About My Jewelry

All items are created using genuine semi-precious stones, with .925 Sterling Silver findings, settings, wire and beads. I strive for unique color combinations with graceful rhythms of the beads.

What makes my beaded jewelry stand out from others? One is the fact that each piece is unique. Each item is one-of-a-kind; I never replicate my work. No mass produced or factory jewelry here, just hand-beaded (by me, Ann) items.

Another reason is my generous use of Sterling Silver. Although it may make my pieces a bit more expensive than some other offerings you may find, it’s worth it. If you notice the many $19.99 beaded necklace strands available from other handmade jewelry sellers, you will find that no silver has been used, just stone beads. Not only does Silver provide an elegant accent element and increases the value of the jewelry, but it actually protects the beads and lengthens the life of the piece.

Stone beads strung together without silver spacer beads between them will rub and knock against each other. Over time, this may damage the stone beads, causing them to chip, fracture or break. Silver is softer than stone, so each spacer acts as a cushion when the stone rubs or knocks against it.

Stones have held a fascination for me since I was very young, and I feel natural stone jewelry, with all the stone’s flaws and inclusions, hold much more warmth and humanity than something that is supposedly “perfect”. Each pendant, each little bead, is like a miniature abstract painting created by the most incredible artist of all, Nature. I just curate them for a little wearable exhibit.