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Hooster, Hooster Zadoo, Hooster-Seduced'er, Zooster, ZooZoo Beast, ZooZoo Bee, Nushie, Zaroozulet, Kitty Dukakis

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Nushter, Hooster Hoo, Hooster Dooster, Nushing Bag, Nushkin, Doitzler,


late June or early July 1985


September 3, 2001

Natasha was the first cat I got with Stan. She had always been sort of airheaded and dingy, like she saw ghosts or things going on that weren't there in this world. She was also sort of a fancy cat with her bushy hair, but as she aged, her tail wasn't as full as it used to be. She never seemed to miss Vladimir after he died, although she'd been with him since she was 9 months old. We figured it was because of her ability to see ghosts--he never really left her. Despite that ability, she hung on to life for a very long time after she came down with a combinaton of kidney disease and suspected cancer. This cat did not want to die.

Don't let her pretty looks fool you...she had the coarsest, hoarsest, barroom meow you've ever heard. Yes, she was a lush. She liked to lick my perfume off of me. She liked to lick Listerine bottles. We figured it was obviously for the liquor content. It is for this reason we unofficially nicknamed her "Kitty Dukakis."

In Her Own Words

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Natasha when she was about eleven years old:

If I Were A Human I'd Be . . .a beautiful perfumed crazy woman living in her own world and talking to herself.

Things I Love. Licking perfume off of people; sucking on clothes; lying on my humans' bed and getting it furry; leaving hairballs in surprise places.

Things I Hate. I hate Plato. He holds me down and licks my ears. I also hate most dogs, but Hieronymus is getting nicer in his old age.

The Scariest Time in My Life (at least for my humans). I was having great fun one night back in Colorado when my humans used to let me go outside. This was the first night I stayed out all night long...I didn't come back until about 4 in the morning. Ann was mad at me because the next day was her birthday and she said she hadn't gotten any sleep because she was worrying about me. She was really mad and I didn't get many chances after that to stay outside.


Natasha, Spring, 2000

With the little cactii


Natasha, mid-1990s


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