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Tweeter Phone, Tweeter, Tweet, P-Phone or PeePhone, Pee-Girl, Phone-A-Thon

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Twizz, Twizzler, Persone-A-Phone, Pewter Cat, Phone Girl


August 24, 1991


September 7, 2007

Persephone was a very enigmatic cat. We nearly lost her in 1992 after she was spayed due to an infection. And in 1999 (during the year after Vladimir's death) she came down with some undiagnosable virus or infection where she refused food. She also adopted Vladimir's grumbly demeanor in his absence. Then we took a vacation in the fall of 1999, left her at home with Natasha and had the neighbors feed her, and when we returned she had plumped out, became talkative, and actually became very affectionate toward me (she previously only had affection for Stan). Who knows what goes on in that little grey head behind those furrowed brows.

In the early part of this decade, she developed hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. Although we kept it under control for several years, in 2007 she seemed to slowly lose her appetite, sadly affected by the kidney disease. We had her put to sleep on September 7 to stop her suffering. It was an extremely sad moment. Below are my accounts of her when she was still with us.

She gets along fairly well with Natasha, but does like to bite her fluffy butt. Lately I've caught her kissing Caligula on the nose, and rubbing her head against Plato's face. She always liked to bite the Pug's weiner for some unknown reason, so Hieronymus tries to stay clear of her now.

In Her Own Words

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Persephone when she was about five years old:

If I Were a Human I'd Be . . .a man-crazy little slut, but a sweet little slut nonetheless.

Things I Love. Shoes, feet, ear-coochies, Stan and his butt.

Things I Hate. The vet and car trips. Other than that, I'm so sweet that I love everything else...even the dogs.

The Scariest Time in My Life (at least for my humans). Well there were a couple of times. The first time came when I was only about 6 months. I went to the vet and they put me to sleep. When I woke up, I felt horrible, like someone had taken my insides out. I just felt horrible. I didn't want to eat, and I hid once my people took me back home. They were really worried about me, and rightly so. They took me back to the vet several times and they examined me and put lots of fluid in my body with a needle because I didn't want to eat food. I think I was going to die, but they took me back to the vet's once more and they gave me some drugs and then I got better.

The second time was several years ago during the spring. I snuck out of the "food room" after dinner just to take a look outside because it was so nice. My people went to a party that night and came home really late, so they didn't even know I was outside. When they woke up the next morning I assume they noticed I was gone, because they later went outside and started calling my name. They looked really panicked. I was kind of mad because they didn't come home until late, so I didn't come to them when they called me. I just watched them secretly from the bushes. They seemed really worried, though. I watched as they left the house to put up posters around the neighborhood with my face on them. Ann left the back door to the food room open when she left, and, being that I was starved by now, I went back in to get a snack. They had even filled up the bowl for me in attempt to lure me back! When Ann came back, she was overjoyed to see me. I would have gotten a big scolding, but they were just too glad to see me.


Persephone, Spring, 2000


Persephone, mid-1990s


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