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Saturday, August 25, 2001

Bug Journal, Day 25

Yesterday we released three butterflies. This morning I noticed another one had hatched, leaving only three more to hatch in the first cage. In the other cage we have about twenty five caterpillars and twenty four chrysalises. So obviously, except for the few parasite-related deaths of a couple weeks ago and a couple very small ones that died of unknown causes, they're all doing well. I probably won't be taking as many pictures anymore unless I can get a really good shot.
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Distressing multi-part nightmare. I was in a weird building, like a mall, but it was on multi-levels instead of sprawled out, sort of like this odd mall I went to in Chicago sort of near Wrigley field (I think) that was several stories high and all the walkways were ramps. It was very hip and chic, (the mall in my dream) with lots of mid-century deco blond wood, black wires with knobs and mobiles, and decorations and motifs sort of influenced by Klee. The women working in the stores were all pseudo-high-class snobby bitches to put it mildly. I wanted to leave badly, but I realized I was there with Stan's (adopted) relatives, so I couldn't leave. I remember standing by some sort of gate to a staircase, but I couldn't figure out how to descend it, which caused much amusement amongst the snotty bitches. I think one had to be five foot ten and one hundred and ten pounds in order to descend it. Then somehow the mall became Stan's mom's house, and she was saying how one room or store would become (our niece's) room. Then I was around a bunch of people that supposedly knew Stan and I from some former acquaintances, but I couldn't remember them. They seemed like nice people, though. We were outside painting trees brown. Not painting on canvas, but painting the actual trees. Brown. Weird. Then Stan and I decided to euthanize Natasha. We used chloroform on her, and then Stan said he would cut her aorta, but I think he meant jugular because he cut a vein in her neck. But after he did that she started to move. At first we thought it was just the dead body twitching, but then she got up and started meowing and walking. I was totally freaked out and Stan was scramblng around trying to figure out what to do next.
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Thursday, August 23, 2001

A short while ago, we released the four that had hatched this morning. Two of them took off, and I was unable to determine their genders. One male landed in our balloon flowers; I didn't take a picture of him. The other one was also a male and I was *finally* able to get an openwing male shot (below). As you can see, the males have thinner veins and a "dot" on their bottom wing that supposedly contains a scent gland (as the entomologists say...I haven't sniffed it).

While we were releasing the four, we noticed that one still on the cage lid is just on the verge of hatching. (below)

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Below left: the male that hatched yesterday. When he flew off, he landed in our roses and balloon flowers. Below right: this morning we found a male Monarch on our back door. We suspect it's the same one, come back to warm up his wings some more.

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Above and below: the two females that hatched yesterday.

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Let's see if I can remember my dream...I was with Stan and Tim. For some reason, Tim's mom and dad picked us up and were going to drop me of at my parent's house in Colorado. For yet another reason, they dropped Stan and Tim off on a different street (like around Peterson/Edwards in Fort Collins) at a bar Tim called by some number, like "bar 902" or "the 902 bar" or something. It was a huge, like a huge old church converted to apartments where someone ran their own home bar. Obviously I wasn't invited. Tim and Stan got out of their car (I think it was a stationwagon) and I looked longingly as they headed toward the amazing piece of architecture. Tim's parents left me at my parent's place.

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Bug Journal, Day 23

As of this moment, we have four Monarchs that hatched early this morning waiting to be released after they've had a chance to pump up their wings.

Below is the only picture I have of the female that hatched Monday. When we released her, she took off and landed in the fence between our house and our neighbor's.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

What's worse than having a bad allergy attack? Having a bad allergy attack while being bombarded by mosquitos. Aaaaaagh.

But in other news:

Bug Journal, Day 22

On Monday a female Monarch hatched. Today, two females and a male hatched. I got pictures...one I think I even got with wings open. Not very good pictures, though, but pictures. I'll put them up another time. I'm having a bad night.

We have over 30 caterpillars. Right now 10 are on the lid waiting to shed their skin and chrysalize. Incredible.
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I am 17% gay according to The Spark' Gay test. Of course, that was to see how *lesbian* I am, which isn't very, according to their post-test analysis. I think I'll take the test as a man and see how I score.

Listening to NPR's "Talk of the Nation." Discussing welfare, welfare to work, etc. Woman calls up, tells about how welfare to work got her off her duff and she went to school and learned a trade or something and now she's much more marketable. Um...doesn't she mean she has more marketable skills? I didn't know W2 turned people into prostitutes or slaves. Maybe it does.

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday. We were talking about "if we knew what we know now back then..." sort of subjects. I told her if I knew what I knew now, I never would've gone to graduate school and neither would Stan. I said that for the money I spent, I could've had a really bad drug habit....and probably have gotten a lot more sympathy. Isn't that ironic, screw yourself up on drugs or booze and everyone comes to your sympathy and aid with help...screw up your life on student loans because you were trying to IMPROVE yourself and no one gives a shit.

I'm really sick of alcoholics.

Aw, poor alcoholics. I'm so mean.

I'll have sympathy on them when there's an AA program (Academics Anonymous or Artists Anonymous) that help people with high academic or artistic aspirations get themselves back on their feet after being saddled with student loan debt and no job prospects. (No higher power BS though, thank you).

Then and only then I'll have sympathy for the alchies and druggies.

Actually, I have more sympathy for druggies coming out of bad socioeconomic conditions. It's the middle-class and upper-class screwball that really grabs my groin. A one-week binge for them could pay all our loans, the ****heads.

Drink my turpentine.

I am really pissed off that I cannot have my cat euthanized. Her tongue is hanging out of her mouth, she is drooling and her fur is totally matted from the fact she can't clean herself and from the drool, she hardly eats, her meow is weak and she is as light as a feather. But when we called up the vet, they said they had to give her a complete physical, run tests and then see if she can't be treated. What the!?@? My cat is 16 years old! She has kidney failure and probably cancer in the mouth, and you want to see if she can be saved?!?! Nearly a year ago, I was hoping so bad my pug would survive after his accident. But it wasn't his time. He still had life left. It was an accident. But now I am hoping so badly that something will take Natasha's life and soon. She's old. And dying. And I don't want her to suffer anymore. But because of some stupid rule our veterinary practice has (like bilking their customers out of every red cent they can get before the animal is toast) under the guise of stopping people from euthanizing their animals on a whim (like as if? I mean if someone was so screwy, wouldn't they just go out and shoot the thing?), my cat has to suffer needlessly because we cannot afford the cost of all the tests and pseudotreatment that won't do any good because she's DYING. Even if we had money, there's absolutely no reason to put an animal through the rigor of all these stressful tests and exams when she is DYING.

I am really mad that it is impossible to have a conversation with my dad without his religious beliefs creeping into the mix. I feel sorry for my mom that she has to deal with it all the time.

I am in a really really really bad mood today.

On the bright side though, Jesse Helms is retiring.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Weird amusing political dream. Remember the SNL skit with Dana Carvey doing the non-"L"-pronouncing Tom Brokaw..."Gerald Ford died today..."? Well, that's what I dreamt: I was watching TV and they were carrying Gerald Ford's funeral. I didn't realize he had died (reader: as of this posting, Gerald Ford is not dead...this is a dream), and Stan and I figured out he had died the night that we were travelling and spent the night in a motel (reader: we haven't spent a night on the road in nealy a year...this is a dream). They were showing dignitaries arriving on jets...I remember seeing Bill and Hillary...they were both crying. They show other people and I say, "Look, there's Cheney...you can tell because he's grasping his heart." (I love it when I retain sardonic humour in my sleep) Then they zoom up close on Cheney and I notice that his wife is wearing a short sleeve Izod-type purple tennis shirt and blue jeans. I'm quite appalled at the casualness of Cheney' wife's dress (sorry...I forgot her name) at a funeral...I start kvetching: "Don't people dress up and wear black for funerals anymore?" Then I think, "I should blog about this." Also more of the dream: We were on the phone with Tim and were surprised he was at home because we thought he was going to visit his parents this week. He's rather cryptic in his responses, and we realize he must have company. We ask him questions so that he can give yes and no answers, and we deduce that he has some old nun aunt visiting, Sister Rosemary or something. Then I'm eating some cherry/raspberry flavored candy on a string that's the shape of a nun. Too weird.
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Bug Journal, Day 20

On Saturday, I had two butterflies that had hatched. The first one I released was this Black Swallowtail Female. She was the final Swallowtail to have hatched, having come from a green chrysalis. Out of the six Swallowtails, only one was a male, which is rather sad in a way, as I like to see diversity in the wing colors. When I saw two different colors of chrysalii, I thought that perhaps it would also correspond to an even sex ratio too.

They all flew off and now are probably far away. I will miss the Swallowtails, I'll miss the anticipation for those few days of looking in their cage and seeing a new black and blue beauty waiting to be released.

The other butterfly to hatch on Saturday was this Monarch female. She seemed to hang out in our yard a lot before I didn't see her anymore. I hope she was able to fly away safely as she seemed to be having sort of a hard time for a while. Still not able to get an open wingshot on the Monarchs. But I have about 20 chrysalises waiting to hatch, so I'm sure I'll get one before the season is over.

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Weird, amusing, annoying dream. I was in some sort of theatre like an IMAX. I followed Stan up to a high row where we supposedly had good seats. We were lugging our waterbed mattress with us. On the row that we enter there are a bunch of women sitting near the aisle. They stare at us. They are quite fat and I'm having a problem maneouvering around them, as they are not going out of their way to move their legs aside for us. Once we get to our seat, the screen seems like it's at such an angle that I would have a hard time watching the movie. We left the row and went down below, which turned into a department store. They had a bathroom/shower display with real (naked) women taking a bath in it (not mannequins). I felt really embarrassed for them, but Stan started to talking them and asking them questions. I got really mad that he was talking to naked women, and started throwing merchandise at him. Then a security man from the department store starts to grab me and stop me from throwing store merchandise at Stan, but I hurt him with my long fingernails, slicing a good chunk of skin off his thumb. He's taken aback because there's this big flap of skin hanging off his thumb and starts complaining about it like a baby, not like the big macho jerk he is. I start throwing things at him.
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