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Saturday, July 14, 2001

Disturbing Google Typo Search Request. Well, maybe not really disturbing, but it just makes you hope Darwinian theory at some point will apply to people who don't catch their idiotic typos before they hit the "search" button: mice things to say to woman. Get out the poisoned bait...I smell a rat.
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Friday, July 13, 2001

Having a little problem with a Flash concept I am working on, specifically, the integration of QuickTime in Flash, I sought out the wise advice of the Oracle, Google, which brought me this little gem of a page (read past the first two posts).

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The week was a strange one.

Monday: Phone went out. I was afraid it would be another six days without phone service just like last year. I hate Ameritech. Fortunately, it came back late Monday, saving me from having to wait downstairs all day Tuesday from 8 am to 5 pm for a service person to show up within their oh-so-convenient timeframe window. Did I mention I hate Ameritech? Last year, it was their fault...some switch box blew out a couple blocks away...we were the only party affected by it. They showed up six days later on a Sunday (Sunday!!?!?) and fixed it, even though they thought, naturally because WE have an old house and old wires that it was something on our property. I forgot to say that I really hate Ameritech. Leaving us without a phone for six days. What a bunch of crap.

Tuesday: Reeling from an incident on Monday night that has to do with phones, but not the Ameritech phone-going-out problem described above. I was reeling from being in the presence of someone with a cell phone that was so rude as to not let the people in the car know that she was making a call. She starts talking, no one in the car says anything, so I thought she was talking to me, so I say "what?" turn around and see that she's talking on a cell phone. Do people realize they are rude? I do not want to be part of that culture. We also took Natasha in to get a stitch removed (from when Stan accidentally clipped her skin while removing mats). She'd lost another five ounces, now she's down to five pounds. She's not long for the world, poor thing.

Wednesday: Went up to Plymouth to pick up a couple paintings from a show I was in. When we went up to Plymouth to deliver the art back in early May, Stan forgot his wallet so I ended up driving back and forth and getting a horrible sunburn on my driving arm (left). This time, Stan remembered his wallet, so I was a passenger, however, and I don't really understand this, I now got a really horrible sunburn on my passenger arm and leg (right). Both times Stan remained unharmed. The sun hates me. Or loves me, take your pick. This was on the heels of my very bad sunburn from swimming.

Thursday: Except for the podiatrist appointment in the middle of the day, we spent the entire time moving our bedroom downstairs, cutting up our old mattress into little bits (sort of felt like a serial killer), etc. The podiatrist appointment was a waste of time. Didn't tell me much I didn't know already. He made me feel like I was wasting his time. Screw doctors. Next time I hurt...screw it, I'll just hurt, thank you. I have a very low opinion of doctors. I had a feeling before I went that I should just cancel the appointment and help Stan with the bedroom installation. Should've listened to the "inner voice." This was the first night in our new bedroom, the room that we'd been working on for eleven years, between graduate school and fixing other things like plumbing, cars, etc., it took quite a while before it was completely livable. And we had our new comfortable waterbed mattress. It was strange, the mattress was quite a bit taller than our old mattress, making the bed seem very high up off the floor. It was quite comfortable, but because of the newness of it all, the lack of other bedroom-like accountrements in the room because it's not totally moved-into yet, I couldn't sleep. Here's this wonderful new matress that doesn't have hammock-syndrome, and I get about two hours of sleep last night. I guess the concept of sleeping with an aquarium in the room is sort of strange too...not used to that noise. Also sneezed a lot last night...don't know what from. I hope it's not something I'm allergic to in the new mattress. I'm hoping it was just from all the dust I encountered while cleaning and moving yesterday. It's amazing how much junk collects under a bed that you don't see while the bed is there and only find after you move it.

Friday: Realized that Stan and Tim ate up all the food-with-any-salt-content in our house last night. Now there's nothing to eat in the house except cereal and sweet food, which I can only take so much of (I am not a sweet food person). This sort of makes me mad...not leaving me with any food and eating all our snack food. I love Tim and value our friendship, but darn it, sometimes he eats/drinks us out of house and home. We are going to have to be more strict. It's easy for me, but I don't know if it is that easy for Stan...he has the tendency to indulge friends more than I do. I'm more the type to say, "you'll have to buy the food if you want to come over because we don't have any." Now I'll be more cautious, knowing he's capable of this. I hate it when friends take advantage of your generous nature. I received a notification in the mail today that three of my works were selected by the prescreening committee at the Wisconsin Arts Board for the Direct Purchase project. For what that's worth...they'll probably choose some other art in the finals anyway. Persephone is now sitting in the middle of the floor in our former bedroom. I don't know whether she misses the bed being there or what. It's very odd.


Ever get an email like this?

Referring to your advertisement about Dingbat Cave in Website. Kindly arrange to send a free printed catalog of Dingbatcave fonts. Kindly send a free catalog above by mail post.

Uh...yeah. Needless to say, the address was overseas. Gee, I can't remember mentioning anything on my website about sending out free printed catalogs (let alone without even so much as an SASE!), I mean, duh, isn't the website the catalog?
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Monday, July 09, 2001

I mostly love living in Madison, but the City Council did something the other day that seems just so STOOOPID, not to mention an ultimate yupper-middle class case of NIMBY syndrome.

It banned train whistles in the city.


Look, I'm the lightest sleeper in the world, but there's an infinite number of noises that can keep someone awake...dumbasses revving their car engines, dumbasses blasting their stereos, drunken dumbasses hurling on the sidewalk, dumbasses calling in the middle of the night with a wrong number, college teenage dumbasses without jobs in their own apartment for the first time who party every night, dogs barking, trucks going by, snoring husbands, you name it...it's noise. But train whistles? Why pick on them? The whistles are blown to save lives. I live less than a block from a train crossing. I love to hear a train go by...it's soothing. When we first moved to Madison, the tracks went by right in front of our house. Did the trains keep me awake? Hell no, the upstairs neighbor who didn't work a job due to her "illness" that had late night political arguments sure did though.

I think it's a snob thing. Trains don't fit into the agenda of the insular cell-phone loving high-tech pseudo-educated Emerald City community of Madison. They're sooooo last century...they're just not cool. They're a city thing too, and heaven knows Madison, the town that bans buildings taller than the Capitol, doesn't want to appear like a "city." It's Madison, it's a theme park surrounded by reality.

I say keep the train whistles...ban the dumbasses.


Oh, and thank you, phone company, for raising phone booth calls to fifty cents. Sticking it to the little guy again.
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Sunday, July 08, 2001

Last night I dreamt I was with my mom and we were going to take a plane out of Mitchell Field in Milwaukee. My mom is walking really fast, uncharacteristically for her, and I, of all people, can't keep up. I'm practically running! I remember it looked more like the inside of a high school than an airport. She headed down one corridor and I practically lost her, then she found where to board, but it was like entering a classroom, not a plane. She found a seat, but it looked like we couldn't sit together. I told her to give me my ticket because I had to find a bathroom in the airport. I asked a stewardess when the plane took off and she said in five minutes, so I decided to wait and use the bathroom on the plane (why do I have these using plane bathroom dreams? I haven't even flown since 1980 [reason? no money...I love to fly, but I do hate the headaches of busy airports]). Then my other dream Stan was in it and I forgot the plot, but I remember I was mad at something he was doing (taking up space in the bed perhaps? heh) and I yell out in my sleep "You (the f-word)head!" I think he asked me IRL as I awoke him with my shout, " "Huh?" or "What?" Realizing what I had done, I quickly told him I just had a bad dream. The windows were wide open, I hope the neighbors didn't hear that.
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