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Saturday, May 12, 2001

I cannot believe I am doing this! Stan and I are watching this Brat Pack special on TeeVeeland. Yes. You read correctly. Sammy. Dean. And the dreaded (IMHO) Frankie. You know what's weird? Just before I tuned in to it, I heard Perry Como died. Stan and I have a cardboard cutout of old Perry. Long story. I'll retell it some time.

We were going to get out the martini fixings, but I'm a little burned out/on the verge of a sore throat or allergy probs, so we decided to forego the drinks. Sure would've added to the ambience.

Yes, you are still at Eyeblog. The above is not an error. I will return to my regularly scheduled progressive/alternative rock programming shortly.
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Friday, May 11, 2001

Well, I'm excited. I finally figured out how to add clickable URL capabilities to a Flash movie, i.e., you click a button on a Flash movie, you go to a webpage. Neither the Flash manual nor the tutorial book I got couldn't have obfuscated the obvious more.

My dream last night is sort of embarrassing to tell about. It probably won't seem embarrassing to the casual reader, especially compared to the psycho mucous collector dream of a few weeks back, but believe me, it's easier to tell about dreams of psycho mucous collectors than it is of this one, probably because Mr. Psycho was totally anonymous and no one I'd ever met or known or seen, but this dream involves real semi-famous people I used to hold in high regard. OK, here goes:
Stan and I were having lunch in an outside veranda area of a restaurant with Rat and Dave of the Damned. For some reason, we were compelled to put them down. We found out that they were the only people left in the band (IRL, isn't Rat not part of The Damned anymore?). Then I say a really insulting thing, "So it's just the two of you now, huh? Sort of like The Carpenters. Rat, that would make you Karen, since you play drums." You know, it is sort of funny after all. OK, I'm giggling. Good to know my biting wit doesn't go out the window when I'm unconscious.

"Dave, look at the two of us...."

Stan and I do own a Carpenters' CD...sort of. It's a bunch of alternative bands redoing Carpenter covers. Like soooo ironic. Truthfully, I really do like Sonic Youth's version of "Superstar."
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Thursday, May 10, 2001

I bought my iBook in December of 1999. The first nice day of Spring/Summer 2000 I go outside with it and sit down on our iron garden swing/rocker type tying. I open the bivalve type shell, turn it on, and much to my disappointment, couldn't see a thing on the screen. Now I know I've seen ads with people on sunny beaches typing away at their laptops. I dunno...maybe they're psychic and know exactly where to point and click. But I for one was extremely disappointed with the black screen. Someone want to come up with some technology that makes screens viewable in bright sun?

I messed up my ankle again last night. This is like the third or fourth time since March that I twisted it. I'm wondering if something is wrong with it. Stan says I need to get it X-Rayed because it keeps giving out on me. I never had X-Rays before (except tooth XRays at the dentist). I really don't want to do this, but I hate limping too. About 12 or 13 years ago I closed a car door (a two-door car door, so it was a lot bigger than a door from a 4-door) on that very foot. Sometimes I wonder if the troubles I have date back to that, like I broke it at the time and never knew it, and since then it's caused me to step funny, hence twisting my ankle every summer. I'm not one to go to doctors, I usually just let myself heal on my own. I keep forgetting I have health insurance now. I'm so used to being in the mindset where I'm uninsured since that identity formed in a crucial part of my life and it's hard to break from that. Well, just because I'm covered doesn't mean the experience of going to a doctor is any more pleasurable.
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Maybe this is just one of those coincidences, but I never trusted Bill Gates and his Microsoft Minions, loyal Mac user that I am. But I just heard on the radio that Microsoft is releasing the latest version of their OS this fall, called "XP." Hmm. On the heels of Mac's System 10, aka X. We're really creative with our own naming structure, aren't we, Billy?

Can't remember last night's dream except that I had all my rings stored in a small white box, and then it disappeared, like someone stole it from my house.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

The weather has just been too perfect. When it has rained, it's just been rain, not thunderstorms. Mostly it's been sunny, bright, breezy, warm but not hot. Sometimes I think I just want to scream because it's too perfect. Weather isn't supposed to be like this, is it? I go outside and put my projects aside (big important projects have been completed...just my own projects are what's behind). I am so sick of sitting at a computer...my posture is bad because I hate sitting upright. I go outside and sit on our park bench in back and watch the pug run around. I shoot some flowers with my camera. I get guilt sensations because it's 2 o'clock and I'm not busily at work and I'm just sitting outside and marvelling in the weather. I'm not a woman of leisure, but if I do not enjoy this weather now, it'll be November again before I know it.
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Oh yeah, to add on to my toad dream, while it was loose in the house it came across an open package of meal worms (just lying on the floor in the living room....yeah right) that we feed the newts and was nosing around in the package, foraging for worms. It acted more mammalian than amphibian in this behavior.
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Last week Stan, Tim and I went for a ride at night in the country. It was raining, not hard, but it caused a lot of toads to come out on the roads. Stan had to swerve from hitting them (most Americans wouldn't care, but the British build actual toad crossings...one reason to love part of my heritage). He stopped and grabbed a couple toads and we brought them home with us. I shot them with my camera in the tub. The next day we returned them to where we found them. It was just sort of neat to have a couple toads around, even if it was just for a short while. We considered putting them in our garden, but realized a lot in the city is not a place for toads (even though we found a tree frog on the side of our house a while back...go figure). Some day when I have time, (I always say this, don't I?) I'll put the pictures up here.

So I had a dream last night with a toad in it. It got out in our house and a cat was chasing it. I chased after the cat because I didn't want it getting ahold of the toad, both for the safety of the cat (toads excrete toxins when scared) and the toad. That's all I remember.

I watched the stupidest Gunsmoke rerun last night...the plot is not important, but there was this midget riding a Clydesdale. Stan made a joke about men with inferiority problems going through mid-life crises getting big horses back in the days before cars. I guess the Clydesdale was the SUV of its time.
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Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Can't remember my dream too well...I think the apartment builiding on Mulberry Street in Ft. Collins played into it somehow (the first place Stan and I lived together)...also some basement...the reocurring basement dream of the basement in our two-flat when we first moved to Madison. Can't remember much else. Oh yeah...dreamt that my bottom row of teeth were like Max Schreck Nosferatu teeth. Hate those teeth dreams. Oh yeah, and I dreamt in Flash again. This time I noticed there was a special feature in Flash that allowed you to automatically make interfaces with mouseover effects. Dream on.
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Monday, May 07, 2001

Since everyone has an opinion on this, I might as well voice mine. May 16 we will make someone a martyr. We will kill someone who wants to die for his holy war. Timothy McVeigh should rot in prison for the rest of his life. He should have the chance to become a decrepit old man, contemplating the sick actions of his youth. No one should die at the hands of the government, not an innocent falsely accused man, not a man who is as guilty as McVeigh. Only life in prison will give the innocent a chance for vindication and reprieve and the guilty the torturous emotional punishment they deserve: living with what they did for the rest of their days on earth.
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Does Disney really need a THIRD theme park in Anaheim, CA? Can't people make up their own form of entertainment, be it story telling, making music, lively conversation, hiking, biking? Must they be spoonfed this pre-processed industrial entertainment complex junk food? What about the times a family vacation was seeing the natural formations of this country's incredible geography? Baaah. I've never seen a Disney production. I'm being Bob Dole, you know.
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Sunday, May 06, 2001

Last night I dreamt in Flash, and I can't really remember much to tell...it was just morphing Flash shapes and all, me working on a Flash movie.
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