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Saturday, May 05, 2001

Dreams last night:
I was in Milwaukee and was in some sort of vehicle that soared over the city...it was like a plane, but didn't go that high. But it wasn't street level either. It didn't look a thing like Milwaukee...there were all these buildings that were made of pastel-colored brick and were either cylindrical or octagonal, but not tall, rather squat...no more than about 4 stories high. The sun was low in the sky and cast a very unique light over the city. It looked like a painting, it was most unique and undescribable, with a dark background and light pastel colored octagonal buildings. I also remember something about some people Stan used to work with at Orchard Hill (fanatic humourless liberal communist types*...just as bad as right wing NRA types), but I don't know the purpose of them in the dream.

Dreams the night before last:
Al Gore was in my dream. It was definitely post-election, and he was wearing a short-sleeved pastel polo shirt. It was a pretty casual environment, and he was speaking up about some bad policies of the former Clinton presidency. He seemed in pretty good humour, though. I was dreaming all this while IRL the radio was having a fund drive, so this next part caused a weird hybridized reaction: I was asked to do a spot on the radio telling why people should pledge to Saturday Night Live. My spiel went something like, "Saturday Night Live is like an acid trip. You're over here, but you're not really there, the acid trip bends you, just like Saturday Night Live. Where else can you get TV that's like an acid trip?" Must have been for the old Saturday Night Live.

*now as you may or may not know, I am no stranger to a more left-wing mindset, however, there are extremists, and these people I dreamt about were buds with Castro. Not in the dream. In real life.
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Thursday, May 03, 2001

I liked the old design better, like my tangerine. This one seems so...sterile...afraid...careful. Like a white wall with no art. Don't want to make waves. Don't want people to think I'm weird. Sometimes it's best not to think different. Don't plant too many flowers in your yard...a golf course grass trim is best.

Am I the only person in the world who appreciates unique designs and color?
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I have this big paranoia that I'm going to do something like Bob Dole on that "Presidential Bloopers" video ad, where he addresses a San Diego crowd as if they were in San Francisco. I'm always afraid I'll rattle off an email to someone and call them by the wrong name. I mean it's happened to me in a sense...people have sent me email intended for someone else (like a different Ann), but that was a matter of hitting the wrong name in the address book by mistake. And people have spelled my name wrong, like Anne or Annie, but that's OK. But I've never gotten a letter intended for ME that was addressed to Pam or Angela. I'm always afraid I'll do that to someone.

I forgot someone's name the other day. Stan, Tim and I were in Magic Mill and Stan saw someone he knew from graduate school (one of the few people there he liked and got along with). She is originally from Taiwan, and I don't know if I was having a block because her name was not a "standard" American name, or what, but I just froze and told her I remembered *her* but not her name. I felt stupid. I mean this happens to people all the time, but I've always fancied myself as having an impeccable memory. The other month someone called me that I used to freelance for, and I knew her name and all, but when I said "goodbye," I almost called her by her last name. I caught myself. How stupid is that?

Speaking of Bob Dole...don't you think his new roles as tv ad celebrity, occasional late night guest star and accidental comedian fit him much better than politician? I mean the guy is funny! I didn't like him as a politician, but I do believe he has found his niche as droll comedian. Yes, I am being serious, I am NOT being sarcastic! He should turn his bad reviews of movies he's never seen into an act. It would be great! As I get older, I find myself being just like that..."haven't seen it, but I know it's bad." But with the plethora of Tom Green movies, I'm sure anyone over 19 can sympathize.
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Oh, what a cool dream I had last night! I dreamt that the next generation of Macintoshes were shaped like a bizarre cross of 1940s/50s sewing machines and radios. They were very deco/boxy/industrial green. They were cool, except the color was not in my taste. I was holding a catalog, and trying to get Stan to guess what they looked like. The catalog was more like a Sharper Image catalog as opposed to a computer catalog. I know there was more to the dream, but that's all I could make out.

Remember that radio program that I mentioned a while ago that was about computers that was really interesting because it wasn't spoken in geek, but in plain English, and they put it in a context of science, history, sociology and the humanities? Well, they stopped producing it. In its stead, they will be airing some show called "Satellite Sisters." "Real life sisters get together every week to discuss a variety of topics and lifestyle issues." Oh please. It sounds like a Martha Stewart meets Oprah. Blech. Why is it that the quality shows always go the way of the Dodo bird? My dad used to call this "Stretton's Law." I guess it happened with a lot with food products with him...obscure British and New England brands. With me it's everything.
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Wednesday, May 02, 2001

What an honor to be #1 on a search for muffin stumps!
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Having a really hard time remembering my dreams lately. I think it's the change in the weather, sleeping with the windows open, etc. I love the sensation of natural cool air in the warm room, but last night was pretty obnoxious because of stupid people out in front of our neighbor's house and the apartment next to them. I don't know if they were waiting for a bus or if they lived in the apartment building (which sticks out like a sore thumb smack dab in the middle of our block of single- and two-family two story homes). But they were loud and obnoxious. I wonder how our neighbors have tolerated that apartment building this long. I'm glad they haven't left though...they're good neighbors, and you never know who you'd get moving in in their place. Not that we've had bad luck with the house on the other side of us, though. We have lived here since 1990 and have seen it change owners three times, each time the neighbors have been very nice. But that apartment building a couple houses down...it's quite the pain. Last year I swore they rented a unit to high school kids or at the very oldest, college freshmen. They had no clue that people in the neighborhood worked and didn't much appreciate parties until 5 am. Police got called there several times for underage drinking parties. I hope they got evicted. I'd rather see the apartment get turned into a business, as I suspect it was a long time ago, at least the ground floor was, but I guess that's against the zoning laws. Stupid landlords who rent to kids who belong somewhere on Mifflin Street down by the U, not in an established working class family neighborhood.
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So there's this walking penis out there in Manitowoc county (that's in Wisconsin for the Cheddar-impaired) who was ordered by a judge not to have anymore children (he already fathered 9...er...fathered isn't a good word because he's hardly a "father"...spawned is a better word) until he can pay child support on the nine he already has. Hey, sounds reasonable to me. I don't know why some people are having a problem with this, saying the judge is infringing on the guy's rights. What about the rights of the children? And you know me, I'm hardly one for indulging the "everything for the children" crowd. But enough already. The guy can't support the ones he already has and he's up in arms because his right to breed has been taken away. Oh puhlease. He cuts off their support...cut off his...well, I guess decapitation would kill the bastard, and that would be a little severe. I just can't believe some people think they have the "right" to breed more when they can't support their existing kids. You know there's a reason why Stan and I don't also have a Boxer, a Bulldog and a Chinese Crested. We can only support two dogs. People, you can't have it all, OK? Be thankful for what you have and love what you have. And if you can't do that, STOP! Get that greedy American "I want it all" mentality out of your mind. You are ruining people's lives...in this case, people of your own flesh and blood. I'd like to know who the women are who are breeding with this creep. Yech.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2001

What's that stupid saying, "Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?" Well, guess who never went to Kindergarten? Mm-Hmm. My dad had just gotten his PhD from Notre Dame and was looking for a job that year (like me, he didn't want to be a professor either...must be a genetic thing...scary), so my mom never enrolled me because she didn't want me to start someplace I couldn't finish. Dad didn't get a job 'til later, so I guess I could've started anyway. But Mom never went to Kindergarten, so I guess she didn't think it was necessary. It wasn't mandatory at that time either, not like it is now. And I guess she didn't really much care for the environment of South Bend or some such silliness. I don't really care, but you know if that silly saying is true, then I must be awfully dumb, dope dope yup yup...duh...drrr, gulk.

Anyway, isn't it more important at that age that kids get to play and explore in a non-structured environment rather than getting sentenced to a kindernazi sick camp for 8 hours a day? I think if I had a kid, I'd really question the mandatory kindergarten requirement. Pretty soon they'll require pre-school. Another reason why I'm not having kids in this ridiculous era we're living in.
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OK, perhaps the IRS example I used is a bad one. Now *that* would be illegal. This is nothing illegal. It's just stupid, and not the way certain things should be done.
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Well, I wrote out a post and didn't post it because unlike most of my posts which are not directed at anyone but some people think it is directed at them (smirk, wink and tongue ;P), this post was definitely about someone in particular. Probably a 99.99% chance that person isn't reading this blog because I'm sure it's just not in their experience. However, they do know about my site and they are on the web, so I just do not want to take chances. It's not a bitch about them...they're nice people. But they're going about doing something REALLY half-assed. And it's affecting me. It's not them, it's their policy. I just need to vent. I need to scream. OK, how can some people be in a profession and not know a darn thing about how certain structural components of that profession are produced? Someone just shoot me. OK, let's just say (and I'm being hypothetical here and just using an example...this is NOT about taxes) you got a job working for an accounting firm and they say "We prepare two different sets of tax forms for each person, and let the IRS decide which form they want to accept." I mean, that's not cool. And the same thing can be said for other things too. I know I'm not making much sense, but geez. Neither are they.
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Hey, wanna hurl? You bet I did. Also had to wash the insincere treacle, bubblegum and Clearasil out of my clothes after visiting this. Huzzzzhhhh. Well, I guess we knew it would come to this, didn't we?
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Sunday, April 29, 2001

From the "you call yourself a Madisonian and music fan dept.:" Was watching something on Madison Ch. 3 (Cable 9). They were advertising some "Madison's Headliners and Legends," something...I don't know what it was, I wasn't paying attention too much...had something to do with musicians from Madtown. I spotted Butch Vig. "Looks like Butch Vig," I said to Stan. "Who's Butch Vig?" he asks. Oi. This is the same guy who recognized he was sitting next to Shirley Manson at New Orlean's Take Out before I recognized he was sitting next to her. Oh, when it's a girl it's different. Uh huh.
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Why the hell don't they make roofing material out of Teflon?
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You know, I'm really aggravated by the all or nothing, black or white perception of the internet. Either your site is commercial, or its personal. What is being overlooked in these assumptions are the vast amounts of grey and even colored and colorful, areas inbetween. I was filling out an online form the other day, and didn't know how to classify my sites because although, yes, I do sell stuff through my sites and I do offer my design services through my sites, I'm not what you would call commercial in the popular perception of the word. I don't have doubleclick ad banners, I don't have a staff, I don't have investors in my business, hell, I don't even have a business. It's just me, Ann, an artist who needs to do offer her services and sell her creations in order to make a very meager living. What I take in from my sales of fonts, cds, services, whatever goes to support half of our very conservative (except the student loans...peh) household expenses (Stan pays the other half). And if I told you what I do live on, what I do make, both before and after expenses, you wouldn't believe me. You wouldn't believe anyone could live on that. But I do. I don't need the crap, the gadgets, the frivolity, the entertainment, the hair care cost, the clothes, the health clubs, the spas, the vacations. Heck, I should be every guy's dream girl...low maintenance, self-maintaining. There's nothing left over to invest, not even for retirement. There's nothing left over to expand my "business". This is not fun money as it is with some other designers, this is bread and butter. So exclude me from "personal only" classifications because my sites are "commercial." So exclude me from "commercial" classifications because my sites don't wreak of DOTCOM. Ironically, in its infinite wisdom, the IRS, bless its pointy little head, has a classification for people like me. Sole Proprietor. Hard to imagine that the IRS is wiser than the internet's collective cyber consciousness, isn't it?

Dream was hard to figure out...something about driving around in an industrial part of a town after dark with people partying in the streets, trying to avoid them....Go to some gathering where people give me some weird gag gift that is supposed to be a wooden hand, but it can be taken apart into cleaning tools like a scrubbing brush and some other thing I couldn't figure out....some lesbian is coming on to me and I am really freaked out and I go back to the other people and tell them I want to go home. Hard to figure out the sequences in this dream.
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