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Friday, July 20, 2001

Am I the only one who can't access Google?
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Weird dream. Finally I am dreaming and remembering them again as I get used used to sleeping in the new bedroom:

I was looking at new glasses frames at my opthalmologist's. They had some pretty abstract frames there, like art pieces. One made it look like there was just one huge lens in front of my face. Other frames were modelled after the shape of rulers (like a ruler wrapping around your face), pencils, plastic spoons, etc. I wanted something funky but probably just settled on something plastic and funky, but not too out there.

Later in the dream, I was singing the song "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from "Mary Poppins" except I changed the lyrics to "Let's go rob a bank, now that I'm doing crank." It got a rise out of the people I was around.

Funny that I make up Weird Al Yankovic lyrics in my dreams.
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Thursday, July 19, 2001

Oh my, Stan does have his father's nose! Sister A sent Stan some pictures of the family. Although I don't see that much family resemblence between Stan and the two sisters on his biodad's side (Sisters A and S), I definitely see the resemblence between him and his father. Yes, and he does look Jewish. But he's not. Stan does look like his sister on his biomom's side, (Sister J) though, with whom we share a lot in common as far as interests in the arts. But the brothers on that side don't look that much like Stan, especially Brother2. Genetics are a weird thing. We got to meet Sister J in '99 and his mom in '98. Definite resemblences. Stan's definitely his bio mom and dad's offspring...no doubt about that.

It's been quite the journey searching.

I urge anyone who is adopted to please please please seek out your birth parents. Do it as soon as you can because if you don't do it now, you may never meet them. It will solve so many mysteries in your life.

It's so weird, Stan and I believed for the longest time that he was a quarter each of Hebrew, German, Italian, and Irish, none of which I am (I'm half Czech, and a quarter each Polish and English<--strongest part...not much slav in my psyche). But as it's turning out, there is no Hebrew, the German probably has roots in Czech, and the Irish is really mostly English. Ironic, isn't it? My late Great Aunt Ruza who I only knew from photos and letters that had to be translated by my mom, knew Stan was part Czech from photos she saw of him. We just thought she said that because she wanted it that way. Guess she knew something we didn't.

But it's all moot.

Stan and I had a long talk last night about why it was that our friends constantly take a mile when we give them an inch, why it is that we do not understand the conventions of dysfunctional society, its preoccupation with power and money, its rudeness, its boorishness, its lack of intuition about bad situations, etc. You know...the entire Jerry Springer culture.

We realized it was because we are not from here. We are short, blond(e) and alien.
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Sunday, July 15, 2001

Stan brought home an over-the-counter Tagamet type drug. He says my symptoms sound like when he had a diagnosed ulcer many years ago. Having too little work, or orders, can trigger more stress than having too much work as one worries about being able to pay bills, about depleting an already small savings account and, ultimately, homelessness.

Well, this was going to be a lighthearted post about how sick I was today that I couldn't do anything except lie on the couch in a state of nausea and watch bad "Behind the Music"s on VH1 about hairfarmer bands that I can't stand but it was more entertaining than 24 Chandra Levy All Chandra All The Time. Am I the only one that has a bad feeling about Chandra's mother? Sure, Condit is creepy, but there's something really disturbing about her press-agented parents that sought out the limelight on this thing.

But I think I've depressed myself that I can't summon the humour to describe the absurdity of Sunday Daytime TV.

The irony is, I DO have work to do, finally after months of nothing I get an order and now I'm too ill to work on it. I'm typing this from my iBook in a reclined position. I let the G3 defragment and optimize all day because I was no good at sitting upright in a 2nd story room in all this heat. I'm too nauseous to be creative. No matter how much I eat or don't eat, I'm nauseous. Stan says this was just like his ulcer.
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