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Saturday, October 27, 2001

Happened to catch most of "West Side Story" on cable tonight. Thought I'd look it up on allmovie.com to verify the year it was made: 1961. (Definitely a significant year to Stan and I). Started looking through the cast and was pretty blown away to see that two of the Jets members were played by Twin Peaks actors. Weird seeing Dr. Jackoby and Benjamin Horne as young guys.

Lynch did that on purpose, didn't he?
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Last night had a dream about my old and dead relatives on my dad's side. Remember looking at pictures of them, but they were in color, more like I was actually seeing them. There were all these old people lying/sitting up in this very large bed. Creepy.

Got an email today from someone who stumbled upon someone else's graphic set that bore an uncanny resemblence to one of mine...same subject matter (let's just say the subject was of a certain "non-popular" animal, popular being teddy bear, cat, dog, mouse, horse), different colors, exact same animation technique on one of the divider bars. Had this been someone unknown to me, I would've just shrugged it off, thinking they just wanted to try their hand at making something like the one of mine they saw. After all, I cannot copyright my ideas. But what was strange about this is the person is that they are a member of a group that I am also in, a group that supposedly respects artists' rights and copyrights and was essentially founded by people who were going through the trials of constantly being immitated and ripped off themselves. Hmm. Really makes one question one's memberships. Which is why I haven't joined anything for quite a while. I'd rather be an outsider being immitated than be stabbed in the back by someone who supposedly is in the same group. This is also why I do not spend a lot of my time looking at other art. I want my art to come from myself, not a synthesis of others' art ideas.
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Friday, October 26, 2001

Called to check the status of art juried in to the annual Anderson Art Center show...I did not have a good feeling about this, I don't know why, but after I entered it on Saturday, I left feeling doomed. But I got all three in! I was simply amazed. And Candace even said that there was a LOT of work juried out.

I'm having a hard time trusting my feelings lately...I'm becoming quite contrary to myself.

Watched the movie "Pollack" on video last night. It was an excellent movie. This is one of the first art movies where you see the actor painting, as opposed to being behind a canvas where you don't know if he's actually painting or playing tick tack toe. The costuming was simply amazing. So many movies that take place in another era still have that contemporary look to them, especially the hairstyles and makeup on the women. But this was so authentic, it looked like it really was in the 40s and 50s. It's got to win some award for that.

When they showed his work in the galleries, it just left me in awe, wondering how people could dislike Pollack's work so. It left me breathless...and that was even on a little tv screen.

Maybe it's because I'm sort of a practitioner of the Pollack method myself, but where he dribbled and splattered I'm more of a pourer.

And I work on the floor.

When we went to meet Stan's birth father (which is sort of a strange way to put it since he wasn't there for Stan's birth, but "biological father" is so technical sounding), he gave me a couple boxloads of paint in jars because he's stopped painting for health reasons; I estimate about a grand worth of acrylics. I took them out of the boxes on Saturday and sat dumbfounded on my studio floor (I have a new studio...moved in to what used to be our old bedroom) just in amazement of all the new paint I have. I've never had so much paint in my life. I'm set, at least with a couple colors, probably for a very long time.

My parents made me take paintings out of their house too (they say they don't have room to store them, but they have twice as much room as Stan and I do!) so I'm using them to paint over.

Last night watching the movie, I made digital metal leaf. I made a lot of it. I have no idea what one does with virtual metal leaf. But it's pretty darn cool.
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Thursday, October 25, 2001

OK, this is a really whacky dream with special guest stars by celebrities I never think about, Anthony Kedis (sp?) of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and that Kathy comedienne woman with red curly hair and awful voice that's been on Seinfeld and the XFiles...forgot her last name. I remember I was at a party and both those people were there, but then the party turned out to be at my own house, but my parents were there too, in another room watching TV (post-vacation trauma, I guess). Anthony was wearing nothing but a white towel, and I don't know what Kathy was doing, but she was there being obnoxious as usual. I was sitting on my couch and Anthony was sitting on the arm of the couch with his legs up flashing me. Heh. I didn't want my parents to walk in on that one. Then I woke up, went back to sleep, and then *dreamt* about that dream I just had. I dreamt I was at my parent's house using my mom's iMac to type up my dream, but it was like a typewriter because paper was coming out of it, and I didn't want anyone to see my "nasty" dream. I also dreamt I was in a college class and the professor was lecturing on the mideast (I was listening to the radio in the morning IRL and that probably got tangled up with my dream) and I was looking at his grade book to see what my grade was and even though that was the first class I had attended, I was getting As and ABs.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Let's see if I can remember my dreams from early this morning. Hmm. Well, there was one snippet where I was watching a bunch of cats scurry around the floor and get into bedding plant trays and they looked like they were going to poop in them. I think both Vladimir and Natasha were still alive...Vladimir looked remarkably smaller than Caligula (I guess death does that to one). I also remember being in Fort Collins; don't know if it was the Fort Collins that only exists in my dreams or not, but we were sitting in a restaurant that was on the east side of College Avenue between Prospect and Stuart street. IRL, my parents and I lived in a motel there for a few weeks before we found a home (back in 1971). The motel has since been torn down. But anyway, in the dream, Stan and I were sitting in this restaurant, looking out the window, and we see this two-story motel/hotel that's outside the window with an advertising sign from a local business in front of each door. I tell Stan that I have the very same motel in my dreams when I dream about the Fort Collins that only exists in my dreams except that in my 'dream' it is on the North Side of College Avenue, toward LaPorte. Now in reality, I have dreamt that we've stayed at a motel in that location, (which my parents and I did before we moved to the other motel) but in my dream I don't remember anything about the signs in front. This is all very confusing.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Oh, and here's an oxymoron:

"peaceful religion"
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Dream the night before last: I was with a friend from Colorado (who might read this...dunno) and he was wearing pink-tinted glasses that looked like they had KPT's FraxFlame effect on them, and the effect was moving as well. It was pretty darn cool. I think there may have been a sexual thing going on too, but I can't remember.

Dream last night: I was with a friend from high school and we were going out for some sort of brunch or something. I was wearing a most hideous yellow cotton crinkle fabric pant suit. It was so Old Baptist Mary Kay Lady and so un-me, but of course, perhaps it was more fitting of my high school friend...who knows. It was also quite large for me, so I took it back to the store and wanted my money back, even though I had altered it a bit so that it would fit. Then I remember I was wearing my usual black clothing again, but it was torn so I asked my friend for a safety pin. I know there was more to the dream, but there was so much more that it became a jumble of confusion.

Last night I was watching the news and they were showing spots from the big concert in New York this past weekend where Richard Gere got booed for asking for peace, forgiveness and understanding (forgot his actual statement) instead of violence. Now I've never particularly been a fan of Richard Gere's as far as his acting or choice of movies he's starred in, but ferfreaksake, let the guy speak, even if you don't agree with what he's saying! Then they showed this Joey Buttafuocco-esque (remember the early 90s?) fireman or policeman saying how wonderful the concert was because people could speak their minds. Everyone except Richard Gere, hmm? Oh, and Bill Maher. Yeah, don't let him speak his mind either.

I just hate this macho nuke 'em mentality. Everyone who wants to pound Afghanistan's ass should go immediately to their nearest recruiter and sign up for the military NOW. That includes women. Go on, go. Go work out your adrenaline. Put your actions where your mouth is. Sure, it's easier to practice peace and forgiveness than it is military action. But when it comes to babbling, it seems there's nothing easier to do than talk big about bombing and killing the enemy...as long as you don't have to do it yourself.

I do have to wonder who the enemy is...is it Bin Laden and pals? Or is it American citizens who won't let other American citizens have their say?
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