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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

The airlines are cutting tens of thousands of jobs in order to negatively influence the economy as a move to put pressure on the government to give them bail out money, thus, their move to quickly cut so many jobs is, in a sense, a tactic of economic terrorism.

Another irony...the airport that remains closed in the country (and may never reopen) was named after the president that deregulated the airline industry.

It's ironic that I mentioned irony, because it seems like the postmodern ironic culture has now officially ended. Isn't that ironic?
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Monday, September 17, 2001

No Peter Jennings. I'm heartbroken. Daytime TV is back to normal...and it stinks as usual. So it's back upstairs to work on the G4.

I heard a rumour that someone in the Bush administration called the statements by Falwell and Robertson "treasonous." I heard this from a friend of a friend, so I'm not sure of the veracity of it.
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I am absolutely sickened to hear about the violence and death threats (and even a death, as I heard took place against someone who was of INDIAN heritage that someone mistook for Arabic!) against fellow AMERICANS who happen to be of Arabic descent. How are we ever expected to overcome the foreign terrorists when we cannot rise above it in our own country?

Conversely, isn't it ironic that planning this attack the terrorists did against "the Great Satan" took place in comfortable middle class living conditions...nice family neighborhoods? How many Americans would like to go to flight school but didn't have a scholarship from their Uncle Bin-Laden? If Bin-Laden's people are so oppressed, then what the hell is he doing financing people to attend flight school and paying for their middle-class lifestyle? I heard the guy's worth $300 million? What a freakin' hypocrite. He could use some of his stash to help his own people. I dunno...that sounds a lot like a greedy CEO of a big American Great Satan corporation to me.
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OK, this is really really embarrassing, but it's been a whole weekend and I'm having a Peter Jennings withdrawal. I really want to work on my G4 upstairs...it's fast, my brand new chair that I got last weekend is much more comfortable than the couch in front of the tv, and some software will only work on the G4 due to limited memory alloction on my iBook. But my G4 is upstairs with just a radio to keep me company. I feel absolutely silly.

I cannot remember any dreams last night.

Poor Plato's butt is still sick...he's acting perfectly healthy, but not all systems are normal (however, all systems are "go."). I'm hoping this won't cause us to miss our vacation....again.
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Sunday, September 16, 2001

The dogs had their "bordetella" shots on Friday, which is more like drops or spray up the nose. I would have preferred they get shots as they are actually better with a needle in their backs than they are with things in their faces...must be a squish-nosed dog thing...they hate people touching their faces (although Plato doesn't mind when Stan or I do it to him...just not a vet!) This morning Plato had a NASTY accident upstairs, and even asked me about an hour ago to take him out, which is unusual for him in the middle of the day to do. And Hieronymus just now had a sneezing fit. I suspect this is all an after effect from the bordetella, which is required for boarded dogs. We will board them when we take our first trip. Although the people we will be staying with say they don't mind dogs, I still think it's best since we've never met them before.

I have such apprehensions about this trip. It almost seems like there's all these signs telling us not to go.
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I had a dream about the "Fort Collins that only exists in my dreams." This is a very interesting place based loosely on the real Fort Collins, CO, that I lived in for 17 years. In my dreams it is a bit more surreal, (the real FC is a bit surreal too) but real in the way that I could actually sketch out a map of what it looks like, complete with neighborhoods and landmarks that exist only in my dream state. This is a reocurring dream, and the oddness of it is that when I return to these dreams, the same streets and houses and neighborhoods are still there. Sometimes I see new aspects of it, but it's still the same recognizable dreamtown. It's odd, but the different directions in the town seem to represent different seasons. The north part usually is covered with snow. The south part is usually hot and dry, and it is usually seen in the afternoon. The east part is wet or rainy and flooded. The west part is usually seen in the morning, usually a Sunday morning, and it is sunny with lots of fields, and I am usually riding a bike. Last night in my dream we were driving with Stan's mom or some older woman near the northwest part of the town. We were heading out of town on a road I've travelled on in my dream before. It started to snow, even though it was sunny. The road started to curve, but we were going too fast. We spun and ended up in a ditch I think, but I don't know what happened after that. Then I had another dream that I was with a bunch of younger people, teenagers, young girls, and they were all going to a camp or something. I had no idea what I was doing there. We were arriving there in a caravan of cars like stationwagons/minivans, etc. When we got to our destination, which looked a lot like the scenery around some of the lakes here in Madison, we had to change our clothes into some sort of weird sport outfit, like those hideous uniforms they made us wear in gym class in Jr. High in the 1970s, but not as tight-fitting. Then they made me go with another group that I didn't arrive with. As we were in the parking lot and started walking toward our destination, they told us to make sure we had our Barbie dolls, and that we had insurance. I told them I don't have a Barbie doll, and that I never had a Barbie doll, and that I don't have insurance. They told me that I couldn't come along in that instance, and that I had to go back to the parking lot. So I was stranded in the parking lot in a gym outfit, no pockets, all my belongings are in my clothes which are locked in one of the stationwagons. I try to find the group I originally arrived with so that I could get the car keys to get my clothes and possessions out, but I couldn't find them. I wondered how I could possibly get ahold of Stan to come rescue me, but without change for a phone or anything, I was stranded. It was horrible.
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