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UPDATE 2011: I now have an online gallery of my recent digital art. It's a little more sophisticated in coding design than these old html galleries (I still love them, though). You can also purchase posters, prints and other items like cards and more.

Visit my new digital art galleries here.

You are still welcome to browse these old galleries on this' sort of like a wayback time machine or museum.

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Miscellaneous Quilts



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All our poster images are also available as Greeting and Notecards.

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�	Rose Quilt #1

Rose Quilt #1
Digital Media: Photoshop

�	Alien Cocktail

Alien Cocktail
Digital Media: Bryce

�	Gothic Triptych #1

Gothic Triptych #1
Digital Media: Photoshop

�	Tendrella

Digital Media: Bryce

�	Dingbat Quilt

Dingbat Quilt
Digital Media: Photoshop, Dingbatcave Dingbat fonts

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