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Saturday, May 19, 2001

Hey, this is graduation weekend. Glad I'm going up north today.
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Dream 1: I was in this art building or art museum or art studio something. Lots of tall walls and lots of art. I think it was a juried show, and I had a couple of pieces accepted into it. An old professor from undergrad school, Professor D. was there, sort of supervising the whole thing. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but once I found that my pieces got accepted, I moved them to another part of the building, or outside in the car. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with them. Then Prof. D. asks where my art is, and I told him. Then he told me I couldn't be in the show. I told him that I'll bring my art back, I only moved it because I didn't know where to put it. He said no. I pleaded with him that it was a misunderstanding, and he still denied my request. I woke up thrashing and moaning. This reminds me of a real life incident with him. Flashback.

Dream 2: Stan, Tim and I were going to some goth concert...don't know what band. We wanted to get good seats, so we got there early. It was winter and cold and we were wearing heavy coats. We parked the car and there was already a line of about 8 people forming by the door. I rushed to get a spot in line, but Stan and Tim were taking their time. Then I noticed that Tim had rats in his coats, and they were the same rats that Stan and I used to have as pets a long time ago. I told him that he shouldn't bring rats into the building because they might escape and demanded that he put them back in the van. The rats were escaping out of his sleeves and running around the ground and into the road. I was afraid they'd escape and that cars with hit them. I was really mad.

Dream night before last: I was sitting on my parent's bed, but it was like they had two of them in the same room. (My pareen't there) Hieronymus was running around the room and jumping up onto the beds. I was so glad he could jump again.
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Friday, May 18, 2001

This is embarrassing to admit. I just now discovered a filter in Photoshop I previously ignored. I previously thought it was stupid. I think I first noticed it when I upgraded to PS 5.5 last year. I opened it up, looked at it and thought, "how stupid." I put it away. Then the other day I found a very simple tutorial that employed it. I opened it up again. I was amazed. The filter? Dither Box. Go explore.
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Mr. Stinky. I heard about this on As It Happens this morning. We used to have one that was probably a distant cousin...I'm pretty sure one of its Latin names was Arum. Ordered it from one of those garden catalogs--Brecks or Michigan Bulbs or somesuch. It was nowhere as tall...ours stood maybe two feet high at full arousal...heh heh. It doesn't come up anymore...must have gotten winter kill a while back. But when it bloomed, it sure stank. I didn't realize it would stink when we ordered it. Then one day we were sitting out back enjoying a spring day and wondering what died in our garden. Then I noticed that flies, not bees, were attracted to its giant phallic formation. I got closer to observe. I almost barfed. Yes, fortunately, it only lasted about a day. I'm sad ours died...it was something else.
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Thursday, May 17, 2001

Stop Cheney.
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Absurd dream with special Guest Star: Mr. T.

I was at my parent's house in my old bedroom (the bedroom Stan stays in when we visit...they only have one extra single bed, so I have to sleep on a cot in the living room...yeah, I get a lotta sleep there) and was going to change my clothes. They had a venetian blind on the window, but it was partially open so that the house across from it could get a direct view into the room. The house across from it actually was my neighbor's house where I live, but no neighbors were involved. Mr. T was next door, doing the dishes or something. I was about to change my clothes in front of Mr. T. I didn't want him to stare, so I tried to close the the venetian blind more, but it didn't work, so I decided I wouldn't change my clothes after all.

Mr. T.?
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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Tammy! You got a blog! Yea! Tammy's Stor Trooper looks just like mine 'xcept for the clothes. Dawg and all!
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Had a pretty vivid dream last night that Stan and I were travelling to Montrose, CO where his mom and aunt live. Supposedly they had given us a house that would cost us $55 a month to live in. Can you imagine? It was similar to the new duplex that they live in, except I don't know if this house was a duplex or not. It had three bedrooms but I'm not sure if it had as much room as the house we currently have. Wouldn't matter at that price! I remember coming to the house and hearing Caligula meowing, and saw him in a window. The screen was torn, and I was glad he didn't escape. It was like all our stuff, our pets, were already there somehow. I was figuring out what I would do about internet connectivity, and that I had to let people know that I'd moved and cancel my internet connection in Madison. I was thinking of buying a brand new G4 Dual Processor at the Mac store in Montrose, and then just using whatever automatic internet connection comes with it, but then I thought I should be supporting local internet businesses, so I didn't know what to do. I told Stan I was so happy to be moved out there, and he told me to be quiet because he didn't want his mom to hear (who was in another part of the house). I couldn't understand why he didn't want his mom to hear that I was happy for what she did for us. I remember looking around the house and found a strange cabinet structure that opened up, but it wasn't like a typical closet. It's hard to explain, but it was like a large series of woven straps attached together with boxes to store stuff in. Really hard to explain. Then I remember looking out the back window and seeing a boggy back yard with melting ice and birch trees. Now as any one who's been to south western Colorado can attest...there aren't any bogs and birch trees. It looked more like northern Wisconsin or Canada, even. Then I went outside and looked around, and noticed that there was some guy in the backyard in a car that was stuck in the bog. Along came somoene in a utility vehicle or a tractor and asked him if he needed help getting out of there. I figured the stuck guy was drunk or something. I was also starting to worry that even though it was a nice place to live, that it might be hard to get things done because Stan's mom would want to visit all the time and we'd hardly have any time alone to do stuff (not that this new house would need much maintenance unlike our old house we live in). Then I woke up for a while but when I went back to sleep, I continued on with the same dream, except the house had now mutated into two-stories, with a large open area over the stairs. There was also a separate dining room with french doors, and I was thinking this would make an ideal computer room. I had been busy with things and found out that Stan had moved all the furniture into rooms without asking me first where my computer room and art studio should be. I was a little mad at that. But I was in awe of the large open area over the stairs with tall ceilings, tall enough to hang massive amounts of our art.

You know most dreams are creepy and disturbing, but that is one dream I'd love to just go back to for the rest of my life. $55 a month for rent/mortgage.
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Monday, May 14, 2001

OK, I fixed the Flash test logo, now it says "loading" and hopefully that'll stay up while the rest of the page loads before the meat of the flash animation comes through. I'll start working on implementing it in the rest of my blog, now that it seems that blogger's back online.
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I Flash-ified my EyeBlog logo on this test page (clone of my entrance page). I totally redid it from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and Flash. No bitmap graphics have been used...it's all Vector. My only problem is that I want the rest of the page to load *before* the graphic starts, so that there won't be jerky sounds or movements. I'm on a slow connection (hmmm...let's see, right now I'm connected at 33333 bps), but sometimes the sound starts loading before anything else loads, so there's this ghost sound, no graphics. I have no idea what it looks like with a fast connection. If you know Flash and know how to solve the problem of the Flash graphic loading before the rest of the page, please let me know!
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Dreams last night:

Dream #1: I was lying on a bed or cot that was under a creepy cement ceiling that had all these weird things hanging from it. I realized they were baby spiders. Eventually the spiders fell onto my bed and started biting me. I was freaking out, and telling the people who I was with, who I think were my parents, how the spiders were on me and in my clothes. They didn't look like spiders, however, they looked more like fleas.

Dream #2: I was living back in the 60s as a teenager and was at a party where the women started taking off their tops and exposing their breasts (uh oh...Google bait....oh well). It was at night and there were windows open in the house we were in (stupid boring ranch house) but we didn't seem to care if people could see in at all.

I think this dream segued into

Dream #3: I was at a party (current times, my age) with Stan and there was some guy there who was probably half my age and totally not my type but for some reason I had a crush on him...don't ask why. He was swarthy, facial hair (stubbly moustache, goatee, sideburns), short hair worn under a pirate-type bandana, jocky. For some reason in my dream I could see all these newspaper clippings about him; he had been a star athlete in high school but actually went to college on an art scholarship (yeah, right). I think he was probably a Badger Football player (ew) but also an artist. Go figure...weird. I liked the artist part of him, and was flirting with him, even though Stan was at the party too. I was being discrete, but did manage to attract his attention and converse with him. A cold day in hell type dream.
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Sunday, May 13, 2001

Just got back from b-day shopping with Tim for Stan. Tim happened to spot these discounted Beatle doll/figurines (Yellow Submarine style) so we binged and got Stan all four. How fortuitous. It's sort of a gag gift, but not really. Also comes with Jeremy, Blue Meanie, the Submarine and the Submarine Captain. Pictures on the packages show Glovey, but there was no Glovey. But that's OK. There was also this Frank Sinatra doll, different part of the store, not discounted, which would be so funny to get someone as a gag gift, but for $35, it's a bit of a stretch in my pocket book just for a chuckle. (But I still want that Frank Sinatra doll, dammit!) The Beatles were only $8 each, and I've always wanted Beatle dolls all my life in some form or another, so it's sort of a gift to me as well. I'm really anticipating Stan's expression when he opens these up. He's a hard guy to buy for.

A few years ago Tim and I happened to spot these dolls like George Burns and a few other extremely old school entertainers from the Moderne era. They were just so hideous...it had us in stitches as we described the poor child whose whacky Aunt got them those as a gift. The kid would be full of anticipation as she unwrapped the gift and to her horror, found the face of George Burns staring back at her. Somewhere, I'm sure that happened.


Hmmm...Seems like Blogger doesn't want to digest my blogfood.


I don't care what anyone says...Frank Sinatra could not sing. He could not carry a tune. Dean Martin probably told him that one night when he was drunk, hence the inevitable falling out. (Drunken Dean Voice: "Oh, yeah...well, you can't SING!")

I still cannot believe I watched that. It was so odd...men drinking on stage making drinking humour jokes and the audience laughing at it. So when rock bands started making drug jokes or references back in the 60s, those very same people in the Rat Pack's audience, who happened to be the parents of kids going to rock concerts, got up in arms? I don't get it. It's the same difference.

Stan and I were discussing things-from-our-past the other day. He told me about this one girl-woman (you know, that young hard-to-define early 20s age..."woman" sounds so matronly, but "girl" sounds patronizing) in his Philosophy class named Annie who was a total Deadhead who spoke and laughed and breathed The Dead. She was our age, but totally different. While Stan and I were into the Dead Kennedys, she was into The Grateful Dead. But her obsession was a lifestyle rather than just music that defined her attitude. We think that perhaps she was my Evil Doppelganger, like if I met her in a dark alley it would be like the collision of matter and ann-timatter. Funny, I never ever ever liked The Dead. Even at my most hippie sympathetic stage, I never liked the Dead. I found them unlistenable. I think there was an actual term for this way back when, "Anglophile vs. Deadhead" where your sympathies either lay toward more English-based or influenced rock music, or American-based hippie country bluegrassy rock. I was definitely the former. Or maybe one had to have a trust fund to be into the Dead. Sure seemed that way from my experience. Trustifarians.

I realized I'd rather watch Sammy, Dean and Frank than The Dead. At least The (b)Rat Pack has a humorous ironic quality.
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Oh my. Look what showed up in my referrers. I'm #2 no less. The questioner has poor grammar. Should be "are" not "is."

Someone should create an insulting grammarian search engine that not only brings up searches, but insults your grammar as well.

"Are gay," you moron, not "is gay."
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