Flower Jasper Necklace, Bracelet Set

Flower Jasper bracelet, necklace and close-up of necklace.

“Winter Wind”

Sterling Silver Flower Jasper Necklace.

Sterling Silver Flower Jasper Bracelet.

Necklace closeup.

Grande Set: Necklace and Bracelet: $95
Necklace: $69
Bracelet: $30

About These Items

Flower Jasper blooms with streaks of whites, greys, reds, greens, blacks and even yellow. I’ve also seen this stone called “Florence” or Flowerite”, but I’m not sure which, if any of those names, is accurate.

Necklace Length: 18.4″
Pendant Length: 1.2″
Bracelet Length: 7.3″
Stones Used: Flower Jasper
Silver Bead and Finding Ethnicity: Balinese and Thai

For those who are interested in Astrological significances of stones, Jasper corresponds with Virgo and Leo.