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Friday, June 08, 2001

We went to see the Corpse Flower again yesterday and thumbs of larger pictures are posted below. Click the thumbs to see them bigger. It was incredibly crowded and we were herded through there quickly so there was no time to contemplate nor take pictures of eachother with it. Don't know who the folks are in the pictures. It was opening up as we viewed it; the stink was quite noticeable, but it didn't make me barf. I did have to cover my nose a few time with my perfumed wrist, however. Updated info and webcam on the flower is located here.

The flower is native to Sumatra where it is called "Bunga Bangkai." While Stan and I were standing in the very long line to see it, we started making up a faux Seinfeld skit where Mr. Petermann would be telling tales from his visits to Sumatra...I attempted in my not-so-good Petermann immitation:

"There I was deep in the equatorial rain forest of Sumatra where I encountered a most hideous stench. Fearing it was some terrible carnage, I cautiously ventured forth only to encounter the most incredible flower, the notorious Bunga Bangkai, from which I was inspired to create my latest casual attire, the Urban Codpiece."

thumb_openarum1.jpg thumb_openarum2.jpg

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OK, OK, I'll jump on the bandwagon (everybody's doing it). Here's nine true things and one false one. Can you guess the falsie?

I have never camped in a tent
I've been featured on radio shows several times
I don't have a record, either criminal or traffic
I tried psychedellic mushrooms a few times
I have never been under anaesthesia (heh heh)
I have no idea what my SAT scores are
I can't stand Brussel sprouts
I've never ridden on a train (other than a novelty train)
I never changed my own oil on my car
I once slept on a city sidewalk at night
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Thursday, June 07, 2001

I was just reminiscing today with Stan about the time I worked in the Chemistry Stockroom at CSU when I was a student and shortly thereafter. Then I found this in my referrers, even though my posts that brought up that search had nothing to do with it. I find it amusing nonetheless: Yahoo! Search Results for crazy and whacky organic chemistry.
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Wednesday, June 06, 2001

I am really annoyed at how we punish offenders. I'm not going to bring up the McVeigh situation as I've discussed this enough already. But there are a group of vandals right here in Madison that are being punished too harshly, yet not harshly enough. These vandals graffitied West High School Sunday night as part of their senior prank. They have spent time in jail and are now awaiting their hearing and will appear in court later this month. They will most likely be charged with a felony. Perhaps some of them will not even receive their diploma. Granted, the graffiti was pretty bad and offensive. But a felony? A felony? On the other hand, who cleaned up the graffiti? Not the boys who did it, but a Madison Graffiti clean up task force. See, if I was running the show, those guys would be responsible for cleaning up every bit of graffiti themselves. They would work on it the equivalent of a work day each day until finished. If they missed their finals because they were working at cleaning it up, then they'd have to be responsible for the teacher's extra salary on the days they'd have to administer the finals to them later. They would receive their diplomas, however they may have to miss the graduation ceremonies if the mess isn't cleaned up in time. But no. They're coddled because they don't have to bear any responsibility for their actions, yet they're charged with a felony! This makes absolutely no sense to me. If they had to correct their errors, it would be more meaningful for them to understand the ramifications of their vandalism rampage. What does sitting in prison or a felony on their record prove to them? How is that directly punishing them for what they did? Man, this world is so screwy.
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Reverse Porn Spam.

You know how you go to an old site you used to visit and suddenly the domain name has been appropriated into a porn site? Or you're surfing and suddenly unkillable porn spam popups appear on your screen, even though you were surfing for something innocent like gardening supplies? And what about all that "College Sluts R Hot N Horny 4 U" email spam? And I'm sick of it in reversal too. At any given moment about a third to half of the last 20 viewers of my site have been searching for junk like "moms and daughters nude" or "adolescent nude pics". Yeah, it's partly my own fault because I put up a list of weird things that people search for that bring up Eyeblog, so it sort of self-perpetuates itself. I mention a weird dream where I'm nude, and then later on the same page I mention a time I remembered when I was an adolescent. It brings up "nude adolescent" in the search engine, even though there's nothing of the sort in this blog. I add "nude adolescent" to my "Search Me!!!" page, and then I double my chances of getting pervs visiting. What started out as an amusing anecdotal account of what weirdness people search for, has brought a large amount of pervs coming to this site. Fortunately, they leave me alone, but I know they're there nonetheless. So I figured, hey, porn sites spam me, I can spam porn lovers. What have I done? I've removed my "Search Me!!!" pages. Now, when Google brings up that page, (which it does ALL the time) the surfer will be hit with an innocuous portal of my art biz.

In the last couple months I really haven't had time to keep up with Search Me!!!. It was fun to start with, but the incredible onslaught of the same old junk just made revising and updating it tedious. I'll continue to check my stats, and when I get a winner, I'll just post it here.
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Monday, June 04, 2001

Rut Roh. It hasn't bloomed yet. That means if we go tomorrow (the only time we can make it)....uh oh. Not good. Better bring the barf bag.
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Sunday, June 03, 2001

This will be a weird post.

I was watching a biography on Bravo about Marlon Brando. Whenever I look at pictures of a young Marlon Brando, I am always reminded of someone I knew in Jr. and Sr. High School. "Merle" also looked a little like a rounder-faced Paul Newman. In Jr. High he had a friend named "Jim." They were in art class with me in 8th grade. Jim would tease me all the time that Merle liked me. I never thought much about Merle...he was short, sort of pudgy in the way many muscular mesomorphic men start out life as when they're prepubescent. I always wondered if it was indeed Jim who actually had the crush on me. I had a crush on Jim at the time. He was dark, swarthy and sexy. But I bet if I saw Jim now, I wouldn't find him attractive in the slightest. Ironically, as I've gotten older, I look back and think about the ironies with Merle. I didn't realize how much he really did look like a blonde-haired, blue eyed Paul Newman/Marlon Brando cross at the time. Why didn't I see that when I was young? Why didn't I find that attractive as I do now? Why did I think it was such a joke when Jim teased me about Merle? Merle went on to lose his Jr. High pudginess and became quite muscular and played football in high school. He was in the popular jock crowd; I don't think we ever said anything to eachother as we were in two different worlds and I was still a little freaked about his alleged crush on me, and wondered if he was freaked as well. It's so strange that although he didn't look like Stan, all the similarities were there: pudgy in Jr. High, muscular in high school, played football, short, blond and blue, Merle lived across the street from the Jr. High, Stan lived across the street from his high school, Stan's dad was a high school principal, and I believe Merle's father had some position in the school system if I'm not mistaken. I mean it's just weird....too many similarities.

Stan doesn't look like Marlon Brando, though. I wonder if Merle still does.
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