Rhodochrosite Anklet

Rhodochrosite anklet (outer strand).


Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Anklet (outer strand).

Anklet: $45

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The eastern part of Colorado is usually a dull brown, but once you travel toward the western slope, colors emerge from the rocks in the mountains…grey, tan, beige, red, orange, purple, yellow, pink and gold. Rhodochrosite is the state rock, and some of the waves and features in the stone reminds me of the western Rockies. This 10″ anklet or large bracelet (outer strand–the inner one has already been sold) has some wonderful Rhodochrosite nugget beads set off with 24 karat gold vermeil bead caps.

For those who are interested in Astrological significances of stones, Rhodochrosite corresponds with with Leo and Scorpio.