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Saturday, April 28, 2001

I know that tornado season has arrived when I start dreaming about them: I was at my parent's house with Stan and Tim. It was raining really hard. I looked out the window to see what the weather was doing, and the rain was subsiding, but weird things were happening in the sky. A giant pocket or bubble on the horizon grew larger and rose into the atmosphere, then exploded with more rain. Then there were these strange shapes forming on the horizon, some shapes similar to the things I produced with Artmatic. I told Stan to go outside and take a picture, but he was grumpy and didn't want to. Then I could see tornado-like structures forming high in the sky, but they almost seemed like jet trails...like a cross between jet trails and tornados. The sky was starting to clear and the sun started to come out, but weird things kept happening nonetheless. There was a strange dust devil forming in my parent's backyard, which now seemed to expand a far ways depth-wise, far beyond that of a small post-war ranch-house lot in the city of Fort C. The dust devil was not grey, but black, and it appeared to be made of ostrich plummage (didn't I dream about ostrich plummage recently in another context?) or that marabou fluff that feather boas are made of. The dust devil was heading north, and it seemed to join up with a more tornado-like structure that was right on the northwest side of the house. Its tail was touching the ground, but it hadn't gotten enough momentum yet to be any threat. It was just hovering over the ground slowly, heading sort of south-east. I went outside to take a look at it. There was a weird satellite-dish type instrument that was following it, rolling away on the ground like some robot...I assumed it was some doppler device a local weather bureau or TV station had sent out to track it. Then I hear a weird noise and look up in the air. I see a huge turtle, like house-sized, falling from the sky. I didn't know how large it was and was afraid it could smash the entire city. Then it smashes down on the house two doors down from my parents, levelling it to the ground. I was glad it missed us, and slightly amused it smashed their house (they had a daughter my age, also an only child, but she was in the miss priss popular group...never spoke to me, married younger than me...don't think she graduated from college, had a large brood of kids--ultimate soccer mom, stayed close to them in Ft. C, buying their first house not far from theirs, and whenever Stan and I go to visit my parents [which is rare], her father stares at us like we're pariahs.) I think I dreamt of large turtles falling from the sky once before, but can't remember for sure.

But wait, there's more dream! Stan, Tim and I went into a store which sold used stuff. They had a large area devoted to music, so I went there and found some old used LPs. It wasn't the usual selection of the usual crap LPs that used stores usually offer, these were fairly decent. I found one record that I started playing that sounded sort of 90s alternative. The store had a place where you could sit and look at the records, like a big daybed. We sat down. I looked at the cover, and saw there was music on it by The Cramps, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the B52s (I never much cared for them). I thought it odd that it would sound 90s because the title of the record was "50s and 60s music by 70s and 80s groups." (why it included Siouxsie is beyond me, since they never were into that retro thing, but after all, it's just a dream). There was also another record there that looked interesting...the cover opened up into a weird shopping bag. I liked it for its novelty. I asked Stan if we could please get the records, and he asked what we would play it on, being that we don't really have a turntable anymore. I told him I didn't know, but kept asking him, like a kid in a candy store, "Can we please get these?" He kept responding, "What will we play them on?"
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Friday, April 27, 2001

Waaay too tired today. Stayed up until 1 am researching this project I'm working on. I had a weird dream last night with Festus (from Gunsmoke). I can't remember what happened, but someone was explaining something to a bunch of people, and Festus was in the audience listening. The person talking was cussing, and I remember Festus saying something like (in his Festus voice) "Hey there Mister, don't ya think you shouldn't talk about that in those words?" Heh. Sometimes my dreams are getting quite humorous.

I got a couple paintings in a juried show at Gallery 110 in Plymouth where I had the solo show a year ago. Two metal leaf/mixed media works. They rejected the digital image. But I'm glad I got two works in anyway. I got a prospectus the other day for a juried show that specifically said "no computer work." I promptly threw it away, as it was out of state and I would have to ship and my paintings are way too heavy, whereas my computer images are smaller and lighter. Geez. Sometimes I wish the traditional media art contingent would just get its head out of its ass. Some of the worst sites I've seen have been designed by *traditional* artists who have not been able to cross over into digital media as well.

I've been working on this project so hard (designing corporate sets for a web development site in England), pretty soon I'll start dreaming about corporate clip art of money and stiffs in ties at computers with secretaries in plastic hair. Not that I'd necessarily rather dream about Festus, but at least it's amusing. And ironically, a helluva lot more "real."
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Thursday, April 26, 2001

I'm feeling a little "Sucker"-ish regarding my previous post, i.e., got in over my head, underbid. Well, at least they'll use me. What's weird about doing business overseas is that when you get up in the morning to answer your email, they're getting ready to leave for the day. I'm really glad I got the bid, but at the same time I'm on a roll learning Flash, and I'll have to put that on hold for a while because there's a really short deadline on this job. That's always my luck! You know, my philosophy is during slow times, pick up a new program and try to learn it. It's guaranteed that'll get the jobs rolling in.

Noticed that the Psychedellic Furs were playing at the Barrymore last night as we drove by. Kind of a weird feeling. I would've died to see them back in 1982, but I don't think they ever came to the Front Range back then. Now they're at the Barrymore, practically in my backyard (we're a couple blocks from The Barrymore). I almost felt a dutiful obligation to say, "forget everything, let's go," but my contact lenses were killing me, and we were with Tim and both he and Stan have to get up for early-ish jobs (Stan especially). By the time we got primped, the show would've already started. And would we know any of their new material? No. I feel a little regretful about it. Maybe had we known that they were playing we would've made arrangements, but we didn't see them on the marquee until the night of the show. Weird. And since we don't read any of Madison's crappy print rags, well, we're just sort of out of it and misinformed on the things that don't seem to matter as much as they used to. Well, we did get to see the Cramps at the Barrymore back in 1994. There were these little teenyboys sitting in front of us...we were near the front. I suspected they were just there for the show and didn't know a thing about the Cramps' music let alone owned one of their albums on a vinyl LP. I wanted to ask them why were they there....did their older brother listen to the Cramps, did their parents own a Cramps record? It's weird being in your 30s and seeing people in their 40s that you were into in your 20s and being surrounded by people in their teens. Just weird.

I don't remember my dreams last night because I had too many and they were too jumbled up. I do recall looking at some book that had pictures of Kurt Cobain and they looked like they were done with pastels on dark paper. But that's all.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Blah. I hate giving quotes on a job. I never know if I'm bidding too high, in which case they won't use me, or bidding too low, in which case they'll think, "Sucker!" and then I'll get myself in over my head.

I received one of Stan's bday presents in the mail today from Amazon..."Valentine," a live Roxy Music CD import from their early years. Comes in a black box with a "made in England" sticker on it. Nothing else. Me wants to open it. Supposedly, the CD is also playable on a computer where you can see old, classic Roxy (read: a gorgeoous young Eno) performances. OK, so it's as much of a gift to me as it is to Stan. Just watch it not be playable on a Mac. I would just die.
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Idiot girl strikes again. I was wondering why I could blog with the "Blog This!" function, but not the normal blog function. It kept going to the Post page, but it was just blank. Nothing. I just *naturally* ASS-U-ME'd Blogger's screwy again. Naturally, right? Well, then I went to my web console to get my daily stats for Ann-S-Thesia and it gives me this message: "Your Web Console uses frames and requires the use of Netscape Navigator 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0 or better." Huh? I'm using IE 5. What the? Then it hits me. Yesterday I was fine-tuning my no-frames message for The Dingbatcave and I turned off frames so I could view it. Yeah, I know. I'm dumb with this stuff.

But that *still* doesn't explain why Sitemeter has not been recognizing my cookies from either the G3 or the iBook.

I want to go back to being a hunter-gatherer. I like foraging. I hear they worked fewer hours too.
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Last night I dreampt pretty early at night (night as in when one is at sleep, not early at night as in 8 o'clock!), which is rare. It's also harder to remember dreams like this because the act of going back to sleep for quite a few hours more, makes one forget. I do remember being in my parent's house, in my old bedroom, and hearing them talking in the background. I couldn't hear what they were saying, so I tried calling them on a phone. I then realized they were in the house, so I tried asking them a question instead. I can't remember exactly what happened, but they kept talking about me in the third person quite derogatorily, and it made me cry. I woke up crying.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Warning: gross dream. If you freak out easily by queasy subjects, do not read this entry. I am warning you. (Of course it is just a dream...nothing like this was real):

<gross dream>
I was with some younger guy, maybe in his 20s, and he was sort of a psychopath I think. He had a bunch of pet rats (nothing wrong with that) and he collected um...mucus...from...um...women. He collected mucus from me and flung it up on the ceiling (hey, I warned you...it was gross). It didn't seem like mucus, it was bubblegum colored and seemed sort of waxy, like some sort of non-greasy hand cream, or lip balm or even this product called Dorland's Wax that I used to use in my oil paintings (the texture of it, not the color... Dorland's Wax was white or clear). It didn't seem like *real* mucus. And there was just so much of it. I was sitting on a mattress on the floor (no we did not have sex) with a bunch of blankets, and he let the rats out of their cages. They acted more like dogs because they ran around me and started jumping on me. Although they were pet white rats, I was still freaked out. Then he asked me if he should start cooking dinner with my mucus yet. Gaaaaaah. Then it somehow turned into a Seinfeld episode, and Elaine had just experienced that same guy, and she was talking to someone else and she was saying how she was going to tell him what a sick psychopathic freak he was.
</gross dream>

Now the next part is still more dream from last night, but it's not gross anymore: I was driving around with Stan and we saw a house that was sort of weird. It appeared to be sort of a deco style and constructed with brick and terra cotta, but when we got close to it we saw that it was falling apart, and that it was constructed of modular, square plastic units. Hard to explain. We went up to the house and knocked on it to let the people inside know that their house was falling apart. I then realized it was my neighbor Jeff who was living in it. I congratulated him on their new baby and asked where Karen and the baby were, and he said in the Caribbean on vacation. I thought that odd. Then Stan said he could help him fix the house. That's all I remember.
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Monday, April 23, 2001

No, it's nothing earthshattering, it's not even wow-worthy. But considering I got Flash 4 a year ago and couldn't figure out how to do a damn thing with it, I'm actually a little amazed I was able to create this silly little animation. I think I partly dreamed about Flash last night. I think that helps a lot. The same thing happened with Bryce. I got it in 1998 and couldn't do a thing in it. Then all of a sudden, "click," and a year later...wow. I don't know if I can follow that lead, but at least I didn't let the program go to waste entirely. Flash's hang up for me is figuring out timelines and frames. I'll probably be stuck on that for quite a while yet.
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I had two different dream stages last night...the first one I was talking to Stan, he was lying down and I think he was naked. He seemed worried, and I asked him what was wrong. He said he didn't know whether he should join some band or not because the other members dealed drugs. He explained that some guy who runs some Sunday night show on WORT-FM called "Positive Zero" or some other lame techno-sounding name that was totally made up for the purpose of this dream, asked him to join his band (IRL Stan doesn't play any instruments...ok, he played a dumb instrument for high school marching band [which I try not to rib him about too much], but that's it). At first I laughed at it and thought, "how stupid, why would you want to get involved with a bunch of people like that anyway?" Then I felt incensed that he's going around my back hanging around with musicians that I don't even know and they're asking him to join on what merit? So I tell him, "Just because they deal drugs, doesn't mean you have to. You have nothing to worry about." It's hard to explain, but when he said that name, "Positive Zero" (I don't really know if that was the name I made up in my dream, but that's the best I could remember when I woke up), I saw it as a hyperlink in the dream, like a light periwinkle blue over black background with underlined text. I hate it when I dream in HTML or CSS.

The other dream was that Stan and I were travelling and stopped in at a motel somewhere, except the motel was huge and our room had several rooms to it, like an actual house. We were moving the furniture around, like we were going to move in there, and it was old furniture we'd inherited or something. I remember there was a really neat mid-century Jetson's styled executive table...it was huge and irregularly shaped like that 50s furniture was, and I loved it. But there was so much furniture, I didn't know if we'd have room to keep it all. The rooms were so stacked with furniture, it was like an antique mall (without all the trinkety crap). I also rememeber that the motel at times seemed like my parent's house. Then I remember Stan had to leave to go do something (yeah, to play in that stupid drughead band...heh) and I was getting ready to take a shower. There was a giant-screen TV in one room, and I was going to hook my iBook and digital camera up to it so I could make really large art that I couldn't do on my own monitor (?!?). There was some stupid Neil Young video on the TV...it was like Neil's foray into digital art...it was bad. I remember thinking, "This is so bad, if I saw this on someone's homepage I would think it sucks and the only reason this is on TV is because it's Neil Young." I was getting ready to shower, taking off my rings and laying them down. I remember I took my birth control pills and accidentally popped two out of the dispenser, and was trying to put one back in for the next day.
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Sunday, April 22, 2001

Stan and I went to Kenosha today to pick up my paintings at The Anderson Art Center. With time to spare, we decided to swing by Milwaukee and check out Artist and Display. I need some liquid acrylic colors. Seems like I went through this a year ago...A&D didn't have the brand I need, or any brand for that matter. We decided to check out Sax and The Palette Shop. I wasn't necessarily expecting them to be open on a Sunday, but I didn't expect them both to be out of business! This is not a good sign. "I went back to Milwaukee, and my art stores were gone."
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