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Friday, November 30, 2001

Watching a tribute to George Harrison on Fox News tonight...I am almost embarrassed to be watching it because, well, it's Fox News, but that's where the channel was, and it is a show on the Beatles, so I'm watching it. I cannot believe how little these blonde reporterettes know about the Beatles (like mistaking John songs for George songs) ...so they have "experts" like Dick Cavett and Kurt Loder on. It was surreal to watch Cavett and Loder argue, with what seemed to be contempt for Cavett in Loder's case, about how Harrison died...simply surreal. I mean, it was like being with a couple high school guys having an argument on who knows most about rock and roll...except instead of arguing about who plays what instrument on what album, they were arguing about what kind of cancer he had. I felt like I was in high school again, in art class, overhearing conversations at my table. Simply surreal.

Stan and I were talking earlier and it's spooky how much we think alike. We both agree that Beatles are dying in our order of favorites, which means Paul will probably live to be 120. And it's also weird, we grew up thinking that our parents would die, then the Beatles would die, and then we would die. It's just not working out like that.

Early this morning before I heard the news, I was thinking that I forgot yesterday to remember my cat, Vladimir, who had died three years ago, on November 29, 1998. So I'll always think of November 29 as the day George Harrison and Vladimir my cat died. Just like on Labor Days for the past three years, weird animal things happen to me...House invaded by squirrel, Hieronymus falls down the stairs, Natasha dies.

It's funny how when things happen to the world at large, we always try to relate it to ourselves.
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Goodbye, George Harrison. :_(
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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Highly insignifigant dream last night. I was looking at one of my coleus plants and it was really leggy. I tried moving some of the stems and I heard a cracking sound, like they were breaking. I noticed that one of the stems was hanging on to the main part of the plant by just a few fibers. I wanted to root the part that was coming off, but it looked too long to root, so I decided to cut it up into smaller sections.

That was probably one of the lamest dreams I ever had.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

"It's McCarthyism all over again..."Federal agents visit "anti-American" art exhibition in Houston. Link via the Madison artist group mailing list.
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Weird confusing dream last night. I know it was really involved, but it was so confusing that it was hard to remember. I remember walking around in the South College Heights area in Fort Collins. I think Tim's family had a house there (in the dream!) and Stan and I were visiting it. I remember going down to the basement and noticing some water damage. I was having problems climbing the stairs back to the main part of the house; I thought I was going to fall. Then I remember some really weird part of the dream that is really hard to explain. I was in a room with some other people. One of them was partly behind a large cardboard box and their face was painted all grey. They were supposedly doing an operation on something, like a human or an animal. Supposedly, the subject was under the box...very confusing. I left the room and when I returned, I saw that the subject was one of my cats, either Caligula or the late Vladimir. He had tubes/hoses attached to his belly...one of the tubes looked transparent; the hose looked like a bicycle pump hose. When he saw me, he got up and headed toward me, tearing out some of the tubes/hoses. The person who had been operating on him was worried that he'd deflate or lose all the fluid or something. Very weird.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

What do Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Samuel L. Jackson have in common? They're wonderful actors that starred in a movie that wasted their talents. I succumbed to watching Fox's television broadcast of The Phantom Mennace on Sunday night. I was not willing to spend even $1.50 to rent it (hey, you try living on my income...then you'll understand), so I figured I'll catch it when and if it comes to tv. I was hard on it originally, and I hadn't even seen it. I thought it was overrated and overhyped. This past Sunday, I thought that perhaps I was being too hard on it, and decided to watch it and give it a chance. I opened my mind...perhaps I'll really enjoy it.

I was not being too hard on it. I had not been hard enough on it. I thought it was awful! I was especially put off by the extraterrestrials' cheesey imitation accents that were based on stereotypes of earth accents such as Chinese (the noseless sea-monkey [thanks for that memory jog, Stan!] looking guys) and Italian (that flying big-nosed bird thing). I mean, that sort of humour would've really been funny back about 40 years ago, back when people found the caricatured portrayal of the bucktoothed Japanese upstairs neighbor of Holly Golightly's in Breakfast at Tiffany's funny. That is not funny anymore. That was modern-era humour. We're post- that.

"Oh, but you really have to see it on a big screen." Yeah, right. Like the plot and characters and humour is going to be better magnified? If anything, a large screen would draw even more attention to the ridiculous not-so-special effects. Like I really want to experience the Dolby Stereo surround sound "whhhhrrrrrrooommm!" of a spacecraft whizzing by, making my increasingly Pete Townsendesque ear problem worse. Yeah. Special Effects. Wow. Give me a small screen and a remote that controls the sound. Look, a movie should stand by itself regardless of the screen size you view it on. If it falls flat on a small screen, then it's not a good movie, plain and simple. Funny how we demand "optimization for all browser resolutions" yet don't expect it of movie makers.

As the mortally wounded Liam Neeson character lay dying and spoke to Ewan McGregor, "Promise me you'll..." I finished the sentence: "Go on to star in better films."
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I can't remember what I dreamt last night...all I know is when I woke up, went to the bathroom, got back in bed, and tried to get back to sleep, I couldn't stop crying. Of course I don't now if that's attributable to the dream subject matter or the general state of my life lately.
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Monday, November 26, 2001

Dreams last night:

1) I was hanging out in a strange building with about four other people, some who looked familiar like from a past job. It was very late at night or early in the morning, and the person in charge let us into the building to eat a lot of the food there...it was sort of like a restaurant or catering place. I remember there was all this food hidden in cupboards and drawers and I kept taking sample tastes of it all. I did not care much for the company I was with. I don't even understand why I was there at such strange hours. I think we were all working on a project together.

2) I was delivered an odd package that contained jars and vials of strange fluid with what looked to be small pieces of gold floating around in them. It came with an attached message that read much like an illiterate piece of spam mail, telling me I should take/inhale/swallow/apply the fluid for good health. But there was something strange about it, like it was sent by some person who was trying to poison me. I became very scared and told whoever I was with that I needed to call the police to have the fluid analyzed.
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Sunday, November 25, 2001

Dreams last night:

1) For some reason I had to take a plane flight somewhere...Colorado, I think. From the time I entered the airport, my luggage was taken and I was expedited to the boarding gate, then quickly onto the plane. I thought it was astounding that it was so fast and that I didn't have to wait in line or anything. Then I realized they had this service for people without carryon luggage, and then it hit me...I forgot to bring my Tangerine! (my iBook in original tangerine color and clamshell shape) I was really pissed at myself, and wondered how I would deliver people's orders while I was gone, and then I realized I probably won't get any orders as it's been dead lately. I was thinking that Stan could fed ex me some cds of my graphics and fonts because I obviously hadn't brought those either. We seemed to be sitting on the tarmack for a long time. I looked out a window and saw an enormous amount of snow on the wings and people trying to clear off the snow. They were even recruiting passengers to help clear off the snow because as soon as a layer was removed, more ice would form. It seemed to be taking forever. Some of the people on the plane looked familiar, like people from my past. There were mostly women on the plane as many of the men were helping clear off the wings. They were inexperienced at airplane snow removal and were falling off the wings as they were clearing it. Some of the women on the plane were oggling at the men clearing the ice. I thought it odd that one woman was interested in the men because she looked like a lesbian. Another woman, who seemed like a friend of mine from high school, said that she thought a certain man was attractive. Then the men started coming back in the plane and she showed me who she liked. It was a friend/acquaintance of mine from grad school, and I thought she was crazy for finding him attractive. Meanwhile, I was having my own crisis because this plane was taking forever to take off and I was certain that my parents who were picking me up at the destination would be annoyed that I am late. I was wishing I had a cell phone so that I could call them. The plane seemed to be strangely absent of cell phones...no one was using them. Then the pilot made an announcement that we would be taking off at 3:07 pm. I thought it strange that he would know the exact time, which seemed rather soon, especially since there was still a lot of ice and snow on the wings. I was worried that we would crash because of that.

2) I was at a Madison artist meeting (like the one I went to this past week) except there were only a handful of people in attendance. I remember talking to a woman who was involved in dance production, and she was talking about when she produced her company's version of Cabaret. I remember we were having a good conversation, but can't remember what we were talking about. She had a strange bump on her head, either like she had had an operation or she had fallen or something.

3) Don't know if this dream was part of one of the others or separate, but it seems rather separate. I was sitting with Stan in some sort of waiting area somewhere and I noticed that he had a full beard and moustache, sort of like his (bio) dad. His hair was shorter, and his beard was white (Stan's dad's beard is dark/turning grey). It looked terrible on Stan....he looked like Kenny Rogers I told him I wanted him to shave it off. He refused. I told him if he didn't remove it, I would divorce him. Stan seemed like he didn't care and told me to go ahead. I pulled off my wedding ring and gave it to him. He still seemed rather unaffected. I started to cry.
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