anxious and pissed about Makmabo closing, not to mention scared sh*tless about being able to survive, but that's different. And with the news events yesterday, it almost seemed like April, (weird things always happen in April) smack dab in the middle of spring depressionville. Maybe it's because the country still thinks it's winter. Still feels like January around here, anyway.
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Monday, March 05, 2001

Ah, now the Mz Kitty name makes perfect sense! :D Would love to see that pic, Kitty!
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Can't remember the dream except for snippets. I remember Stan and I were buying some roofing material to put over some flat surface. I remember my grandmother was in the dream, and we were walking around the north-east side of our house, Hieronymus was running around there, and I remember our neighbor on that side, Cliffe, was outside there too. That's it. Pretty mundane, huh, compared to the Smashing Pumpkins dream.
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Sunday, March 04, 2001

Dream was sort of hard to remember: I remember being around the Garfield/Lemay area in Fort Collins and riding a bike over some curbs late at night in the cold and snow. Then there was a bus and Stan was on it and he asked me if I wanted to get on (duh), but I entered through the back of the bus...it was small, almost more like a stationwagon. There were other people on it...a guy that looked like Jimi Hendrix (not Jimi, just a guy that looked like him), a young mother and her toddler, some other random women some of whom looked sort of dykey. I think Matt and Jay (Tim's soon-to-be-former-roommate and Tim's soon-to-be-roommate, respectively) were on it because I remember them later in the dream. Stan was sitting up toward the front, but I couldn't sit by him because some other woman (Paula Kolb maybe [another Tim former-roommate]?) was sitting next to him. Then we got off the bus, and I forgot where we went, but I remember a parking lot and the young mother with the toddler walking around it, the toddler getting underfoot and annoying me. It's still late at night. Then Stan, Matt and I get back on the bus and hijack it...Stan's driving...without the other people. We start talking about how glad we are to get rid of the other people because they were really annoying, especially the women who were preventing me from sitting next to Stan. Stan does regret leaving the Jimi guy behind because he says he knew him from work and they were going to "play" together. Matt and I laugh and ask him what he means by that, and he explains that it has something to do with studying eastern philosophy or something. Then I remember Matt hands me a bunch of silverwear and I keep dropping it and losing my balance like I have no control over my motions. I also remember Jay is running after the bus trying to catch up to it, but we leave him behind.

I'm not one to analyze dreams, but I hope this doesn't bode poorly for Tim's new roommate situation. Geez.

I had so much fun yesterday just taking a trip to Kenosha with Stan to deliver some art. It's amazing how after you're sick just a simple day trip can be an amazing spirit booster. The day was beautiful and warm. We listened to a bunch of Roxy Music, Eno and the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, obviously repeating several songs over the course of the day. Discovered the Roxy compilation CD I got Stan for VDay/Anniversary had the most gorgeous picture of Eno in it that I cannot get out of my mind. Then at about 8 last night an hour or so after we got home, I just collapsed. Eyes started getting blurry and had no energy. Went to bed. I forgot that I was still recovering from/had the flu. I don't feel as great today, and Stan is at work. I think I'll just go watch Gunsmoke and vedge. I have so much to do though.
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