Malachite and Amethyst Necklace, Bracelet Set

Malachite and Amethyst bracelet, necklace and close-up of necklace.

“Royal Tears”

Sterling Silver Malachite and Amethyst Necklace.

Sterling Silver Malachite and Amethyst Bracelet.

Necklace closeup.

Grande Set: Necklace and Bracelet: $121
Necklace: $85
Bracelet: $40

About These Items

I love these deep, velvety, sophisticated colors of green Malachite and purple Amethyst. Accented with wired Bali beads, the choker-length necklace has a lovely teardrop-shaped pendant of Malachite surrounded by Amethyst, plus an Amethyst clasp.

Necklace Length: 15.9″
Pendant Length: 2.2″
Bracelet Length: 7.9″
Stones Used: Malachite and Amethyst
Silver Bead and Finding Ethnicity: Balinese and Thai

For those who are interested in Astrological significances of stones, Amethyst corresponds with Pisces and the month of February.