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Porcelain Jasper Necklace, Bracelet Set


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Sterling Silver Porcelain Jasper Necklace. See Closeup.


Sterling Silver Porcelain Jasper Bracelet.


Necklace closeup. To top of page

Pricing for Winterglow Porcelain Jasper Set

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Necklace and Bracelet: $125
Necklace only: $75
Bracelet only: $55

Porcelain Jasper is one of the many Jaspers where one can see impressions of nature. To me this is evocative of the winter at dusk or dawn, where the low light creates a wonderful pink and purple glow on the snow and in the air. Greys and blacks mimic trees and branches against mauve vistas. The pendant on the necklace can be turned around and worn in the opposite orientation to create 4 different scenes. as shown in the picture to the left/bottom.

Fuzzy Stone Mystery Confusion Info: I have also seen Porcelain Jasper referred to as "Exotica Jasper." Also, I have seen Picasso Jasper referred to as "Exotica Jasper." Picasso Jasper, aka Picasso Marble, is actually a marble (limestone) and is lighter weight than this stone, Porcelain Jasper, which definitely has a denser "jasper feel." The confusion is probably because both stones resemble abstract paintings and drawings with drawn dark lines. However Picasso Marble/Jasper's color palette leans more toward black, grey, beige and brown, whereas Porcelain Jasper is more mauve, dull lavender, pink, white and charcoal. The word "porcelain" has the Latin root word "porc-", meaning "pig", and when one thinks of classic representations of pigs, one thinks pink, closer to this stone. Porcelain Jasper's markings are also much more random in form, whereas Picasso Jasper's markings appear much more deliberate.

Necklace Length: 18.5"
Pendant Length: 1.1"
Bracelet Length: 7.9"
Stones Used: Porcelain Jasper
Silver Bead and Finding Ethnicity: Balinese

For those who are interested in Astrological significances of stones, Jasper corresponds with Virgo and Leo.

Please Read: All chains, wire, findings, settings and silver beads are solid .925 sterling silver, NOT silver plated. Size of pendants include setting and bail; size of necklaces and bracelets are approximate and include clasp length. Please note that bracelets tend to be on the small side for smaller wrists as it is easier to add links to adapt to a larger wrist than it is to remove beads to fit a smaller wrist. You can have a local jeweler add links to extend the toggle clasp, however this is not a service that we provide.

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